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Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer


(2 customer reviews)

Now you can finally enjoy all your favorite foods in a healthy way with the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer.


The Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer is the Healthiest Fryer that Cooks Up To 3X Faster!

Now you can finally enjoy all your favorite foods in a healthy way with the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer. Now you can lower the calories of various deep-fried dishes such as onion rings, french fries and chicken wings. This cooker is energy efficient as it combines halogen, covection and infrared heat technology. The Big Boss Fryer uses the halogen technology to directly heat the surface of the food for browning while ensuring the interior is juicy and moist. The Convection circulates and evenly distributes hot air for quicker cooking. The Infrared technology used in the fryer cooks form the inside out sealing the juices.

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You can use the Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer for roasting turkey’s, baking fish, broiling steaks, air frying chicken, grilling meats, toasting breads, steaming vegetables and even to make delicious desserts all without defrosting or preheating. You can view the cooking process through the glass dome. It’s designed with a lid that keeps everything air tight inside while it cooks without heating up your kitchen. ¬†When you order the Big Boss Oil-Less Frying it includes a bonus recipe book which teaches you the techniques into many of the nonfrying recipes and it’s many uses and option tools such as the grill racks and mesh basket allowing the user for experimentation and new cooking techniques.

Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer Features & Benefits:

  • Quick & easy to use
  • Cooks 3x Faster
  • Uses a combination of halogen, convection, and infrared heating
  • No extra oil, fat or calories
  • Energy saver
  • No need to preheat
  • Heart healthy
  • Cooks frozen meals in just minutes
  • Self-cleaning

Bonus Accessory Kit Includes:

(just pay additional s&h)
  • Timer & Temp Control Unit
  • Mesh Basket
  • 2 Grill Racks
  • 3″ Extender Ring
  • Glass Bowl
  • Sturdy Base w/ Handles
  • Cooking Spray Bottle
  • Lifting Tongs
  • Recipe Book & Cooking Guide

big boss fryerFree Bonus Stainless Blender 8 Piece Set

(just pay additional s&h)
  • Blender
  • Chopper with Lid
  • Whisk
  • Bowl
  • Mixing Cup
  • Wall Bracket
  • Blade Guard


2 reviews for Big Boss Oil-Less Fryer

  1. Dedra

    I bought the big boss oil-less fryer 3 weeks ago and didn’t get a chance to use it until last week and used it a few times since. The first time i decided to try it out I bought some potatoes at walmart and decided i was going to make some french fries for the kids while they watched a movie. I soaked them in water for 30 minutes then i sprayed them with olive oil and then put them in the big boss oil less fryer for approximately 30 minutes. The fries came out great and were more baked and crispy and were’t greasy or full of oil at all which is usually what I used to get when i made french fries using our deep fryer. This was a great healthy option to make something the kids really love. The only issue i had with the big boss fryer is that some food got stuck to the racks. I have to use quite a bit of cookign spray to avoid this. It really isn’t a fast way to prepare food but it definately is a healthier way to prepare food. I’m looking forward to dehydrating fruits which i didn’t even know was possible until i read the manual.

  2. Ellen

    I bought the big boss oil less fryer from the store about 2 months after being completely sold after watching the commercial. The whole concept of being able to make foods like fried chicken, french fries and onion rings in a healthy way sounded like a dream. It took a few tries to get it right. I ended up trying to fry some zucchini sticks and on my first attempt they came out too dark. It really took some getting used to the big boss oil-less fryer and was definately a step up from the old deep fryer we had in terms of eating healthy but the foods came a little too dehydrated. So if you’re still aiming for taste then you still can’t beat the traditional deep fryers. I think quite simply foods that taste reallly great tend to not be healthy for us and i don’t think we’ll ever be able to create healthy versions of those foods that will taste equally as good. It came with multiple pieces which i found to be a bit of a pin to assemble but eventually got it set up. It can go in my dishwasher but takes up almost the whole bottom shelf and washing it by hand is not something i’d recommend as it’s awkward and a bit heavy for me to wash. If you’re a student or live in a small apartment that doesn’t have a stove this might be a great kitchen device to have and for serving a small group of people like 3 people but for more it might not be enough and you’d be better off relying on using the stove. My pizza came out pretty bad when i used the big boss oil-less fryer but it worked great for pork pot roast and fish and chips. This kitchen product is very easy to use, isn’t loud and easy to clean however as i’ve said before food just doesn’t taste as good as the traditional deep fryer.

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