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Dropps Laundry Detergent


Dropps® is an innovative laundry detergent that makes laundry “laundr-easy.”



Dropps® are pre-measured pacs of liquid laundry detergent that dissolve in the wash.


  • 6X concentrated
  • No measuring, mess or heavy jug
  • Tough on dirt, easy on clothes
  • Low-sudsing formula leaves no residue
  • Enzyme-free formula keeps colors bright and fabrics soft

What is Dropps®?

Dropps® is an innovative laundry detergent that makes laundry “laundr-easy.”

Its super-concentrated formula fits in pre-measured dissolvable pacs for foolproof laundry. They’re perfect for busy moms, dorm & apartment dwellers and anyone else who can’t be bothered
measuring, pouring & lifting the brands in big, heavy bottles.

How Dropps® Works

Dropps® unleashes its magic as soon as it hits the water.

The pac dissolves (think those mouthwash strips) and kisses your clothes with a just-right amount of the deep-cleaning elixir.

Dropps® Helps the Environment

Our super-concentrated power pacs aren’t just handier than those big jugs. They’re smarter too.

The simple switch from giant jug detergent to Dropps® laundry detergent pacs immediately shrinks the footprint you leave behind on the environment.

Dropps® laundry detergent pacs keep your clothes as clean as your conscience. Letting fish breathe happily, aquatic plants bloom and high-efficiency washers do their thing. How very low-impact.


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