Beyond Bright – LED Garage Light


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For a limited time only, we’ll send you 1 Beyond Bright for just $29.99 plus FREE shipping & handling! Plus, we’ll DOUBLE the offer, just pay a separate $14.99 fee for the additional unit.

*The expected lifetime is 50,000 hours.

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Beyond Bright – Ultra-Bright LED Garage Light with Adjustable Panels

Beyond Bright can easily brighten up ANY space, your hallway, closet, garage, stairway, laundry room, shed, workshop, and even your attic! Beyond Bright works anywhere you would use a regular dull light bulb and adds extra bright light to the space. The secret is Beyond Bright’s Super Bright LED panels containing 96 ultra-bright LEDs with 3500 Lumens of pure white light and 3 individually adjustable panels to point the super bright light exactly where you need it most!


  • Instantly Add Ultra-Bright Light to ANY Area
  • Quick & Easy – Simply Screw into any Light Socket
  • 96 LEDs for 3500 Lumens of Pure White Light
  • Three Individual Adjustable LED Light Panels – Customize Light Position
  • LEDs Stay Cool to the Touch
  • Uses Less Energy to Save You Money
  • Lasts A Lifetime
  • Advanced LED Technology
  • Energy Efficient

Instantly add ultra-bright light to ANY area! Beyond Bright’s super bright LED panels are adjustable, letting you point light exactly where you need it most. Use it anywhere you would a regular dull light bulb. No tools, no wires…simply screw Beyond Bright into any light socket for extra bright light.


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