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Chillow Pillow Soothing & Cooling Pillow


If you're tired of constantly flipping your pillow over late at night so you can rest your head on the cool side or suffer from hot flashes or overheating then the As Seen on TV Chillow Pillow is the answer. This is an amazing value and is not available in stores, so get your CHILLOW® Cooling Pad today for only $19.99 CDN and $6.95 CDN Shipping and Handling. As a BONUS, we’ll include a 2nd CHILLOW Cooling Pad for just $6.95 CDN additional Shipping and Handling. Each offer ordered today totals to $33.89 CDN.

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The Chillow Pillow – A Cool Relief For Your Body

In 1998 a study was conducted in Michigan to find out what kinds of conditions are needed for a good night’s sleep. The 20 participants were divided into two groups: one group were left to sleep in normal conditions, whilst the other group used the Chillow Pillow.

The results showed a clear distinction between the quality of sleep between the two groups; 68% of those who slept with the Chillow Pillow fell asleep faster than those who did not.

What is the Chillow Pillow?

This amazing cooling pillow was designed to improve the quality of your sleep, by transferring the temperature from your body into the air, rather than to your pillow. Normal pillows trap your body heat, causing uncomfortable over-heating during sleep. However the Chillow Pillow has a cooling system feature which takes the sweat produced by your skin and dissipates it into the air whilst you’re asleep. 

What Conditions Can the Chillow Pillow Help With?

There are a number of health conditions which the Chillow Pillow can help with. It can:

  • Soothe leg cramps
  • Keep you cool during fevers
  • Aid aching joints and muscles
  • Help with pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia
  • Soothe post-surgery aches and pains
  • Help with any other discomfort associated with heat or pain

Features and Specifications

  • Measurements: 14.8 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches
  • No batteries or electricity source required
  • All Chillow Pillow products are medical grade and meet ISO requirements (Non-toxic and DEHP-free)
  • Different to other makes which only provide cooling on one side

Benefits of Using the Chillow Pillow

This product has many benefits, including:

  • Absorbs and disperses the heat from your body, providing you with a better, cooler night’s sleep. This is particularly beneficial for those with a high metabolism, people who suffer with hot flushes, or other related conditions.
  • Relieves headaches, neck and back pain, including head pain from sinus-related problems and migraines.
  • Although it is not necessary to store the Chillow Pillow in the refrigerator, it is suitable for up to 15 minutes of refrigeration if you wish to achieve an extra cooling effect.
  • The memory foam in the Chillow Pillow makes for a more comfortable sleeping experience.
  • No need to flip your pillow during the night – the Chillow Pillow always stays cool.
  • Its soft cooling sensation creates an irresistible feeling of comfort and relaxation.

If you’re tired of constantly flipping your pillow over late at night so you can rest your head on the cool side or suffer from hot flashes or overheating then the As Seen on TV Chillow Pillow is the answer. Chillow Pillow is a medical grade quality pillow that is safe and durable. It’s designed with an insert that works similar to a radiator as it harnesses the heat from your body and dissipates it away from you into the surrounding air. Chillow Pillow uses no electricity or freezing    and will provide you will the relaxing and cool sleep you’ve always wanted.

This As Seen on TV pillow does not require any money to run, does not blow air or make any noise. It uses a non-electric thermoregulating effect which only needs to be activated once. Enjoy soothing comfort after a long day at the office or if you’re sore from physical activity. Now you can relax and sleep well with the Chillow Pillow.

2 reviews for Chillow Pillow Soothing & Cooling Pillow

  1. Laura J

    This product is a fantastic idea. I get hot flashes late at night and the chillow pillow makes my nights easier. Before purchasing it here on As Seen on TV Canada I set out to do some research and read many customer reviews which were almost all positive. I’m glad I gave the Chillow Pillow a try because it worked so well for me. It’s perfect for those hot summer nights too since it keeps my head cool. It helps me keep cool at night without having to turn the temperature down and arguing with my hubby over the thermostat. It lets me sleep comfortably without ever breaking a sweat. The Chillow Pillow is also great when you have a headache too. I love it!

  2. Dessena

    Before I bought the Chillow at As Seen on TV Canada I did some research online reading many of the Chillow reviews that were posted on different sites. What I found was that there was not unanimous feelings when it came to this product. You either loved it or hated it. Since I get migraines pretty regularly the concept seemed like something that would sooth me whenever I got them so I went out on a limb and placed an order. I’m usually skeptical about As Seen on TV products but it was so inexpensive I thought why not. This pillow turned out to be a god send since I don’t have to constantly flip my pillow over to find the cool side and now my Chillow keeps my head cool all the time. After I filled it with water it was a bit wrinkled but it didn’t matter anyways since I inserted it into my pillow case. I got a little spillage out of it like some people complained about but not a big deal. I’m so happy with my Chillow I bought one for my sister as a gift. It’s a very inexpensive way to battle headaches, migraines or hotflashes which I get pretty regularly without having to pop tylenols.

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