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Tired of having to search through your wallet to find what you need? Then organize it all with the new Buxton Palm Wallet.


Buxton Palm Sized Wallet

Tired of having to search through your wallet to find what you need? Then organize it all with the new Buxton Palm Wallet.

The Buxton Palm Wallet is the biggest little wallet ever. It holds all your belongings and keeps them well organized.

It is the super smart wallet with the dual compartment design. Your items are neatly and securely stored in one place.

The Buxton Palm Wallet has space to store all your cards. Plus there is even a convenient ID window with a thumb pull so you can easily take it out.

This amazing wallet is made with quality genuine leather and fits right in the palm of your hands. It also has a zip around zipper for added security.

The Buxton® Palm Wallet stores everything neatly and securely in one!

Buxton Palm Wallet Includes:

• Genuine Leather Buxton® Palm Wallet Available In Black, Brown & Red
• Magnifier Card
• 2nd Buxton® Palm Wallet & Magnifier
(FREE Bonus – just pay separate P&H)

3 reviews for Buxton Palm Wallet

  1. Christian

    The Buxton Palm Wallet has kept me very organized. Buxton is a great brand and I was happy with previous items such as the Buxton Bag and the Buxton Cell Phone Wallet. Anyways love the Buxton Palm Wallet because it’s also great to bring anywhere.

  2. Sia

    The Palm Wallet is the greatest invention of all times. If you are like me, always looking for credit cards, receipts, IDs in your wallet searching for ever – than this product is your life saver. I got it for Christmas and since then I love everything about it. Its amazingly small design lets me carry it around without even noticing that it actually is in my purse and the great news is that it holds all my cards in it. Also, another thing I love about the Buxton Palm Wallet is that you can easily locate the card you need without searching and pulling out all your cards just to find that one card that always seems to hide.

    I’m telling you with only 10 bucks this small, little thing is a lifetime investment and the genuine leather gives it a stylish and fine look. It also makes your wallet more resistant to all breakages and other ” little accidents”. I have had so many wallets that either never fit in all my hand bags, or in only weeks would look like they were 5 years old. i had to get rid of them and and thankfully now I have this amazing little wallet that literally satisfies all my needs. It just doesnt make sense to buy expensive wallets that do look used up after not even a few months. I have had this wallet for exactly two months and it still looks like new. After the first month i realized what an amazing product this is and ordered another 8 of them. Now all my family will have a wallet that will make them smile. In case you are wondering why 8 wallets? Well One would be for my husband, one for my son, my mother and father, mother-in-law, father-in-law, brother-in-law, and one for me (in case i loose it or they stop making them 🙂 ) either way everyone keeps telling me how amazing this little thing is and it makes me happy that they are happy. It’s the best thing ever.

    Thank you Buxton.

  3. Jesse

    I was familiar with the Buxton brand, so immediately I was drawn to the commercial for Buxton Palm Wallet when I saw it. I told my husband that it was something that I wanted and he was so sweet he actually ordered it for me when I wasn’t around. He gave me the palm wallet wrapped up and I was so happy. I have to say I love how convenient it is with all its compartments and it allows me store all my cards easily without a bigger wallet.

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