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Bright Light Pillow is an LED light pillow that has been popularly featured on television across the United States and Canada. This light up pillow is perfect for both adults and especially children. Perfect for naps, sleep overs or during travel this pillow is completely safe and does not emit any heat. It includes 24 LED lights that automatically shut off after 15 minutes and when you want to activate the lights again just give it a squeeze and watch it illuminate with all it’s colorful lights.

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Bright Light Pillow – The Pillow That Lights Up

Bright Light Pillow is now available in both US and Canada. This light up pillow is perfect for just about anyone whether you’re a child or an adult. This popular as seen on tv pillow provides you with safe LED lights during your naps, sleep overs or during travel. The Bright Light Pillow has 24 LED lights that are safe so you don’t have to worry about burning or emitting any kind of heat. The special LED lights are guaranteed to never burn out and will automatically shut off after 15 minutes and if you’d like more light from the bright light pillow simply squeeze it again and it will light up.
This Pillow comes in three fun shapes that you can choose from. The Rockin Round, Beating Heart and the Starlight Square. Also match your pillow with your bedroom, living room or family room since you can choose to get the Bright Light Pillow in either white or pink.

Bright Light Pillows glow in several different colors including red, yellow, blue, green or provide a multicolored spectrum when you squeeze it. This popular pillow which has been shown in infomercials across Canada and the US is fun for everyone. You can turn off all the lights and have a bright light pillow fight or just relax on this soft and colorful pillow. Kids love this pillow as it brightens up the room with it’s colorful lights in case they get scared in the middle of the night.


Since you can get two Bright Light Pillow’s when you order one online you can keep one for yourself and give another as a gift to your child, brother, sister, nieces/nephews, spouse or just yourself to enjoy the fun and cozyness that this pillow has to offer. Don’t forget to order your bright light blanket when you order online so you can have an additional 30 LED colorful lights to brighten up any room in your home. Both the Bright Light pillow and the Bright Light Blanket are also great for dorms, sleepovers, cuddling up with during a movie or just sleep with at night time.Bright Light Pillow is the pillow that lights up! This popular as seen on tv pillow lights automatically and can change between 5 different glowing colors! Easily get hundreds of hours with the Bright Light Pillow which uses 3AA batteries.

The Bright Light Pillow is perfect for:

  • Nap Time
  • Travel
  • Gifts
  • Pillow Fights
  • Children, teenagers & adults
  • Sleep overs
  • Playtime forts
  • and so much more!

Bright Light Features!

  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)
  • Works for hundreds of hours
  • LED lights guaranteed not to burn out & emit no heat
  • White Starlight Square’s light colors change to red, blue, white, green & yellow automatically. Pink Beating Heart pulses in red!
  • Comfy & bright

Offer Details:
Order today and you’ll receive 2 Bright Light Pillows for just $19.99 + $6.99 S&H, plus an additional $6.99 S&H for the FREE pillow.

Sales tax will be applied to orders from California and Florida. Orders from Canada, Hawaii, and Alaska will incur an additional $10.00 shipping fee. Canadian orders will incur a GST tax of 13% per item ordered. To check the status of your order, and to contact customer service, please visit www. brightlightpilloworderstatus .com. This offer features a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Returns may be sent, along with your name and address, to:

Bright Light Pillow
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It includes 24 LED lights that automatically shut off after 15 minutes and when you want to activate the lights again just give it a squeeze and watch it illuminate with all it’s colorful lights.

It comes in 3 different shapes including the Rockin Round, Beating Heart and Sartlight Square. Use this As Seen on TV pillow as part of your decor in your bedroom, living room. Bright Light Pillow also comes in colors pink or white.


When you squeeze Bright Light Pillow it lights up in different colors including yellow, red, blue, green or even a multicolored spectrum. You can easily turn off the pillow when desired. This pillow is perfect for children who are afraid of the dark. Instead of a night light which gives off little light, the Bright Light Pillow can illuminate a room with with it’s colorful lights with just a squeeze.

Bright Light Pillow is a perfect gift for your child, brother, sister, nieces or nephews, spouse or just for yourself.


9 reviews for Bright Light Pillow

  1. Rachel

    I tried to find it in stores but eventually ended up ordering it online which turned out to be easy and it was delivered to my home the same week which was surprising. I purchased the Bright Light Pillow for my daughter on her birthday a few weeks ago and she absolutely loved it. It’s very soft and pretty when the the lights are activated. It conveniently shuts off after 15 minutes so when she finally falls asleep the lights are off and she’s no longer afraid of the dark since she can just squeeze it at any time to illuminate her room which comforts her. If you’re a parent who wants to get a fun gift for their kids then I would suggest the Bright Light Pillow since it only costs $20. I didn’t think a pillow would be such a hit with her but for now she loves it!

  2. Christine

    The Bright Light Pillow is a great alternative to buying your child a night light since it’s not only provides them light when they’re afraid of the dark as well as being very comfy and inexpensive. I never would have thought my daughters would love it as much as they did. The 24 LED lights that are in the bright light billow do a great job of lighting a room and glows in the dark in a dark room with a soothing glow. I looked at buying it from amazon, cvs and walmart but found the best deal for it right here at As Seen on TV Canada. If you have children like mine who have bad dreams and get afraid of the dark the bright light pillow might be a product to keep your kids from waking you up in the middle of the night.

  3. Andy

    Well, I just spent 20 more minutes on the phone with customer service and speaking with a supervisor. I placed my order on 4/8/2012 and was told on May 10th, it was on backorder. Today, they stated they still did not have inventory and could not tell me when they would have inventory. I asked if everyone is going through this, they could not tell me. I asked if they had EVER filled an order, and they said they did not have access to that information.
    After waiting almost 2 months for someone to tell me that my order was being processed, I cancelled the order. Pillow Pets has a better product that shines light and I will be going that route.
    I do not recommend anyone purchasing this product.

  4. Elizabeth

    As a parent sometimes it’s hard to get my children to bed and sometimes they are afraid of the dark which can be a common problem with kids. I bought the bright light pillow for my son and daughter because occasionally both of them would wake up from bad dreams or hear something at night and come and wake me and my husband up. I purchased the bright light pillow online with the thought of it hopefully giving my kids some extra comfort at night time while sleeping. The bright light pillow keeps them calm at night and they absolutely love it since they can have fun and cuddle with these pillows. I ordered my two pillows online and the price is incredibly cheap for the benefits and smiles it put on my kids faces. The pillow changes colors, is soft and comforting. If you have kids then you’ll want to gift them a bright light pillow as a gift.

  5. Belle

    I recently received my Bright Light Pillow as a birthday gift from one of my girlfriends. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! 🙂 I, being an adult, of course am not needing it for a night light, but rather use it as decor for the couch in our family room. It’s so fun, comforting, as well as a great conversation piece. It changes colors and looks very cool. My teenage children and their friends love it too. The pillow automatically turns off after about 15 minutes, but with a another quick tap, it’s back glowing!!!!!

  6. Marsha

    I found this to be a really neat product for my daughter. I couldn’t find the bright light pillow in any stores so I had to order it online which turned out to be the best way to order it and was very simple. It’s very pretty when it lights up and conveniently goes out after 15 minutes so it’s not lighting up our room when you’ve finally fallen asleep. If you’re looking to purchase a cool Christmas gift for your kids then the bright light pillow is a great way to brighten up their day or night. It’s not exactly as fluffy as I expected but still soft and comfy.

  7. Sarah

    I bought this for my daughter online and got it 2 weeks ago. She loves it and it’s very soft. It’s very pretty after you tap the pillow and it conveniently shuts off after 15 minutes. The only downside to it is that it doesn’t have an off switch or it would have been great if you could just tap it again and it would shut off. I really like this pillow and didn’t think that a simple pillow with lights would turn out to be my daughters favorite thing. She feel comforted at night since she can just activate the bright light pillow when she gets scared of the dark. Bright Light Pillow is something parents will want to get their kids for Christmas and I’m saying this only because it was such a big hit with my daughter.

  8. Mary

    I purchased the bright light pillow for my four year old daughter and she absolutely loved it. I gave it to her as one of her gifts for her birthday and i didn’t think she’d end up loving it more then her other gifts since it’s simply just a pillow with lights. She stayed awake at night in the dark at night squeezing her pillow so the lights would light up her room in different colors. She’s no longer afraid to of the dark since she can just squeeze her pillow and it lights up her room nicely so there’s no need to buy a night light since we got her the Bright Light Pillow. When she has to go the bathroom at night she just squeezes her pillow and it lights up enough for her to get safely to the bathroom and turn on the light. Pillow works exactly as described in the commercial. I’d suggest buying it online which is much easier than calling the toll free number. The Bright Light Pillow was delivered to my home in good time. All I can say is that the perfect gift to give your child and if my child could write a review she’d probably have a lot more to rave about her new pillow.

  9. Jeromina

    After seeing the bright light pillow infomercial on TV my 5 year old daughter practically begged me for it. I did some background checking on the pillow before I bought it to see what others had to say and from what I found the majority of the customers had nothing but great things to say about it. After calling the toll free number I got really frustrated and just went ahead and ordered it off the official website which ended up being very easy. I got the bright light pillow delivered to my house in only a few days which was shocking since I’ve never gotten a product delivered to my house so quickly. My 5 year old daughter absolutely loved it. It’s far better than a night light since the bright light pillow easily brights up the room with a squeeze. If you’re searching for ideas to purchase your kids for Christmas the bright light pillow is one your kids will appreciate.

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