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Get the extra support you need for your foot and ankle with the Ankle Genie. This zip compression sleeve easily slips on, zips up and provides support to help relieve swelling and reduce inflammation.

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ankle genie canadaGet Relief from Swelling and Foot Fatigue Fast with Ankle Genie!

There are thousands upon thousands of people out there who have foot and ankle problems. Ankle pain or weak ankles can cause pain in the foot and leg, making the person in question uncomfortable when standing or sometimes even sitting. If you are one of these people who constantly have sore, swollen, or weak ankles, you know about compression socks and other products that are designed to give ankle support and reduce pain and swelling.

You also know that there are thousands of products “as seen on TV”, and are either available from the commercial’s advertised number or website. In many cases, products like these are available at local drug stores or super stores. Ankle Genie is one of these “as seen on TV” products, and it is constructed of neoprene. It has adjustable velcro straps and a zipper.

The idea behind this product is to reduce swelling and add support to your ankles, energizing you in the process since your pain is relieved. Ankle Genie fits over your sock but still allows you to put your shoes or boots on. Once you get it on your foot, simply adjust the velcro straps for comfort and zip up the zipper.

Ankle Genie is a compression sleeve much like other compression products, except Ankle Genie is just as effective, yet much cheaper than similar compression socks. When you order one, you are assured of getting that much-needed pain relief and swelling reduction that you hoped for. Of course, the problem with all that is you have two feet, which means two ankles. This has been taken into account, however, and when you buy one, you get another for free. All you have to do is pay the shipping and handling for it.

You can get Ankle Genie in regular or large size, depending on your foot size. The cost for the one Ankle Genie is about $10 to $13, depending on the size you order. Shipping and handling is about $7, and if you get the second Ankle Genie, add on another $7 for shipping and handling. All in all, you will pay close to $30 for 2 Ankle Genies.

Despite the close to $30 you will pay for both Ankle Genies, this is still far cheaper than other compression socks you can buy and you get the same effects. The prime advantages of the Ankle Genies is the zipper, which allows you to easily put it on and take it off as well as the adjustable velcro straps so you can comfortably put it on your foot, no matter what size your foot happens to be.

Ankle Genie provides the swelling reduction and the support that you need for your weak ankles so you can go about your daily activities and even get back to doing activities that were too painful to do any more at one time. With Ankle Genie, you can now walk comfortably or even sit comfortably without having to worry about swelling or pain. Ankle Genie is the trifecta of effective, affordable, and adjustable.

• Reduces inflammation
• Increases blood flow
• Provides uniform compression
• Great for travel
• Soothes and massages all day long
• Ideal for post-surgery
• Medically endorsed!
• Fits the left foot or the right foot
• Perfect for recovery after intense exercise
• Completely washable

OFFER DETAILS: Order your Ankle Genie for just $12.99 plus $6.99 shipping and handling.

*Also receive a special offer for a second Ankle Genie, just pay a separate fee of $6.99!


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