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CuddleUppets is an As Seen on TV toy kids toy that has become a popular product featured on infomercials across Canada and the US. Cuddle Uppets is a cute and cuddly puppet that transforms into a blanket. Kids will love to cuddle, hug and play with their warm fuzzy friends and when it’s time for nap time transform it into a soft and warm blanket.

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Best-Buy-Deal-of-the-Day-Jan-14-CuddleUppetsCuddle Uppets: Blankets With Fun Animal Heads

Cuddle uppets have become extremely popular among kids more than ever. They are a mix between a warm blanket and a cute puppet. Cuddle uppets not only keep your children warm but also allow them to play with their fuzzy friends. The blankets act as puppets which children can play with, love, hug, or cuddle when they are in bed.

Cuddle uppets are your children’s new plush toys that they will love to keep in their bed. No matter how grouchy your kids are, they will love going to their beds on time if they have cuddle uppets of their choice. They aren’t just their blankets that keep them warm but also puppets that keep them happy and cheerful.

Cuddle uppets are such a brilliant idea that every kid will love holding them and taking them wherever they go. Available in different colors with various characters, these are an excellent gift that you can present your kids. They will love their new friends no matter how choosy they are.

Cuddle uppets are blankets that come with a fun animal head on the top. They come with pink poodle, purple monkey, yellow puppy, green crocodile, blue elephant, and brown bear. Depending upon which character your child likes the most, you can purchase a cuddle uppet. Purchasing a complete set and creating a unique theme in your kids bedroom is also a great idea. They will love their room and play with their soft toys.

You can also tell your kids to invite their friends over a lunch party and play with cuddle puppets. In fact, this is the best way to keep them indulged and make them develop strong relationships with their friends. If your kids are in preschool and groan every morning, consider purchasing cuddleuppets. They will love attending their schools with their cuddly friends.

They are a great choice for long car trips also. If they have their favorite cuddle uppets, they won’t disturb you or become cranky all through the way. Rather they will remain busy playing with their soft and cuddly friend.

How to Purchase Cuddle Uppets?

Cuddleuppets have become a recent craze among kids because they combine a soft blanket with their favorite fun animal character. Purchasing them is a great idea to keep your kids engaged in some fun activities.

A wide variety of cuddle uppets are available in market nowadays. But the best way is to shop online. There are numerous online stores that offer a wide selection of cuddleuppets. In order to get the best value for your money and find your kids’ favorite animal characters, you will need to find a reputed online store.

Research is the key. Make a thorough research online and look for reputed stores offering cuddle puppets. Visit their websites and see what all they offer. It is a good idea to ask your kids about their choice. After all, they are going to use them. Go through their products list and check out what all characters and colors they offer.

In order to shortlist a few reputed online stores, you can also read through the reviews, comments, and opinions posted by the parents who have already purchased cuddleuppets. Based on them and your research, choose a few stores. Visit their websites and go through their product catalogs.

Compare the prices of cuddle uppets at different stores. It is wise to consider the quality, shipping and return policy, and additional discounts and schemes along with the price factor before making a decision. You may find cheap cuddle uppets at some stores, but there quality may not be that good or their stuff may not be that soft. Make sure to purchase a good quality cuddle uppet even if you have to shell out a few more bucks. After all, it is for the comfort of your kids.

How to Place your Order?

Once you make a comparison on the basis of price, quality, and shipping policy, you only need to follow few simple steps to place your order online. Visit the selected store and browse the cuddle uppets category. Click on your child’s favorite animal and check out the size of the blankets. They are available in different sizes. Depending upon the age of your child, you can make a choice.

You can also browse the videos on the website. They show how your kids can play with their fuzzy and cuddly friends. Make sure that your child is beside you when you make a purchase. These days even small kids have their own choices and specifications. Fill out the quantity or number of cuddle uppets you want to purchase. The second step is to enter your credit card information such as card type, card number, expiry date, and security code. Your credit card details will be kept secret and there is no way in which it can be leaked out to any unauthorized person. You can rest assured that your card information is in safe hands.

The next step is to enter your billing information including first name, last name, address, city, country, state, zip code, email address, and phone number. If your billing address is different than your shipping address, you will need to enter the other address at which you want to ship it. Do not forget to check the shipping cost before you place your order.

Once you are through with everything, you can now get your order processed. You will receive a mail in your inbox regarding the purchase of cuddle uppets. The order will be shipped right at your doorstep within a few business days. Make sure to place your order on a working day in order to get it delivered faster.

Cuddle uppets are an excellent way to keep your kids happily engaged in fun activities. They can wrap them around while sleeping, hug and cuddle them when in bed, and play with them when their friends are not around. They not only keep them warm, but act as their sweet, cute, and soft friends also. Cuddle uppets are something that your kids will always love to carry everywhere with them.

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Cuddle Uppets are a new and popular toy which has become a recent craze amount kids. Cuddle Uppets are a cross between a cute puppet and a blanket that your kids will love to cuddle with, play, hug and keep warm with their new fuzzy friends.

Cuddle Uppets have so many uses as it can be a blanket, a toy, a cape, a friend and more! Kids will love to play all day with their new plush toy and then when it’s time for nap time or bed time they will love to keep under their Cuddle Upppet.
Best of all CuddleUppets aren’t just a blanket but also a fun puppet as this blanket comes with a fun animal head on top. Your child can put their hand inside and use their Cuddle Uppet as a puppet too! Kids can use the animal head as a pillow during naptime as well to put their head on it.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Cuddle Uppets. It measures 28″ x 39″ which provides plenty of room for your kids to wrap themselves up and take a cozy nap. CuddleUppets are also small enough to bring on long car trips since your child can use it to play with in the back seat and then use it for naptime.

Kids will love to cuddle, hug and play with their warm fuzzy friends and when it’s time for nap time transform it into a soft and warm blanket. When transformed into a blanket it measures exactly 28 inches by 39 inches which provides plenty of room for children to wrap themselves up and take a cozy nap. Cuddle Uppets are essentially a blanket with a fun animal head on top that can be used as a puppet. Not only are they fun for play time, but these plush toys are perfect for long car trips or during flights as kids can keep themselves entertained and use their fantasy and when they’re exhausted use them as a blanket.

They come in 6 different cuddly characters including:

  • The Pink Poodle
  • The Purple Monkey
  • The Yellow Puppy
  • The Green Crocodile
  • White Unicorn
  • Pink Ladybug

CuddleUppets is the winner of the prestigious PAL Award for the Best Toy of 2012. PAL which stands fro Play on Words is an organization which was established by Sherry Artemenko who is a well known speech expert with 30 years of experience with child development. In the Pal Awards there are 3 major categories comprised of games, toys and books. Since CuddleUppets is a toy which helps children practice language through the use of role playing with their puppets by using creativity this enhances their speaking skills. CuddleUppets is a language tool that kids can both learn with and enjoy. Since most educational products are usually digital, Cuddle Uppets stands out because it allows kids to unplug from technology while improving their language skills and communication while not realizing they are learning and having fun in the process.

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** A $10 Shipping Charge will be added for orders to:HI, AK, VI, PR, GUAM, and CANADA.

12 reviews for CuddleUppets

  1. Ellen

    I purchased the Magic Unicorn for my daughters 4th birthday and she absolutely loved her Cuddle Uppet character so much and go so excited when she unwrapped her present to reveal her new furry friend. I’ve already placed another order for the Pink Ladybug which should be delivered soon. I like how it can turn into a blanket so when she gets tired from playing with it she covers herself with it to take a nap. She also brings it with her to her pre-school and uses it during nap time. It’s made from a very quality soft material. I highly recommend CuddleUppets to any parent looking to buy their children a new plush toy.

  2. Amanda

    If you’re looking for cuddle uppets reviews then you’ve come to the right place. CuddleUppets are basically blanket puppets to best describe this as seen on tv kids toy. My kids loved their cuddleuppets since they can use it for both playing with and napping. I was impressed by the quality of cuddleuppets since I didn’t expect such great quality based on its price and the fact that it’s an as seen on tv product. I’ve never ordered an as seen on tv product but after my kids saw the infomercial and kept pestering me I decided to place an order online since it was so easy to order and it arrived in under two weeks which to my opinion is pretty fast. This is truely a functional product since it can transform from a puppet to a blanket and my kids take it with them everywhere. My youngest daughter brings it with her to preschool and uses her cuddle uppet for naptime. It’s a fact that kids will love to snuggle with their cuddley pet. My daughter feels like she has a friend with her when it’s night time since she’s with her cuddleupit. If my daughter could write her own cuddle uppet review i’m sure she would have too, so i’m here to tell you that this is a marvelous toy and is a great gift idea to give to your kids. If you’re looking to get a deal on the cuddle uppets then i suggest buying it online like i did and you’ll save both time and money.

  3. Marie-Eve

    I just got my order for the pink poodle and purple monkey i ordered from the official cuddle uppets site. I didn’t know you can find information on cuddle uppets in canada off this website but i wanted to submit a cuddle uppets review to let parents know that this is a toy you’ll want to buy the kids. I was watching cartoons with my kids when i saw the infomercial pop up on kids television. The concept seemed pretty neat since it was a puppet and blanket combined into one. It seems that a lot of toys that are on infomercials these days seem to combine toys with an item that kids can use such as transforming into a backpack or a blanket. I bought cuddleuppets for my daughters 5th birthday and she absolutely loved it and all her friends were fascinated by it as well. It’s no wonder that cuddle uppets has become such a great hit with kid toys from what i’ve read from other cuddleuppet reviews. It’s definately a great travel blanket for long car rides as we took a trip to see some family in Chicago and during the 5 hour drive my daughter had her cuddle uppet with her the whole time. If she wasn’t playing with her cuddle uppet she was covered by her cuddleuppet while taking a nap. I give cuddleuppets 5 stars because i know how much it means to my daughter and i’m sure other kids would love it too.

  4. Carol

    I just received my cuddleuppets and my kids absolutely love their new cuddly friends. Cuddleuppets are such a brilliant idea that combines a plush toy puppet with a blanket. My kids bring their cuddleuppets with them wherever they go including to school. It comes in handy for naptime since my daughters in preschool and they are great for the children for long car trips too. My kids have so much fun playing with their new friends as they can cuddle them, hug them, and make them sing and talk too and when they are done they can cuddle up with their cuddleuppets and take a nap when they’re tired of playing. I found these kids toys to be very fairly priced. They come in many different fun characters such as the pink poodle, purple monkey, green croc, blue elephant and the brown bear. I really hope my cuddleuppets review helps show that this is a quality product that no parent will regret buying their kids.

  5. Bess

    Cuddle Uppets are cute little toys your kids can play with that conveniently can turn into a blanket your kids can cuddle with. Cuddleupits are the cuddley toys that kids love to play with and I know this because my kids are obsessed with their new toys. My kids were yelling me to come into the living room while the cuddle uppets infomercial was on television and asked me if they could have one. Since I wasn’t able to get the number I went online to order the cuddleupets but first I wanted to see what other parents had to say about their experience from buying these stuffed animals. I’ve found from all the cuddle uppets reviews that this was a hit with kids. My kids absolutely love them and are always sleeping with their new cuddley pets every night since i bought them. It’s truely a brilliant idea that these stuffed animals can turn into a blanket which makes them both fun to play with and very practical. You can order from about 6 different cuddle uppet characters. So enough reading my cuddle uppets review and order one for you kids and see how much they love them.

  6. Rita

    My son is attached to his cuddle uppet all day and all night. He takes his new toy with him wherever he goes and at night time he loves to snuggle next to his stuffed animal and falls asleep. This has become his new favorite toy and has become very practical since it transforms from a puppet to a blanket which he can easily use when he’s ready to take a nap or when it’s time for bed. This is probably one of the better toys i’ve purchased online and I didn’t expect it to be of great quality since it’s an as seen on tv product but I was proved wrong. I purchased the Green Crocodile for my son after he had seen on the tv commercial on the kids channel. He really does run away with his imagination when he plays with his new toy and at night time i’m not having any problems when he’s scared of thunder or the dark since he feel safe with his new friend. It’s so cute to watch him play and talk to his toy crocodile and to see him turn it into a blanket and nap underneath the cuddly blanket when he gets tired. This is a toy parents should most buy for their kids because it’s not just a quality toy but so much more. My niece’s birthday is coming up and she is four years old and i’ve just placed another order for another cuddle uppet since it makes such a great gift idea.

  7. Lyssa

    I totally understand why Cuddle Uppets has become such a big hit with kids. This is a multi-functiona-l toy that turns into a blanket and back to a puppet. Kids can have fun with it and it’s also practical when it’s time to sleep. My kids memorized the jingle since it plays pretty often while they’re watching their childrens programs. I couldn’t find these at walmart although i was able to find pillow pets at walmart which was another fun toy for my kids so I ordered cuddle uppets for my kids off the internet. This product is compared to happy nappers but it’s actually made from the same manufacturers. It’s a great travel blanket and kids can run away with their imagination while playing with them. I’ll be ordering more of the cuddle uppets characters for my kids since it’s an affordable toy which my kids have fallen in love with and I think this is one gift that parents will want to make for their children.

  8. Brianna

    I bought the Cuddle Uppets for my daughter and she absolutely loves it. It’s very well crafted and extremely soft. I give it 5 stars since it makes her so happy. For the price this is a great toy for your kids and it works when she goes to sleep and she cuddles with her cuddle uppet and it’s just the right size for children under 6 years of age. An excellent toy for air travel. We took our daughter to cuba which was a 4 hour trip. She was so fixated on her cuddle uppet and she slept most of the ride with her new toy. I’m so glad I purchased it for her and seeing the smile it puts on her face is priceless.

  9. Joanna

    Cuddle Uppets was well worth the money and didn’t cost as much as I thought it would. This toy has two great uses. It can be used a fun puppet that kids love to play with and it also can be used a blanket for naptime. If your kids love this toy as much as mine did then they will probably use it as a blanket after they’ve had their fun with it and become tired. I bought it for my daughters 8th birthday and she still hasn’t put it down since the day she got it. CuddleUppets are so soft and cute. She looked so cute when I found her wrapped in her new blanket for the first time. This was probably the best gift we’ve given her in a long time. I recommend this toy to all parents. I found cuddle uppets to be a great toy because they are machine washable so every once in a while i like to make sure her toy is clean since she brings it with her wherever she goes including outside.

  10. Carol

    My kids get bored of the toys i buy them very quickly. Interestingly enough the cuddle uppets has stood it’s ground in keeping their interest for 3 weeks now. I can’t help but agree with all the customer testimonials for this toy. There is a wide variety of characters that you can choose from and when you buy more than one they give you a discount which is great because i purchased one for both my daughters. I purchased mine on the web since i couldn’t find it in any stores and the delivery was surprisingly very quick. For the price it’s totally worth it if your kids end up loving it as much as my daughters have. Both of them use their new cuddle uppets as a pillow and a blanket whenever they want to take a nap. My youngest daughter had problems going to bed but she sleeps with her new toy now and feels like she has company when she goes to bed. I’m sure if i could get my daughters to write their own cuddle uppet review they’d probably have a lot more to say than i do. This toy is a great combination of a blanket and puppet all in one. It really is the perfect toy for roadtrips as my kids can keep themselves entertained with their new toys and then use it as a blanket when they feel like napping in the back seat. I’m now looking to order more characters for my kids since they loved their original toys so much. Take it from me, cuddle upets are the best toy for your kids. I’ve purchased happy nappers and pawggles in the past but cuddle uppets was a bigger hit with my kids.

  11. Amy

    I’ve ordered cuddle uppets in the past and though i’d submit my own cuddle uppets review. My kids absolutely love these toys and as a stay at home mom it’s great to have toys like this that keep them so occupied. When my kids saw the infomercial for the first time they were begging me to get them one and I have to admit the infomercial is pretty catchy. My kids can be creative while playing with them since they can be used as puppets that they pretend are real characters. When it’s time for bed they’ve learned how to turn it into a blank to snuggle with at night time. Whenever it gets dirty I know I can just throw it in with the regular laundry and it’s back to new since it’s machine washable which is very convenient. I’m very impressed with how soft and durable cuddle uppets are. If you’re stuck on what to get your kids for Christmas you might want to deeply consider getting them this fabulous toy.

  12. Rita

    My kids tend to get bored of their toys fairly quickly but surprisingly they love the cuddle uppets blanket and toy. It’s not a purchase i’ve made recently since we’ve owned it for over a year but to this day they still have a fond for their blanket/puppets as they did the day i purchased it for them. It’s a very clever idea and not surprised why there are so many cuddle uppets reviews of happy customers. I really found the practicality of this product when we did a long family trip to visit my parents. It was a 15 hour drive and the entire time my kids were snuggled up in their cuddle uppets blankets. My kids find it very comfy and although they don’t really play with it much anymore as when they first got it, it’s still probably one of their favorite prized possessions which they bring with them to school, trips, bed time .. everywhere! If you’re looking for a great deal just buy it online and you can take advantage of the double offers. It really is a fun idea for your kids and very practical and it’s also a great gift idea.

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