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FabriClear Bed Bug Spray


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FabriClear is an easy to use spray that kills bed bugs and other critters instantly on contact. It is a non-toxic and safe bed bug spray that is not a pesticide or contains any harmful chemicals. It’s a bio-based biodegradable program that leaves a fresh scent. Since FabriClear is made from all-natural ingredients it is safe to use around your children and pets.

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Bed Bugs are commonly found in homes, offices, hotel rooms and hospitals. There has been a major increase in infestations across the US and Canada and has been on ongoing epidemic that is growing. Despite bed sheets looking clean, bed bugs can hidden to the naked eye and between the sheets, under pillows or in the fabric of the mattress. These blood sucking critters are nocturnal and usually come out at night to feed on human blood.

FabriClear is an easy to use spray that kills bed bugs and other critters instantly on contact. It is a non-toxic and safe bed bug spray that is not a pesticide or contains any harmful chemicals. It’s a bio-based biodegradable program that leaves a fresh scent. Since FabriClear is made from all-natural ingredients it is safe to use around your children and pets. FabriClear has a pleasant, refreshing botanical scent. Works great on: Mattresses Pillows
 Duvet Covers
 Carpets & Rugs
 Curtains & Drapes
 Furniture & More Features: FabriClear is easy and ready to use Safe for pets and children Non toxic formula, Plant based Biodegradable and Non flammable.

Benefits of using FabriClear include:

  • Kills Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Eggs and Allergens on Contact!
  • Safe around children and pets.
  • Non-Toxic. Plant Based. Bio-Degradeable.
  • Safe to use around children and pets

FabriClear not only kills bed bugs but also works on other unwanted pests such as dust mites, fleas as well as their eggs and larvae too.

  • Pillows
  • Cushions
  • Beds
  • Duvet Covers
  • Carpets & Rugs
  • Furniture
  • Curtains & Drapes
  • And More!


Order today and we’ll give you 1 16 oz bottle and 1 2oz travel bottle of FabriClear™ for only $19.95 plus $7.95 S&H. Plus, we’ll give you an additional 16 oz bottle of FabriClear™ FREE and 1 2oz travel bottle , just pay $7.95 add’l. S&H!

6 reviews for FabriClear Bed Bug Spray

  1. Mac

    Good product kills them on the spot. May take more than one treatment but it’s helped a lot. Ordering more just in case! This spray is awesome. I thought the bottle would be larger, bit that’s okay because it worked. Came before original date and that was great. Thanks!

  2. Mark

    If you’re looking for the best bug spray to kill bed bugs then you’ll definitely want to buy the fabriclear bed bug spray. I purchased it because i noticed i was getting bites on my legs and body when i’d wake up in the morning and they would get very irritated and i came to the conclusion that i had bed bugs on my bed. I was going to get a professional pest control service to solve the issue but i decided to try an all natural, non-toxic and safe spray which i saw advertised on television called fabriclear. This product solved the issue immediately and i now don’t wake up with new tiny bite marks and my skin is now clear. I’ve already ordered more bottles as i spray this almost everywhere such as my couches, beds, curtains, carpets.. EVERYWHERE! The fabriclear bed bug spray is a bug spray that should be a staple in every household. In fact i’m going to costa rica on vacation in October and i plan on bringing a bottle of fabriclear with me so i can sleep easy at night knowing that bugs are crawling on my body and sucking my blood. Hope you find my fabriclear review helpful.

  3. Sam

    I went to Walmart in search of a similar item to Fabriclear after i saw the infomercial. I’ve been getting a lot of itching and scratching late at night and i had an inkling that i might have a bed bug infestation living in my sheets which might have also been deep embedded into my mattress. I couldn’t find anything remotely close to FabriClear because everything seemed to be toxic and not safe to put on bed sheets. I decided to place an order for FabriClear online because i wanted a product that was plant based so my I know I wasn’t sleeping with any harmful chemicals in place of the bed bugs. When I eventually got the fabriclear delivered to my home i went nuts with it and sprayed it on my bed, furniture, carpets and other places in my home. I can now sleep soundly at night and ever since i applied farbriclear i’ve been able to sleep soundly at night without being a late night snack for bed bugs. I highly recommend this product because it’s environmentally safe, non-toxic, affordable and works great!

  4. Sandra

    I purchased the Fabriclear because after coming back from a vacation I had brought home with me new guests which were bed bugs. I would wake up every morning with rashes on my body and my eyes would be puffy as if I had an allergic reaction. I soon realized that I had a bed bug infestation and simply washing my sheets was not going to solve this problem. I was going to spend quite a bit of money on hiring a professional service to get rid of the unwanted pests which could have cost me over a thousand dollars if not more. The bed bugs had infested my bedroom but I decided to buy a bottle of Fabriclear and see if it would work since it was so affordable. From doing some reading I know that bed bugs can get right into your mattress and around your bed frame. I stripped my whole room, washed all my bed sheets and curtains and thoroughly cleaned then sprayed the fabriclear bed bug spray. I have since woken up with any rashes and it seems as though the bed bug issue is gone. I’ve also sprayed fabriclear on other furniture such as my sofas just to be safe. I like how it’s safe and non-toxic. Overall FabriClear is a fine product.

  5. Rachel

    I had a bed bug problem and when I went to the store to buy pest and bed bug spray I found all of them contained harsh chemicals. I searched online for something that I could apply that was not only non-toxic and safe to use in my home especially because I have children and don’t like spraying chemicals around the house. I first noticed we had bed bugs after waking up with tiny bites on my body which would develop into rashes and cause me to constantly scratch the infected area throughout the day. It was literally driving me nuts and I knew I had to take care of the problem. I came across FabriClear during my search online and it seemed to like the perfect solution. Based on the FabriClear reviews I knew I could trust it since there were so many positive reviews on the product. It not only solved the issue but even freshened up the smell of the house. Couldn’t recommend FabriClear enough because it’s an effective bed bug spray and an air freshner.

  6. Gene

    Since our household has several pets we decided to purchase the Fabriclear because we were very concerned about using any chemicals or insecticides around them. Since we started using Fabriclear it seemed like the number of unwanted pests seemed to decrease in our home. It solved the bed bug problem we had in our bed room which caused sleepless nights from blood sucking critters leaving welts on our bodies when we’d wake up. Sometimes changing the sheets wasn’t the final solution it was a good spray of FabriClear since it gets right into the fabric and kills all the bed bugs on contact. If you’re looking for a safe non-toxic spray to get rid of bed bugs then this is the product you want. We’ll most likely be buying more of this bed bug spray in the future to control any future outbreaks that may happen.

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