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Now with the amazing Callous Clear™, they’ll be gone in just minutes! Simply apply the Softener Gel to a Foot Patch (4 included) and apply the Patch to the callused area. After just a few minutes, use the Scraper to peel away the calluses. It’s that simple! Now for the finishing touch use the file to smooth out the skin and apply the Foot Balm for baby soft supple feet! Open shoes, sandals or barefoot, display your feet with pride! Treat your feet to Callous Clear™ today!

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For most people having soft heels and callus free feet can be an expensive and frustrating task. Especially for those who spend a large portion of their day on their feet and do a lot of walking which causes the feet to dry up and develop hard callous at the bottom of the feet. Callous Clear is an As Seen on TV product that has bee popularly shown on infomercials across the United States and Canada that offers a quick and easy solution to get smooth and soft feet without having to make trips to a spa or paying for expensive products or treatments.

It works so well that in just one application from using this product your feel will look and feel super soft. The results from using this foot care system are just as effective as going to spa or paying for a pedicure and it only takes minutes.

To use Callous Clear just apply the callous removal softening gel onto the self-sticking callous removal patch then place the patch onto the calloused area of your your feet with the gel side facing down and wait a few minutes as it penetrates the skin, hydrates and softens the skin as you relax. Once time has passed just peel off the callous removal patch and throw it out. Then apply the Callous Clear 2-in-1 callous scraper/file to remove any excess or remaining dead skin. After the skin has been filed rub on the Callous Clear heel balm which will leave the area with baby soft skin.

callous-clear-stepsCallous Clear™ Includes:

  • 2 Tubes of Softener Gel
  • 2 Tubes of Foot Balm
  • 8 Self-Sticking Callous Removal Patches
  • 2 Finishing Scraper/Files

No more need to feel embarrassed by dry and calloused feet anymore with Callous Clear. It can now be ordered online with the special Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer for only $10 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. The second Callous Clear kit is available FREE when you pay an additional $6.99 shipping and handling fee. And additional fee of $10 is applied to to residents living outside Continental U.S. Canada, New Jersey and California residents will have to pay taxes on their order. This product offers 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you want to return the product you can send it back for a full refund as long as the product is not used or unopened.

Callous Clear – Get Spa Perfect Feet In Your Own Home!

The Callous Clear Foot Care System removes callouses quickly, easily and effortlessly. It works to remove dry skin and callouses by softening the dried areas using the softening cream and pads. Once the skin is loosened it can then be easily removed using the contoured scraper and file that work just like a pumice stone but with minimal effort and in just a fraction of the time. Apply the soothing balm after you have used the callous removal pads and scraper to keep the callouses from forming and keeping the skin soft and healthy.

Benefits of using Callous Clear:

  • Softens and lifts callouses so they peel away to reveal baby soft skin
  • Just as effective and at a fraction of the cost of spa treatments
  • Works quickly and easily in just minutes!

Order Includes:

  • 2 Tubes of Softener Gel
  • 2 Tubes of Foot Balm
  • 8 Self-Sticking Callous Removal Patches
  • 2 Finishing Scraper/Files

Using Callous Clear makes your feet look and feel great. Now you don’t have to be embarrassed at the thought of going bare foot since Callous Clear will remove any ugly callous build up or dry and flaky skin while giving you a more healthier looking and soft feet. When the summer months roll around you can put on flip flops or sandals without having to worry about flaking dried skin or callous. Now you can finally get spa treatment results at a fraction of the price with Callous Clear. When you use the healing balm results will last longer keeping your feet smoother than ever.

Most foot care systems on the market typically involve soaking the feet for long periods of time or applying lotions/oils to the feet to help soften the skin prior to scraping or rubbing the feet. This time consuming process can be avoided with Callous Clear which works more effective to remove the callous completely.

Anyone who uses the Callous Clear foot care system will find that they can achieve the smoothest and softest feet for longer periods of time as results last longer than other methods. All you have to do is simply apply the Callous Clear softening cream to the removal pads and scrape the desired area as dried callous begins to peel off showing soft baby like skin underneath.

Currently Callous Clear is an As Seen on TV product that is not available in any major stores such as Walmart and Walgreens. Callous Clear is currently offered online or through the television infomercial.

Anyone who suffers from dried heels will benefit from using Callous Clear. Don’t let pantyhose tear from your dried heel skin and enjoy wearing sandals without having to worry about dried and cracked heels which can be quite embarrassing. Finally remove those callouses that can make wearing shoes uncomfortable and you no longer have to be afraid to go bare foot ever again. Callous Clear is a simple process for removing callouses without using a pumice stone or having to pay for pedicures. In just a few minutes the softening cream will penetrate into the hard dried skin and using the scraper tool easily remove the tough dried skin.

Callous Clear comes is guaranteed to remove foot callous and dried flaking skin easily. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee where the product can be returned or exchanged. If a customer is not content with the product they can get a full refund of the retail price less shipping and handling charges.


7 reviews for Callous Clear

  1. Julie M

    I’ve seen the Callous Clear reported on the news and saw the infomercial online since it caught my interest. I’ve tried other as seen on tv foot care products like pedegg and heeltastic but his product exceeded my expectations. I followed the instructions carefully that came with my order and kept the softening pad on my feet for about 10 minutes and then used the scraper tool to get rid of any dry callused skin. The results were amazing as it got rid of any dry skin and calluses and left my feet looking smooth and beautiful. Callous Clear makes such a huge difference that if you do a before and after shot you’ll see the noticeable difference and you’ll be surprised at how easily the callused skin comes off. There are so many callus removing products available at the store but this is one I can stand behind and would recommend to anyone. It’s very affordable and a a great dea. if you buy it online.

  2. Karen

    I’ve tried many different callus removing products but none work nearly as good as Callous Clear and some of the ones I’ve tried weren’t exactly cheap and gave my feet discomfort unlike Callous Clear which is affordable and left my feet smooth and callous free after just one treatment. It works well to penetrate deep into the skin better than any other callous remover I’ve used in the past. The difference you’ll notice is so amazing you’ll want to take a before and after picture after you’re finished using it. After applying Callous Clear I could easily scrape off any callused skin which might sound gross to some but I actually enjoyed giving myself a pedicure. If you follow the instructions that come with it you’ll find it easy to use.

  3. Helen

    Fantastic results!!! I’ve had a callus on my foot for two years, and had tried everything — soaking, a pumice stone, you name it. When I read a review of Callous Clear, I thought it sounded too good to be true, but it really does work. It does take awhile to remove callus, but is well worth it. Ships quickly and the price is reasonable. Just follow the directions and you’ll achieve great results. My feet were soft and smooth afterward. They even felt moisturized.

  4. Stokes

    I have tried everything for my cracked heals. From creams from the doctors to soaking my feet in oils and nothing worked. I use this Callous Clear three times and my feet look hundred times better. I do not write reviews but I have to mention this cream. If you have tried other products for your feet, you have to try this. It will work. It is also 100% guaranteed to work.

  5. Gina

    I wanted to take some time and submit a Callous Clear review. I’ve always had an issue with Calluses and thought that there was no really effective way of getting rid of them and they always seemed to come back over time. I’ve spent quite a bit of money at salons getting pedicures but they could be quite costly. I’ve tried other common methods such as soaking in epsom salts, using a courser file and even a pumice stone but none worked nearly as effective as Callous Clear. My feet look great now and it’s all thanks to this amazing callous removal product. In my honest opinion, it’s easy to use and cheaper than any other method available.

  6. Trina

    I haven’t come across any Callous Clear reviews online so I decided to submit my own. I’ve tried another As Seen on TV products in the past which worked really well called HeelTastic and PedEgg. I thought HeelTastic worked great on my dry and cracked heels but When I came across Callous Clear online I thought I’d give it a try. I rarely order products online but ordering Callous Clear was very easy and I was happy with customer service when I emailed them to find out about my shipping status. It’s pretty amazing how quickly it penetrates the skin and leaves it soft. Usually this time of the year I get really dry and cracked feet which can be very uncomfortable and a lot of over the counter products don’t seem to last as long as Callous Clear does. I feel like I have normal skin on my heels now and I don’t have to be worried about taking off my shoes when I wear high heels or flip flops on my vacation which is coming up.

  7. Sandra

    I normally wouldn’t write a product review but I was very happy with using Callous Clear. My feet would sometimes ache from cracking especially during the dry winter months. Callous Clear works so great because it penetrates deep into the skin and very easy to apply. It works so quickly and leaves you with soft and clear skin. I’ve tried other callous removing products but none work nearly as good as this product does. I highly recommend using callous clear and I’m sure you won’t regret trying it.

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