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No more marks and scratches that a bra can leave in a soft skin, it would not be that way use a quality bra. That’s why you should use high quality bra for a more comfortable and soft care. Confortisse Bra is a product ranked with highest standard qualities, it would not make you feel uncomfortable while dancing in a party or in a cocktail reunion, besides, it will look good on you.

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The Comfortisse Bra is the most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear!

Whether you’re dressed in casual wear, wearing a dress or business attire the Comfortisse Bra will compliment your wardrobe while providing lift and comfort unlike any bra you’ve ever tried.

Unmatched comfort & full support!

With Comfortisse Bra you’ll eliminate the common issues with most bras. You won’t have to deal with pinching or chaffing, clasps, adjustable straps, uncomfortable underwires and no more exposed back fat or arm buldge. Just chose your bra size according to your shirt size and finally get the perfect fit with a flattering lift no matter what your bust size.

It’s seamless Italian Loom construction is designed with a four-way stretch that provides optimal comfort and gives you smooth lines from every angle. It is stylish enough that it can be worn under low-cut tops and blouses for extra coverage.

Currently the Comfortisse Bra is now being sold for a special online offer. Order today and you’ll get 9 Comfortisse bras for only 2 easy payments of $29.95 plus shipping and handling. Plus $9.95 S&P per set of 3. Select your size based on your t-shirt or blouse size. It is available in extra-small, small, medium, large, 2X and 3X. It comes in basica black, nude and white colors.

comfortisse braSmooth, bulge-free fit that’s perfect with any outfit.

Perfect fit every time with no pinching or chafing — just choose your t-shirt size

Flattering lift without uncomfortable underwires to poke and scratch

No back fat or underarm bulge

Seamless Italian loom construction with 4-way stretch for optimal support and fit gives you smooth lines from every angle

The most comfortable bra you’ll ever wear.

All-day comfort

Machine washable and easy to clean

Wide shoulder straps for comfort and support

Looks great with every type of clothing from business to casual

18 reviews for Comfortisse Bra

  1. Sandi N.

    I really found the Comfortisse Bra to be very comfortable and supportive. I really didn’t expect much since I usually buy my bras from well known lingerie stores but thought i’d give it a try since I could use a comfort bra for around the house. I did look at other as seen on tv bras such as the ahh bra and genie bra but the Comfortisse Bra seemed to offer more bras for the same amount of money and I’ve spent more money on just one bra in the past at Victoria Secret. This bra was certainly more than i had expected. I wear it to the gym sometimes, lounging around the house and even to bed. It might not be the sexiest bra I own but I have worn it to work under a suit jacket as a camisole. It’s most definitely comfortable, supportive and very affordable.

  2. Alana

    I was looking into buying one of the As Seen on TV bras that i’ve seen featured on television after a friend of mind said they were very comfortable and provide great support. I looked into buying either the comfortisse bra, genie bra and ahh bra but the comfortisse bra seemed to have more positive reviews in terms of the quality of the product and the delivery time. Since wearing it I can honestly say it doesn’t provide me the best support but is the most comfortable bra i’ve ever worn. I have used it as sports bra to the gym, as a top to go out to social events. This as seen on tv bra also offered the best deal compared to the genie bra and ahh bra offers. Women, if you’re looking for a bra that relax in that offers some support and is very comfortable then I highly recommend the Comfortisse Bra.

  3. Rhonda

    If you’re looking to buy a new bra then I would suggest trying out the Comfortisse Bra as it’s become my favorite set of bras to wear due to their comfort. This is a great deal since the current promotion is two free sets for free when you order the first set of comfortisse bras which provides you with 9 bras. I’ve been wearing traditional bras for year and dealt with the uncomfortable straps and just tolerated the pain and discomfort with wires, straps and hooks until i came across the comfortisse bra online. After reading some positive comfortisse bra reviews and saw that generally customers were happy with it, i decided i was going to try it out. This just isn’t a bra, you can even use it as a sports bra as well and you can even enjoy sleeping in your comfortisse bra. With the variety of different colors you get when you order the comfortisse bra you can mix and match them with different outfits. I also found this bra easy to wash since you can just throw it in with your laundry and not worry about any special wash instructions. I’m pretty sure if any woman tried the comfortisse bra they would probably find it difficult to go back to their old traditional style bras. I’ve looked into other bras that are currently available such as the genie bra and ahh bra and went with this deal simply because it offered more of a color selection and down to the savings since you get more bras for the same amount of money which really ends up being 10 dollars per bra and i’m sure you’ve probably spend a lot more on bras like me than that amount in the past. Comfortisse Bra deserves 5 stars and i’m very happy i ordered it.

  4. Stefania

    You’re probably interested in reading some comfortisse bra reviews which is why you stumbled up on my own personal review and want to find out more on this well-known as seen on tv bra that’s been featured quite frequently on television. I found this bra to be quite remarkable and was drawn into buying it because it seems comfy especially for a woman with a large bust like mine you can related to discomfort of straps and underwires as well as back buldge. Much like youself I did the same thing before purchasing my comfortisse bra as I took a look into other peoples thoughts and experiences based on their own comfortisee reviews. I found this product was evertyhing it said it was in the infomercial and have already set out for another order. I think any woman who’s breasts are either A cup to c up will find that the comfortisse bra very comfortable although I think if your breasts are larger you won’t find this bra to give the best support but still give you comfort. If you’re a woman who’s shopping for a sports bra you will find this bra also helpful because it makes a great top to wear while working out. Comfortisse Bra is a very stylish bra and i love how it conforms to my shape.

  5. Pauline

    I found the Comfortisse Bra to be an amazing discovery which has been appreciated by myself and my female friends and family. After reading such positive comfortisse bra reviews i knew i had to buy a pair of these bras since you get so many of them for such a low price. I’ve seen the infomercial on television and read some peoples comfortisse bra blogs and feel i’m quit educated now on how effective this bra is. I noticed there are so many other as seen on tv bras available now, it’s almost like these types of bras suddently became the hottest as seen on tv product since there are so many knockoffs. But they all seem exactly the same in their design and even their colors since the ahh bra, genie bra and comfortisse bra all come in black, beige and white which doesn’t seem like a strange coincidence. But one thing is for sure that what separates the Comfortisse Bra from the Ahh Bra and Genie Bra is that thing called a DEAL. You get 9 bras for almost the same prices as the ahh bra and the genie bra but get the same amount of bras as if you ordered the ahh bra (3 bras) and genie bra (6 bras) combined. You also get your additional comfortisse bra in colors so in the end you have a vast array of bras in different colors to mix and match with your outfit for the day. Currently this offer is not available in any stores like the ahh bra and genie bra which i’ve seen at the checkout counter at walmart. This is definitely a special tv offer since you can only buy the comfortisse bra online as far i’ve noticed, so if you’re looking to take advantage of this offer you can buy it from the official website or this one. This bra has become my favorite bra since it works in so many ways. You can accessorize with it and its super comfortable to wear alongside being a support bra. I set aside 3 of the comfortisse bras that i use only for the gym as sports bras. I can literally wear these bras all day without having any back pains, wires digging into me, annoying straps or sore breasts. Comfortisse Bra is probably the best bra you’ll ever wear and I would rate this a 5 star product for sure!

  6. Angela

    I remember seeing the commercials for the ahh bra and the genie bra and thought that they seemed pretty innovative and interesting for womens bras since they both made the same claims more or less about providing support and comfort, you can use it as a sports bra, they come in the same colors (white, beige and black), you can use the bras as a top or camisole and cheaper than traditional bras. I’m always on the lookout for a better bra and one day i came across the comfortisse infomercial on television and it seemed to give the exact same bras as the ahh bra and genie bra however it was a better deal. I’ve also tried other bras from Victoria Secret, Walmart, Le Vie En Rose and other stores from expensive bras to low costing bras but none can match the comfortisse bra in my opinion. The Comfortisse Bra provides all the benefits as advertised. It removed back bulges, was ver comfortable to wear, made me look a lot better and of course the price was great. If you’re looking for a new bra that has all the great benefits of being comfortable, supportive, removes back buldges etc .. you’ll want to buy Comfortisse Bra. I used to get back pains from wearing some of my old bras which i don’t get with the comfortisse bra. I recommend taking advantage of the deal to buy the additional color bras when you just pay the additional shipping and handling. It’s such a great deal! I have friends that purchased the ahh bra and the genie bra and we have compared bras and they are all similar bras. I think in the comparison between the ahh bra vs genie bra vs comfortisse bra it all comes down to the deal and the comfortisse bra is the better deal of the as seen on tv bras.

  7. Lisa

    I just received my order for the Comfortisse Bra about 2 weeks ago and have to say it’s now my favorite bra amongst all my other bras. My mother, sister and friends have also enjoyed the comfortisse bra and I decided I had to submit a comfortisse bra to let potential buys knwo that this bra is worth the price. For starters this is an as seen on tv bra which gives a better deal than the other bras on tv such as the genie bra or the ahh bra or the aire bra. I have so many bras in my drawer since I’m always on the lookout for new bras. I have spent the same amount of money one single bra as I’ve spent on all 9 of my comfortisse bras together which is what makes this offer so worth getting. The bras are so comfortable to wear you’ll always want to have them on. I couldn’t find these bras in any major stores but I’m guessing it’s because these bras are newer and most likely more improved than other bras that have been featured on television and in stores. I love the way it supports my breasts and doesn’t show any back buldges. I can wear my comfortisse bra all day and not have to worry about back pain or wires digging into me. These bras are excatly as advertised. I’m thinking about selling my other bras on amazon and ebay now because all i want to wear is my comfortisee bra now. So if you’re on the lookout for a new bra and you want something that’s affordable, comfortable and supportive then you’ll want to buy comfortisse bra. Hope my comfortisse bra review was useful.

  8. Victoria

    If you’re thinking about getting the ahh bra or the genie bra then STOP and go for the better as seen on tv bra deal which is the Comfortisse Bra. I was so happy with my purchase i had to come here and brag about them. I think women everywhere are going to love these bra’s so much because they fit so well and are so comfortable to wear. I have friends who have already purchased the genie bra and the ahh bras too and we compared bras and they all seem to be exactly the same with slight differences. Since the Comfortisse Bra is the newer of the 3 it makes sense that they would try to compete by coming out with the better deal. I’ve been wearing uncomfortable bra most of my life and as as a women with a pretty large bust I can related to discomfort described in the comfortisse bra infomercial. I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about dealing with hooks or underwires anymore. I’m at the point in my life where I really don’t care about the style of my bras but just want to be able to be comfortable. They really are fantastic bras and best of all they are affordable. Unlike my other bras I don’t have to handwash them too, i love the fact that I can just these bras in the wash with my other clothes. The Comfortisse Bra is probably the best bra you’ll ever wear!

  9. Marcus

    LOVE these Comfortisse bras!! I’m a 32B and these bras are just perfect. I got the double layered version with modesty pads and these are just heavenly. No more nipping out, good support, nice wide shoulder straps that don’t slide down, and the bottom band is comfortable and not overly snug like too many soft cup bras out there.
    Love the different colors. It’s so difficult to find a comfortable bra when you’re well endowed. In fact, they’re so comfortable that I forget I’m wearing one (almost). I’d definitely buy more of these products. Love it.

  10. Taya

    I’ve seen the commercials for the genie bra, ahh bra and comfortisse bra which seemed to be exactly the same with just a different name and wanted to see what these bras were about so I placed an order for the comfortisse bra. I later found out that they sold the comfortisse at the as seen on tv store near my house but the deal wasn’t as good as the one I got from ordering through the infomercial which is also the same deal you’ll find at SeenTV Canada. I’m a 38C and ordered a size large. I found the bra to be very comfortable and also makes my clothes look better. During the hot weather you don’t have to worry as the comfortisse bra actually breathes very well which is also why the comfortisse bra makes a great sports bra so I can sweat and my skin can still breathe. If you’re someone who doesn’t like wearing bras like myself then you’ll love this bra. I read in some other comfortisse reviews that there are counterfeit bras being sold on amazon. I’m not sure how true that is but you’re definitely safe buying them from the toll free number, the official site, the as seen on tv store or seentv canada which is where i ordered mine. I hope you found my comfortisse bra review useful in some away.

  11. Marissa

    If you’re looking into buying a bra then you’ll want to checkout and probably buy the comfortisse bra. This bra is so popular it has been advertised on tv and infomercials like crazy over the past few months and has become the top as seen on tv bra. It offers the best deal compared to the other bras on tv such as the ahh bra or the genie bra since you get more bras for essentially the same amount of money. I’ve tolerated pain and discomfort for year wearing traditional bras which is something i don’t have to worry about anymore with the comfortisse bra. I can easily just slip into my comfortisse bra and i’m ready to tackle on my day. I even use it to workout since it resembles a sports bra and offers the same support and comfort and not to mention is pretty stylish. This bra really makes it easy since you don’t have to deal with hooks, straps or wires and match your bra size the same as your shirt size. I can sleep in this bra, workout in it, walk in it etc all comfortably when wearing the comfortisse bra. There definately seems to be competition between the as seen on tv bras such as the ahh bra and genie bra but the comfortisse bra provides better quality for a better price so you can’t go wrong with the savings and quality you’ll get from this offer.

  12. Patricia

    I honestly think the comfortisse bra is the answer to all womens problems when it comes to getting proper comfort and support from a bra and best of all it isn’t an expensive solution. I was comparing the ahh bra vs the comfortisse bra and decided to go with the comfortisse bra soley because it offered more bras for the same price. Unlike the old fashion bras that i’ve worn before the comfortisse bra does a great job of eliminating dealing with wires and hooks and you just just put it on like any shirt and you’re all set as it works as a comfort bra and support bra in one. I’ve also worn my comfortisse bra to the gym and it works much similar to a sports bra as well. In fact you can’t even tell the difference. I’ve also spent quite a bit of money on sports bras in the past and it’s great that you can get an all-purpose bra like the comfortise bra. It was designed using seamless italian loom construction from one of the comfortisse bra reviews i’ve read which is what gives you total comfort. It eliminates any buldges and wrinkles and smooths out your body giving you a more flattering look with great frontal lift with just makes you look so much better. Considering the cost of your average bras the comfortisse bra is really a no brainer since it provides the best in comfort and support and is affordablly priced which is what makes the comfortise bra such an incredible deal.

  13. Sara

    I almost didn’t buy the comfortisse bra after reading some negative reviews on other websites but glad i didn’t pay any attention to any of them. The bras were delivered to my home in a timely manner which made me happy. I found that I was able to stretch the fabric enough to get it to fit properly. As a 38C the bra is very snug and comfortable and gives me just enough support. Not sure how well the comfortisse bra would work for someone with a larger bust. I’m very pleased with the quality and they are just as good as my high end quality bras in terms of support but unmatched in terms of comfort. I purchased a size large for my bust size which worked out perfect for me. If you’re looking for more of a snug fit and want to use them for working out so you’re not flopping all over the place then a size smaller might work better. I can easily put it on and take it off and it works great as an undershirt for the layered look. Comfortisse bra is a fantastic bra women will want to buy!

  14. Steph

    I received these bras as a gift from my daughter a few months ago and wanted to share my testimonial on what I thought of the comfortisse bra. I usually hate wearing bras and when I’m at home I usually don’t wear a bra because I want to be as comfortable as possible and it’s as if all bras were invented only for support without keeping comfort in mind which is why i loved this bra so much. This was like a shirt and a bra all in one which I can wear almost everywhere and it has great support without having to deal with straps digging into my shoulders and it also breathes. As I’ve aged my breasts have grown to 34D’s and the comfortisse bra gives me a nice lift as well. I can even sleep in these bras hey are really that comfortable. I hand wash these bras in cold water and hang them to dry. If you’re exercising you might want to double up on your comfortisse bras for extra support. I love these bras for so many reasons and they are also very fashionable and I will definately be ordering more of these bras in the future.

  15. Martina

    You’ve probably seen different bras advertised on television. Some of the as seen on tv bras that i’ve looked into were the genie bra, ahh bra, aire bra and the comfortisse bra and I’m sure there are other similar bras. The comfortisse bra is the best deal you can get for these bras that are all similar in design however the comfortisse bra is the newest bra which probably has the best design and not to mention is the best deal since you get more bras for the same price point. This bra is a very breathable bra and very soft. I’m a 38D and ordered the large and it fit me perfectly. Without feeling unnatural the comfortisse bra gives me great support and would would great for any woman who wants support all day long and is one for women of all ages. I like how I can easily put this bra on and off and it does not put too much pressure on my shoulders. The comfortisse bra has still kept its shape after months of washing it once per week as is still like new. I went to a wedding last month and didn’t want my bra lines to be visible through my dress and the comfortisse bra was the perfect bra to wear underneath. With all the different colors I can mix and match it with whatever I’m wearing and it works like a camisole too underneath my tops so I’m not exposing cleavage when I’m at work. I’m currently losing weight through diet and exercise and I like the comfortisse bra because it still fits right after losing 20 pounds and not to mention I use them as a sports bra when I head to the gym and because they breathe so well they handle heat and sweaty situations making this the best sports bra i’ve ever worn. I love my comfortisse bra and think any woman at any age will love them too.

  16. Lena

    These bras were amazing and super comfortable to wear. I usually wear my comfortisse bras everyday and they are by far the best bras I’ve ever worn. I’m a 47 year old woman and a 38FF and these bras support me very well. I no longer have to search for another bra again. I’ve placed an order for 2 more sets after i tried them on for the first time. It doesn’t dig anywhere and doesn’t roll up. I don’t think i could ever go back to wearing other bras after my experience with the comfortisse bra. It’s not only comfortable and supportive but very stylish too. This is a great value that comes in many different colors to mix and match with your outfits. 9 bras for the price is such a great deal.

  17. Lina

    I love my comfortisse bras and they arrived at my doorstep in good time. I’ve had my eye on purchasing this type of bra for a while. I’ve seen so many different versions of this bra advertised on television such as the ahh bra, the genie bra and the slim n lift aire bra but after dog some online comparision shopping i decided to go with the comfortisse bra because it seemed like the better deal. I really don’t think quality is different between any of these as seen on tv bras since they all look exactly the same but after reading more positive reviews from customers who have purchsed the comfortisse bra i decided to go with these bras instead. I didn’t think these bras were going to be able to support me as well as they did since i’m a large size but they did. I had no issues with the band rolling up which i’ve read in some other reviews however i did find them kind of hot to wear and i’ve never worn a bra that made me perspire before but it’s also been an incredibly hot summer. They fit me very well and are very comfortable to wear even to bed. These bras were just what i was looking for and they also wash beautifully along with my other laundry. The colors are very nice and i can sometimes mix and match them with my clothing.

  18. Sam

    If you’re going to consider buying the ahh bra or the genie bra then stop and take a look at the comfortisse bra. This is probably the best deal you’ll find on the popular as seen on tv bras which seem to be more or less exactly the same as the ahh bra and the genie bra except you get more bras for less money. I have friends that purchased the ahh bra and the genie bra and both were satisfied with their purchases as they are both quality bras which are comfortable to wear as well. I almost purchased the genie bra but then had second thoughts and waited until i came across the comfortisse bra infomercial on television and was drawn in by the huge discount compared to the genie bra. My friend who bought the genie bra and I compared the two bras and you could barely tell the difference. The only difference between these as seen on tv bras comes down to the price. I’m very happy with the support, comfort and the fact that it nicely conforms to my figure. I felt these bras work just as advertised, you don’t have to deal with annoying wires anymore, they are machine washable and can also be used as a sports bra or even as an under top. I wear my comfortisse bra everywhere I go. I can be at work, the gym, at home .. the comfortisse bra works great for me. I think any woman would find that these affordables bras are very comfortable and worth the purchase.

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