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Fab Effex Formable Fabric


The Fab Effex Variety Pack contains:

  • 8 Fab Effex Sheets
  • 2 specialty: glitter and fuzzy sheets.
  • 140 Fab Effex pre-cut pieces
  • 3 hand molds
  • 1 kid-safe scissors
  • 1 ring, 1 key clip, 1 blank card for sharing and carrying designs
  • 1 animal form
  • 1 wax square
  • Idea book and instruction sheet

fab effexFab Effex is the Fabulous Formable Fabric that lets you Create & Decorate!

Get the full fabulous formable fabric experience with the Fab Effex variety pack! This kit comes with the most patterns, textures, shapes, and sizes of the only craft material that can bend, twist, stick, and hold its shape. Get creative advice when you browse the idea book for your next big inspiration. Use the tools to enhance, glamorize, and beautify all your creations. Show off your designs with the wear and share accessories or by personalizing your own belongings. Fab Effex puts you in control and lets your imagination soar! 6+ years. No batteries required.

You’ve probably seen Fab Effex on TV which is a new building toy which allows kids to create fabulous 3D shapes such as a creepy spider, a fashionable flower, crazy patterns, accessories for dolls or almost anything your kids imagination can dream up as the possiblilities are endless.

The amazing thing about Fab Effex is that it is totally re-usable and your kids will love to spend hours creating crafts. Fab Effex comes with a playbook that gives plenty of ideas to get started into creating wonderful masterpieces with the 140 pre-cut shapes and Fab Effex sheets which are included with your purchase.

This super fabric allows you to contort, stick and hold into whatever shapes or designs such as flapping fins, pettable fur, fluttering wings and you can use these to decorate your personal items such as notebooks, laptops, skateboards and more. Fab Effex comes in an assortment of patterns, textures and shapes that can contort, stick and hold into whatever shape you desire.

Fab Effex is easy to use. It’s special wax layer is what allows it to hold its shape and stick to itself, walls, windows or just about anything else. Lastly, Fab Effex doesn’t make any mess and no glue is used. Fab Effex feels like a fabrice, molds like a clay, sticks like glue and can easily lift away. Watch the Fab Effex infomercial on the right and see why kids love this craft tool.

With Christmas just around the corner, Fab Effex makes a great gift for kids.

Order Fab Effex Today for ONLY $19.99 plus shipping & handling.


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