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Bake Pops are a new as seen on tv baking product that has caught the nation by storm. With Bake Pops you can easily make delicious cake pops in your home. Now you can Pop’em, Dip’em and Decorate and enjoy these tasty treats.


bake popsBake Pops – Pop ‘Em, Dip’ Em, Decorate and Devour!

Bake Pops are a new as seen on tv baking product that has caught the nation by storm. With Bake Pops you can easily make delicious cake pops in your home. Now you can Pop’em, Dip’em and Decorate and enjoy these tasty treats.

Cake Pops can be very expensive if purchased at a bakery and you don’t get the freedom and enjoyment of customizing them with the new Bake Pops kit. Whether for birthdays, holidays or any occasion you can create bake bake pops and have fun decorating them.

Making Bake Pops cake pops are as easy as one, two, three. All you have to do is fill the Bake Pops pan with cake mix, put the lid and put it into the oven for baking. When they are ready you can put the cake pop halves together, spear them, dip them and decorate them.

Make 18 Perfect Bake Pops!

With every batch you get 18 perfect cake pops from the Bake Pops pan. No forks or plates needed when eating bake pop cake pops just use the reusable sticks.

Each Bake Pops Kit Includes:

  • 2 Special Bake Pops Pans
  • 2 Decorating Idea Guides
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • 36 (18×2) Reusable Bake Pop Sticks
  • 36 (18×2) Wraps
  • 36 (18×2) Ties
  • 2 Decorating Squeeze Bottles

Bake Pop Features:

  • Make your own Bake Pops with ANY cake mix
  • No forks, no plates, no hassle!
  • A perfect snack for friends and family anytime
  • The custom pan & lid make perfect cake pops everytime
  • Ideal for birthdays, holidays & more!

cake popsOffer Details:

For a limited time, you’ll get a complete set, the Special Bake Pops Pan, the Decorating Idea Guide, 18 sticks, 18 wraps, 18 ties AND the decorating squeeze bottle – for the super low price of $19.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling. Act now, and we’ll double the offer, just pay separate $6.99 processing. That’s two complete kits! Remember, this offer is not available in stores, so the
only way to get it is to order now.

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CA & NJ residents add sales tax to your total order.


**An additional $10 p&h is added for items sent to Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Alaska.

Please allow 2-6 weeks for delivery.

12 reviews for Bake Pops Cake Pops

  1. Mia

    If you’re an amateur baker like myself and want to make some creative treats then you’ll want to buy the bake pop pan. It’s seems to me that cake pops has really become popular only the last year finding them in bakeries and cafes such as Starbucks. I saw the infomercials for both the tasty top cake pops as well as the bake pop pan and both seem to be excellent in simplifying how to make cake pops. I’ve used the bake pop pan already a few times since i’ve had it and have to agree with other bake pop reviewers that it’s not only fun but you can quickly and easily whip up cake pop creations in no time. I can’t make the amazing cake pops found on bakerella but my batches have come out pretty good and i’ve received compliments on my cake pop creations. I’m not too sure about how some bake pop pan reviews have said this is healthy because of portion control because I still ate as many cake pops until i was fully satisfied but I do agree that it’s worth buying. Since Christmas is around the corner and i’m having family over with their kids i’ll be whipping up a batch of decorated cake pops as treats for dessert. This is a very affordable product that i’m sure almost anyone would have fun trying baking them and even more fun eating them.

  2. Kristine

    After buying cake pops at starbucks and loving them amongst their other desserts I wanted to know if I could bake these on my own. I came across the tasty top cake pops as well as the bake pop cake pop kits which looked exactly the same. I decided to buy the bake pops pan since it was a telebrands product and they are a more trusted brand name. I baked some simple cake pops with just sprinkles on the outside. I had some girlfriends over for a movie night at my place and they absolutely loved them as did I. If you want to bake something new, fun and delicious then you’ll find bake pops a great idea.

  3. Carol

    I remember when I was a kid my parents got me an easy bake oven for christmas and that’s where my love of baking started. I bake cakes for all special occasions in my home whether its someones birthday, an anniversary, christmas .. anything! I saw the infomercial for the Bake Pop Cake Pan which was a non-stick bake pan used to make cake pops which i’ve always wanted to try baking. I’m sure the usual way of making cake pops can be very difficult but i wouldn’t know since i’ve never tried making them. But I can definately vouch for how easy it was to make cake pops with the bake pop pan. It was also fun to get creative with decorating them too. The bake pop pan holds a lot of appeal to kids because they will love to decorate these cake pops with a variety of designs and colors. These cake pops are so easy to make since all you do is just like making a regular cake you just pour the cake mix into the bake pop pan and put it in the oven. When it’s ready you just spear the balls and decorate. Just like i got the easy bake oven when i was a kid the bake pop cake pops is a great way to introduce baking to your kids too. I think children will love this product because they will have so much decorating them instead of the usual way of baking your usual cakes. Best of all you will enjoy eating bake pops which are like eating cake lollipops.

  4. Nora

    I’ve tried making cake pops in the past and have turned my kitchen into a mess which is why i wanted to try out the bake pops pan. I’m not to buy as seen on tv products but for the price and the fact that my daughter and I usually like to bake together I thought this would have been a fun idea to try. I did a little research before I purchased the Bake Pops pan and went on the internet and read other Bake Pop Pan reviews to find that this is really a popular and liked product by mothers and kids everywhere. Like other bake pop pans i also have a tradition of baking with my 9 year old daughter. We always love to bake treats for the family and experiment with new recipes. Bake Pops are a nice combination of a lollipop and cake combined. I’ve seen cake pops in bakeries before but always thought they would be very difficult and time consuming to make. With the Bake Pops Cake Pops Pan you’ll find it not only very easy to make cake pops but also very fun too especially when you get to decorate them. The cake balls bake really fast in the oven and are little bite sized almost similar to mini donuts you’d find at a coffee shop. I found you can even eat them like that but it takes away from the fun of decorating the cake pops with glitter and frosting. Bake Pops are so easy to make that my daughter could do it all herself. These are actually great holiday treats as well and you don’t have to go to a bakery and spend a fortune because some baker made them as you can now make cake pops in your own home and enjoy the process as you decorate them. I do recommend taking advantage of the buy 1 get 1 free cake pops pan offer going on at them moment and give the bake pops 5 stars all the way.

  5. Virginia

    Telebrands has really launched a great product with the Bake Pops pan. It’s so easy to use that even my kids have made batches of delicious cake pops and they always have fun decorating them. I baked the first batch with them when we first received it and we figured out pretty quickly how easy it was to make delicious cake pops that we’ve paid a lot of money for in the past from bakeries and cafes. The first few times I made more batter than needed so I just ended up putting it in a cake pan and made a small cake with it. The possiblities to decorate your cake pops are endless and I even came across a few websites dedicated to the art of creating these treats and showing all sorts of creative ways to make these. Cake pops are delicious to eat but my kids and I just have so much decorating them before we eventually devour them. I really like bake pops and can see just about anyone having fun and enjoying this baking product.

  6. Marissa

    I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make cake pops with the bake pops pan. I’ve attempted to make cake pops once and i got really frustrated and not to mention a lot of cleanup afterwards. The bake pops pan really makes things easier since you don’t have to get your hands dirty anymore and you don’t end up bu with a big mess when you’re finished. I don’t normally buy as seen on tv products but i was really intreagued by the bake pops pan infomercial and the price. I used to call these treats cake balls when i was a kid until i realized that they are actually called cake pops. I’ve been used the bake pops pan 3 times already and found it so simple and i don’t have to get sticky icky hands when i’m done. You can create these bite sized deserts for any occasion like birthday parties or baby showers or even as a gift basket. My first batch of cake pops cake out great. I made it with chocolate cake mix and dipped them in dark melted chocolate on top and sprinkled them with toppings when i was done, it was that simple. Needless to saym these tasty snacks were devoured by my family at dinner time. There are so many recipes for making bake pops online especially if you get bakerella’s book. The bake pops pan will help you make creative cake pops very easily.

  7. Kali

    Is it a lolipop or a cake ? it’s neither, introducing cake pops which are the new and popular treats on a stick. Being able to eat these fancy cake pops is the best thing since it’s mess free and fun because they are snack-sized and convenient to eat. What i really like about these treats are that they are fun for both adults and children. I thought these were going to be complicated to make but thanks to the bake pop pan you can whip up a batch of cake pops in no time. There isn’t any complicated instructions to use the bake pops pan since all you do is pour your cake batter in the 24 ball shaped indentations in the pan and put it in the oven. When it’s ready you can just put a stick into each cake pop and they are ready to decorate or eat. The first batch of cake pops i made was pretty simple since all i did was dip them in melted chocolate when they were ready. It’s also really easy to clean since it’s a non-stick pan that you can just place in the dishwasher when you’re done using it. I hope my bake pop review has convinced you to buy it because it’s worth every cent. This is a great deal especially for the holidays.

  8. Amber

    I finally got my new bake pops pan in the mail last week and all i have to say is i’ve had a blast making cake pops that you’d usually see in starbucks or bakeries which cost a pretty penny. These treats are so delicious, yummy and fun that I knew I had to buy this cake pop pan so that I could makes them on my own. Cake pops are just like making mini cakes or cupcakes. I bought the big top cupcakes in the past which was an as seen on tv baking product to make fun cupcakes but the bake pops is a must have in all homes especially during the holidays. I made some fun halloween cake pops using the bake pops pan a few days ago for my kids and they turned out great. You can make the cutest desserts for just about any occasion. You don’t have to be a professional baker or artist to be able to pull off making cake pops using the bake pop pan since all you have to do is put cake mix into the bake pop pan and stick it in the oven. When they are done baking just poke them with a stick and then just dunk them in chocolate and use sprinkles or whatever decoratives you want to use to decorate your cake pops. I found that these are just as easy to bake as cupcakes but you’ll have more fun making bake pop cake pops. Bake pops deserves two big thumbs up all the way and you’ll have fun making these and an even better time devouring them. If you’re looking to prepare a gift for someone you can put together a basket of cake pops which i’ve gotten ideas from other websites on baking that had cake pop ideas. If you’re in Canada you can just order the bake pops pan on this site like i have and you’ll get it in no time. Each cake pop is only 1 bite but you can easily have 2 or 3 per person which will be enough. Currently the bake pops pan comes with a buy 1 get 1 free offer which you’ll need in case you decided to make a big batch of cake pop

  9. Marie

    I’ve been craving to make cake pops for a long time. They just seem so fun to make and are so delicious to eat. I came across the bake pops pan infomercial and decided to go online and order it. I decided to try making cake pops a few days after it was delivered to my house for some company visiting. I wanted to prepare a fun dessert and instead of baking a cake I decided to try out my new bake pop pan. I decided to mix some chocolate batter and then poured the chocolate batter into the bake pop pan and then put the top of the pan and clipped it into place and placed it into the oven to bake. When i took it out of the oven i had perfectly formed cake pop balls and the smell coming from my oven was so delicious. I stuck sticks into the cake pops and dipped them into melted chocolate and then into candy sprinkles. Very simple to try out with my first batch of cake pops. Christmas is only days away and I plan on making some Christmas cake pops using my new bake pops pan. Bake pops is a terrific kitchen product that is worth trying out.

  10. Sandra

    I was really debating buying the bake pops pan since it had a few bad reviews. I used it the first night it arrived at my home only a week after i had placed the order online. I didn’t buy it from amazon because a friend of mine ordered the bake pops from amazon and she had a bad experience so i ordered the bake pops pan from the official site and had a great experience. The first night i kept it simple and make basic cake pops sort of like the ones i saw at starbucks which drove me to try them out. I followed the instructions and added the pudding and got 18 perfect bake pop cake pops which were devoured in almost seconds by my kids. The bake pops pan is really easy to use unless you want to challenge yourself and make characters which i will eventually want to try out for my daughters birthday but since I bought it i just made simple cake pops. If you have kids this is a great baking product to have and kids have a lot of fun decorating them when they’re ready.

  11. Genevieve

    You can now say goodbye to buying overpriced cake pops from cafes, bakeries and stores that sell them. I can see there is a trend now with bake pops as they are becoming increasingly popular and now people have the option to bake these tasty treats easily at home with this cake pop pan. No need for forks or plates compared to eating cake since bake pops are mess free since you eat them off a stick. I’ve been baking these for 2 months now since I bought the them from the official bake pop pan website and my decorative skills have been improving. I’ve tried different cake mixes and my latest creations were Christmas cake pops as I made the cake pops into snow men and Santa Claus cake pops which i served at a Christmas party i had last night. People were so impressed by them and asked me how I was able to pull them off after they found out i was the creator of the fancy cake pops. I let them in on my little secret that I was able to accomplish these cake pops with my trusty bake pops pan. If you’re new to the cake pops scene there are some great websites on the net such as bakerella where you can get great recipes and ideas to make fancy cake pops. It also comes with a decoration guide as well as the pan for such a low price which makes this as seen on tv product such a great bargain and you’ll definitely find good use in it. You can find bake pops at stores or on the internet but I can honestly say if you want to save money especially after spending so much over the holidays then buy it online. When you order the bake pops set you get the special pan, a decorating guide, 18 sticks, 18 wraps and even a decorating squeeze bottle. It doesn’t cost much to buy bake pops and not to mention the delivery time was a lot quicker than i expected.

  12. Pam

    I wanted to let people who have purchased the bake pops pan to know that it works great. The bake pops pan should be in every kitchen because if you want to create some tasty snacks very easily and get creative then you’ll want to try them out. I wanted to provide my own bake pops review because my entire family and friends love bake pops and look forward to baking them. If you’re dieting bake pops is pretty clever because you’re having bit sized snacks in a sort of portion control. Instead of baking cookies and brownies the traditional way i now bake them using the bake pops pan. I can bake the cookies for my kids to bring delicious cake pops snacks to school. I love baking bake pops. When I ordered the bake pops pan it only took a few days to arrive, i was actually quite surprised at the delivery time. This is such a fun new treat that I think especially most mothers with kids will enjoy decorating with their kids. I think anyone would find the bake pops pan to come in handy in the kitchen and once you make your first batch of cake pops using the bake pops pan you’ll want to get creative and make them again. This is a cool and unique gift that you also might want to give someone over the holidays.

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