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The Cami Secret makes your favourite low-cut blouses and shirts appropriate for the workplace! Get the layered look of a camisole without the hassle or bulk of a separate garment with the Cami Secret. The Cami Secret is light-weight, comfy fabric with elegant lace trim clips onto your bra. Attaches and removes instantly. Set of 3 Cami Secret includes black, beige and white. One size Cami Secret fits all. The Cami Secret is Polyester / nylon.

cami secret canadaCAMI SECRET – GET 6 FOR ONLY $10

Is your closet overstuffed because you only feel comfortable wearing certain pieces out at night and feel that they are too revealing for the office. With Cami Secret you can take your favorite low cut blouses and shirts and make them office appropriate in seconds.

Cami Secret gives you the layered look that you would get with a camisole, but without the hassle or bulk of an entirely separate garment. Cami Secret is made of light weight, breathable fabric that simply clips onto your bra to give you the appearance of wearing a camisole.

Cami Secret is one size fits all and it easily adjusts to exactly where you want it. Cami Secret can go with any shirt to completely change the look of an outfit. Cami Secret comes in a wide variety of colors to go with any style or color outfit.

Now you can wear your favorite low cut blouse to work, and then meet your dinner date without having to run home to change – you can adjust or completely remove Cami Secret in seconds so you quickly have the perfectly appropriate outfit for any situation.

Cami Secret Set includes the beige, black, and white Camis. $10.00 + $6.99 shipping and handling.
*FREE second set in neutral colors, “ivory, brown, & navy” just pay $6.99 processing and handling.

  • As Seen On TV
  • Maximize your wardrobe and always have confidence in what you are wearing
  • Attach and remove instantly
  • Cool, lightweight and comfortable
  • One size fits all
  • Set of three includes one black, one beige and one white.
  • 90% polyester/10% spandex exclusive of lace decoration
  • Imported
  • Hand wash

3 reviews for Cami Secret

  1. Amanda

    I’m a very well endowed woman and have to say that the Cami Secret is a great secret to looking professional when in the office. If you’re a vuluptous woman then the Cami Secret should be your next purchase. I work in a construciton office and I decided i wanted to start covering up so men wouldn’t oggle my cleavage all the time and cami secret provides a quick and easy way to conceal my boobs when the time calls for in a professional environment. I would get very self conscious while i was at work and with the help of the cami secret i was able to remedy the situation without having to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. If you were like me then you’re probably skeptical about buying the cami secret but i can vouch for this product that it is well worth having as part of your fashion accessories. While wearing my cami secret i can still keep a sheik look and feel perfectly comfortable.

  2. Maria

    Since I work in an elementary school it’s important that I stay covered up especially if I’m leaning over to help a child or tie a child’s shoe lace I can’t be overexposing myself. The cami secret was the perfect solution to cover my chest area. I was able to match the different camisole colors with different outfits depending on what i’m wearing which keeps me covered up and still fashionable. It came in pretty neutral colors that go with almost anything i wear. The cami secrets camisoles fill the gaps perfectly as they measure about 9 inches across and 5 inches across to the bottom. You couldn’t ask for more at the cost of 10 dollars and I was glad the shipping charges were cheap and the delivery was fast. A 5 Star product all the way!

  3. Tori

    I really liked the Cami Secret. It’s a a simple solution if you wear low cut blouses. Most women usually have to either wear a camisole or wear another shirt underneath and it’s a lot just to cover your low cut blouse. That’s why this is an as seen on tv product that all women should have in their closet. The Cami Secret solves the problem for women like me who like to wear low cut tops. I hate wearing a shirt underneath because it makes me look bigger. Cami Secret allows you to adjust the height to your liking which mades it so great. Cami Secret is extremely easy to wear because you just have to clip it on to your bra straps and adjust the height to how you want it. Cami Secret can be put on or taken off effortlessly and you an bring it anywhere. Cami Secret comes in different colors so you can mix and match it with whatever you’re wearing. I wrote this cami secret review because i really liked this product and strongly suggest that women buy it.

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