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Cutting Edge Grass Seed


Cutting Edge® Grass Seed is the all-in-one solution engineered to grow faster, thicker, fuller and more vibrant grass! It’s perfect for pet stains, shaded areas and to fix up the most troublesome spots in your yard!

With Cutting Edge Grass Seed There Is No Constant Mowing or Watering Required!

What’s the secret?In order to ensure the easiest lawn care with the most amazing results, Cutting edge has been formulated to eliminate the need of constant maintenance.

Other lawns have roots that only grow 3 to 4 inches down and need frequent watering, mowing and fertilizing. Cutting Edge grass seed grows roots up to 48 inches deep to find the water and help your lawn thrive in dry conditions and grow upward to dwarf heights. Once established you can relax with virtually no up-keep.

Cutting Edge Grass Seed vs Traditional Grass

Traditional lawns grow roots only 4 inches down, requiring constant watering. However, Cutting Edge® grows downward up to 48 inches to find the water deep under the ground, so you don’t need to constantly water it and it stays beautiful much longer!

As Cutting Edge® grows down, it only grows upward to a dwarf height – reducing your need to mow all the time with grass that gets out of hand!


  • No Constant Mowing Required. Engineered to grow to dwarf height.
  • Save Money by Dodging Expensive Fertilizers.
  • Eliminates Pet Urine and Shade Spots.
  • Disease, Insect, and Weed Resistant.
  • Results in just 1 Week! Guaranteed.

DOUBLE THE SIZE! 1 1-ib Cutting Edge Grass Seed bag usually retails for $19.95 +s/h but today you’ll get a 2-Ib Cutting Edge bag for the same low price!

That’s right, order today and receive our limited time offer 2 pound bag (covers 500+SQ Feet) for only $19.95 plus $7.95 s&h! It’s an unbeatable offer that saves you money, time and hassles! Don’t miss enjoying a beautiful, worry-free, low maintenance lawn this season! Order Today!

1 review for Cutting Edge Grass Seed

  1. Aaron

    The infomercial for the Cutting Edge Grass Seed piqued my interest since I’ve always had issues with my lawn and I’ve constantly had to pull out weeds. I tried searching for Cutting Edge Grass Seed reviews online but were hard to come by so I thought I’d give my own experience with this product. Having a green lawn was always a challenge for me especially during the hot summer months. Last summer I tried my best by watering my lawn regularly didn’t seem to do the trick. I have a corner lot which has the sun beating on it for long periods of the day which literally cooked it and it felt like I was fighting an uphill battle trying to get my lawn looking it’s best. Since I got a dog my backyard looks worse since there are many urine spots which immediately kills the grass. Cutting Edge Grass Seed was a lawn care product that helped me get my lawn looking one of the best on my street and it didn’t take too much effort. In just a few weeks of applying it to my lawn my grass started to look greener and more lush. The seed quality is much better than the traditional grass that the builders provide which needs constant attention and a lot more water. This grass seed grows even in the presence of insects, weeds and other diseases that traditional grass is prone to. I was about to pay a professional to spray my lawn but with Cutting Edge Grass Seed I didn’t need to and the price was a tiny fraction of paying a lawn care service to fertilize my lawn.

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