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Keep your Cat or Kittens entertained with Cat’s Meow Cat Toy. Take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer for only $19.99 plus $7.95 shipping and handling. Get a second Cat’s Meow cat toy for FREE when you pay and additional $7.95 shipping and handling.

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Your cats will go crazy for the Cats Meow cat toy!

Cat’s Meow is the all new toy that not only entertains your cat, it also helps to stop destructive clawing and scratching.

Keep your Cat or Kittens entertained with Cats Meow. This new As Seen on TV Canada cat toy has been widely featured on infomercials across Canada and the United States. Cat’s love playing with Cats Meow day and night as it mimics a mouse running around underneath a blanket keeping your cat chasing after it. You’re cat will never be bored again!

Cats Meow operates with just a push of a button and it will grab your cats attention with sudden random sweeps underneath the nylon skirt mimicking the movement of a mouse keeping them occupied for hours as their natural instinct kicks in as they try to stalk and pounce on top of their prey or just chase it round and round. It will keep them off your furniture, couches and chairs as they’ll be spending less time clawing and scratching at your possessions and completely focused with their new toy.

Cat’s of all ages like the active wand as it switches speeds from fast to slow and side to side. Since it’s so lightweight it can be brought anywhere with you and your feline friend. It’s made from a durable rip stop nylon that can withstand your cats claws and operates on batteries. Give your older cats some exercise or just keep them out of trouble with the Cats Meow. Take advantage of the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE Offer today here at As Seen on TV Canada!

Features of the Cats Meow cats toy include:

  • Made of durable rip stop nylon
  • Battery operated Cats Meow toy operates anywhere your cat likes to play – you’ll enjoy hours of fun watching your cat & mouse!
  • Keep older cats active and healthy
  • Let your kitty enjoy hours of fun!

Your Offer Includes:

  • 1 Cats Meow toy
  • A second Cats Meow toy for FREE*!

11 reviews for Cats Meow Cat Toy

  1. Liz

    Our pet cats are like members of our family. We have four cats that all range in age and my daughters and I are always on the lookout for new toys to keep them occupied. I’ve tried Emery Cat which another As Seen on TV product for cats in the past and was very happy with it which gave me confidence in buying Cat’s Meow which I caught on a late night infomercial. This product is simple but genius. It seems like a mouse thats moving under a yellow cover and eerily moves like a move moving around. It’s a smart pet toy because it’s unpredictable as the Cat’s Meow moves around. The product seems very durable and will last a long time. I’ve had it now for a few weeks now and I always get a good laugh watching them all battle it out to try and jump around and chase the Cat’s Meow. If you have a cat then this product is a must buy pet toy.

  2. Melissa M

    I love to spoil my two cats and they are like my children. I visit the pet store once a month and buy them new toys which can sometimes get pricey but I’m happy to keep them entertained in my condo while I’m at the office. They became quickly bored of most toys i’ve purchased in the past and they would sometimes turn on my furniture like scratching the side of my couch, curtains and dining room chairs. My mother recommended the Cat’s Meow cat toy which was advertised on an infomercial on infomercial channel here in Canada so I decided to go online and search for a deal and eventually found it here at As Seen on TV Canada. I was happy with the amount of time it took to get it delivered to my home and even happier with how my cats took to it. I recommended Cats Meow to my friend and her cat loved it too. This might be the best cat toy you could buy and it isn’t even expensive. I’ve read some Cats Meow reviews online and it seems that all cat owners seem happy with this product which is what gave me confidence in ordering it and the fact that it comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee. It runs on AA batteries which actually last a really long time. I just buy batteries at the dollar store and it’s enough to keep the Cats Meow running for a long time. If you’re a cat owner don’t even hesitate and get your cat this amazing toy.

  3. Amber

    It’s been over a month and our cats still love playing with the Cat’s Meow cat toy. Whoever came up with this product is genius since it really gets our cats to rely on their instincts to try and catch the object that moves around underneath the yellow cover. Our cat hides behind objects or jumps on the couch and shakes his butt getting ready to pounce. It’s been working well so far with no issues. I honestly didn’t think it would last that long considering it’s an as seen on tv product which I usually think would be cheaply made products and the fact that my cat tends to destroy toys we get him. I recommend getting a battery re-charger so you don’t have to keep buying batteries to power it. This is probably the best cat toy you’ll ever buy your cat. Our family probably has just as much fun watching our cat play with the Cat’s Meow cat toy as much as he does. Great toy for any cat that will provide hours of entertainment and a must have for any cat owner.

  4. Linda Sear

    I ordered this product not very long ago, and while I DID order 2 of them (in case something happened to the other one or my cat maybe damaged it in some way) I strangely got 2 extra Cat’s Meow toys! I’m planning on keeping the unopened box anyway, and give it to the Humane Society or sell it on Kijiji. But the total came to $96.37. So be AWARE that they will probably overbill your credit card and send you more than what you originally ordered!!

    It’s easy to assemble, but I find that not even a month later, and already my TEN year old cat has already bitten off the entire red plastic tube-like, simulated mousie tail that goes in the hole underneath the yellow canvas material. Luckily what’s left has a grey, marble sized ‘bulb’ that suffices fine- it’s just that now the ‘tail’ part of it that peeked underneath the canvas is now completely gone. So that’s the design flaw with this product- my cat would most times just lay on the canvas and even on the ‘fast’ setting, can easily catch the ‘tail’ with his paws! There should also be a faster setting on this toy. There’s ‘slow’, ‘middle’, ‘fast’, and ‘random’ speed settings.

    Batteries are not included, so you will have to purchase your own- it takes 3 ‘C’ batteries, so it’s best to buy at least 2 packages of batteries.

    I ordered a 2nd Cats Meow toy too because on the website it says that if you order a second one, that there would be a free gift included. However, I have not yet received it in the mail, and the letter enclosed says that ‘Unfortunately, due to overwhelming response to this offer, some of the items you have requested are no longer available and we will be unable to fulfill your entire order. The balance of your order will ship as soon as it becomes available. Please be assured you will not be charges for any merchandise we have not shipped to you.’ (they better not!!!)

    Otherwise, as far as my cat Rocky goes, he does enjoy playing with it, but if a 10 year old cat can easily catch the ‘mousie tail’ with little effort, and lying down, so can your cat! That’s the disappointing thing about this product. I wouldn’t say that it changes him into ‘crazy kitty’ like the commercial says it will. But he DOES enjoy playing with it, nonetheless, that’s the main thing. And as he’s a strictly indoor cat, this is a good toy for him- gives him something new and fun to play with. : )

  5. Jane

    I love my two cats. I have a Persian called Loyd and Tabby called Bobo who are like family to me. It’s important to make sure your cats are occupied with cat toys so they don’t start scratching at your furniture. When I saw the infomercial for the Cats Meow Cat toy I knew I had to buy it. I couldn’t find it in any stores so I just went online and ordered it. I’ve purchased many cat toys in the past for my cats but none compared to this As Seen on TV pet toy. It drives my cats nuts. I was just as entertained by them playing with the Cats Meow than they were. Cat’s Meow is a great way to also keep your cats in shape so they’re not just moping around the house. The motor keeps running even when the cats catch the object that mimics a mouse and once they let go it starts moving again. This is a cat toy your cats will never get bored of. If you’re a cat owner this is a must buy.

  6. J. Bradbury

    I paid for two of the Cats Meow toys with faster shipping and it has been over two weeks now and I have not received a toy or a notice that there is a problem. I paid the extra money for the faster service and have not recieved that either, If there is a reason you should let me know and also deduct the extra service charge for LATE service instead of express service.

  7. Linda

    I am a foster mom for cats-of which I presently have 6….I bought a Cat’s Meow a few weeks ago, at first-I was pleasantly surprised and happy that the cats enjoyed it-so I threw out my cash receipt for it…however after daily use of approx. 45 mins-1 hour of play for 1 week- I had to replace my new Duracell batteries with new ones…after 2 days the toy stopped working completely even after installing new batteries- I must have bought a DEFECTED toy…I had purchased the toy at Jean Coutu for $20.00 for 1 toy and cannot return it because I no longer have my receipt….What a LET-DOWN for me and my cats….I would not suggest this toy to my many friends dealing with Cat rescues,refuges or foster homes…sorry!(Unless you decide to replace it with a good-working one-which would be fantastic!!!)

  8. judy camp

    i purchased this product and had it for 1 day and now it does not work.. .changed the batteries twice with new batteries and it still does not work…please replace it…i bought it from AS SEEN ON TV STORE IN BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO…AND I”M FROM OTTAWA so i cant return it. please replace it as my kitten just loved it

  9. Susanna

    I have purchased a total of 4 Cat’s Meow, 1 for myself & the rest as gifts to friends.
    After I installed the batteries on my unit yesterday, the machine’s light turned on & the tail moved slightly and stopped. I thought it was meant to be like that so I waited & waited. It doesn’t move at all since then. I’ve tried to switch into different speed, still no response. The light of the machine is on, but it just doesn’t move!
    I’ve tried to find a contact phone number from your website & unable to find any. Please advice if there’s any way I can get this fixed.

  10. As Seen on TV Canada

    Hi Susanna,

    Please contact customer service directly for Cat’s Meow by using the information below:

    Customer service is available by calling 866-343-5007, Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 10:00pm Eastern Time.
    Please allow 24-48 hours for customer service to have information on your order.

    Your Credit Card will not be charged until your order ships.

    Please allow 2–6 weeks for your order to be delivered.

    All orders plus applicable tax. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee (minus S&H).

  11. Crystal

    I purchased a Cat’s Meow toy from my local Showcase As Seen on TV store. Took it out of the box, put batteries in and it doesn’t work. You can hear the motor running, but it doesn’t spin. I’m pretty disappointed, and even more so that my receipt says “FINAL SALE” – a fact that was not brought up to me when I purchased it. I’m going to try and return it, hopefully I won’t have too many issues.

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