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The Aluma Wallet is fashionable for both men or women. This trendy wallet is slim enough to support all your cards, indestructible and water resistant. Order one Aluma Wallet for $10.99 and $6.99 shipping and handling and receive one BONUS Aluma Wallet – just pay additional $4.99 shipping and handling. We’ll also send you a surprise gift!

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Aluma Wallet is the Indestructible Aluminum Wallet for Both Men and Women

If you have an old and overstuffed wallet that’s hard to fit in your pocket or handbag or a money clip that won’t hold your money well enough then you’ll appreciate the Aluma Wallet which has been widely featured on news sources and infomercials across the United States and Canada.

The Aluma Wallet is fashionable for both men or women. This trendy wallet is slim enough to support all your cards, indestructable and water resistant. It keeps the contents securely and safely held inside and since it made from quality die-cast aluminum it offers RFID (Radio Frequency ID) theft protection from RFID scanners that can steal credit card and personal information. Aluma Wallet allows to easily fit your credit cards, cash, ID cards, club cards, photo’s and more!

Aluma Wallet Is The Last Wallet You Will Ever Buy!

It has an easy touch latch along with an accordion design to offer quick and easy access to cash and cards when ended. Now you can replace your old and outdated money clip or bulky and disorganized wallet with this special As Seen on TV wallet. Aluma Wallet is not available in stores and now available at a special price here at As Seen on TV Canada. Buy 1 Get 1 FREE today for only $10.99 plus shipping and handling. Just pay an additional $4.99 and you’ll get the second Aluma Wallet included absolutely FREE.

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Features of the Aluma Wallet include:

  • Ultra-slim and compact
  • Durable die-cast aluminum alloy case
  • Waterproof
  • Easy touch latch
  • Accordion design
  • High capacity
  • Blocks scanners

16 reviews for Aluma Wallet

  1. Alan

    If you’re looking for a new wallet that serves your needs and will last you a long time then the Aluma Wallet is exactly what you need. Bulky leather wallets are a thing of the past. I only need a few cards that I normally need with me at all times so it just doesn’t make any logical sense to buy a big leather wallet for a few bucks and a few cards. Aluma Wallet works great to safely hold all my cards and since it’s aluminum it protects your cards from any ID theft which I didn’t even hear about until I found about this wallet and started reading about it. I think it’s pretty stylish too and I’ve taken it out on a few occasions and had people ask me where I got it.

  2. Paula

    I had to write an aluma wallet review because this product does live up to all the hype. You might be asking yourself why do you need an aluma wallet well i’ll let you know what the advantages are from my own personal aluma wallet review and you can go out and make your own decision. These wallets are very durable since they are made out of aluminum which makes them stronger than your traditional leather or plastic wallets. The Aluma Wallet is waterproof as well so you don’t have to worry about the cards or money inside getting ruined. The aluma wallet is very stylish and trendy, in fact whenever i pullet it out at a store the cashiers usually ask me where I got my wallet from. The aluma wallet comes in many different colors instead of just silver look. The only other wallet I can say I’m a big fan of is the buxton palm wallet, but overall i’m extremely happy with my Aluma Wallet and the price was just right!

  3. Jamie

    After reading countless aluma wallet reviews and seeing the aluma wallet infomercial on tv I decided I was going to spend the money and get once because I lost my wallet and needed a replacement wallet. In the past I would usually buy leather wallets but times have changed and now there is an aluminum wallet available called the aluma wallet. So if you’re looking for a fashionable wallet then search no more as you can have a slim, compact and stylish wallet known as the aluma wallet which is very lightweight and can be utilized for both men and women. Alum wallet secures your things inside from getting lost or misplaced. The Radio Frequency Identification or RFID Protection is really what opened my eyes and made me buy an aluma wallet. This aluminum wallet can safeguard you against any potential theft and protect all your personal and financial data by not allowing the thieves to access the data from your cards which is transmitted via radio frequency. The Aluma Wallet is surprisingly quite spacious for you to store all your credit cards, bills, id’s, etc. Aluma Wallet is a great alternative to buying the standard leather wallet. There you have it .. my aluma wallet review.

  4. connie

    i bought this product and in 2 weeks it broke you cant put too much in it and when your money is folded in it it wont close i do not recommend it at all.

  5. Ellen

    I thought the grill daddy brush was a little too big. It does work very well in cleaning my grill but I have no idea why they made this grill brush the size it is. I found it did clean better than the grill cleaning brushes i’ve used in the past or any standard brush but I wouldn’t say it’s as great as the commercial leads you to believe. It does work well but doesn’t seem to be of the best quality.

  6. Brett

    If you’re looking for a new wallet then you’ll want to get the new Aluma Wallet as it’s ultraslim, lightweight, sleek and easily holds it all. This trend wallet is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting the contents of your wallet wet which can be a headache if this ever happens sicne it can damage your cards chips and your cards may tear. Aluma Wallet is also an indestructible wallet so you don’t have to worry about getting your cards damaged. Aluma Wallet keeps all of your cards organized and it’s a wallet that both men and women can use. You can run Aluma Wallet under water or drive over it with a car as aluma wallet can withstand anything as it meets the claims in the infomercial. The leather wallet is a thing of the past so go out and get yourself an aluma wallet.

  7. Zena

    If you’re one of those people who’s in search for a trendy wallet that will finally provide you with enough space to place more cards then you’ll want to invest in getting an Aluma wallet. Like me you’ve probably seen this elegant, slim wallet on television and probably wondering if it’s worth the money. I’m here to write my own aluma wallet review to brag about how happy I was buying one. I’ve never even heard of the whole RFID thing before the infomercial brought it to my attention, but now that i know about how people can actually steal your financial information i’m glad I bought an aluma wallet. I had a panic attack not long ago when I lost my wallet at the gym which was thankfully returned but the first thing I did was put all my credit cards on hold. But who knew that people are actually capable of stealing the financial data while you’re credit cards are still in your posession. I thought this was just a gimick when I first heard it but after some reading it turns out that RFID fraud is happening. Aluma wallet can protect you against those you can steal financial data. This handy wallet is also water resistant which was another nice bonus but the Aluma Wallet itself really looks cool. It also comes in different colors which I liked, however the standard silver aluma wallet was the once i decided to go with. It also has a dispenser mechanism builti into it so that you can store different size coins conveniently. This wallet is a great organizer and well worth the money. Funny enough the last wallet I purchased was the buxton palm wallet which i was pretty happy with but the aluma wallet was a nice little change for me.

  8. Lars

    The aluma wallet caught my attention one night when I saw the infomercial on television. Being the infomercial junkie and impulsive shopper I ordered it immediately. Of all the advantages that the aluma wallet has aside from being water resistant, compact, cheap in price .. it actually protects your cards from RFID theft or also known as wireless dientity theft or contactless identity theft. Wireless identity theft is a relatively new technique for stealing peoples credit card, debit card, or any government issued card identification. Believe it or not these cards actually carry a radio frequency chip that is used for identification. Your card data can be subject to theft. Thankfully with the aluma wallet it protects your cards against RFID. I had no idea this even existed until I started reading other aluma wallet reviews and I knew I had to have this.

  9. Traci

    I’m usually not really into As Seen on TV products but i thought the aluma wallet was pretty interesting. I saw the alumwa wallet at walmart but i wanted to buy it online since it was a little cheaper and plus i love online sihpping because you can save so much more money then shopping at stores. If found my aluma wallet to be pretty sturdy. I saw the alumwa wallet for sale at amazon and ebay as well but i decided to buy it online as well because they are a trusted company since i’ve used them before and very reliable as they only deal with the official as seen on tv products. I got my aluma wallet after about a week after i ordered and was glad i did. I find i can store so much in my aluma wallet and it keeps me pretty organized. I keep all my cash, cards, receipts and coins in my alumwa wallet. The 2 for 1 deal is definately a bargain as the alumwa wallet isn’t expensive to begin with. Since it game with two of them i gave one to my husband and i kept one aluma wallet for myself. If you’re looking for a wallet and want a solution that will keep you organized then the aluma wallet is the wallet you’ll want to get. Currently the aluma wallet is selling for $10.99, i’m not sure where you can ever get a durable and stylish wallet for that price but it’s a deal you really can’t say no to.

  10. Gabriel

    If you’re due for a new wallet then you’ll want to take advantage of this special tv offer as the aluma wallet is a trendy, lightweight and water resistant wallet which is designed for both men and women. I’ve gotten my wallet wet before and damaged a lot of the contents and had I had an aluma wallet i wouldn’t have ruined my contents. You can put your aluma wallet under a running facet and your contents will still be perfectly fine. I like the fact that the aluma wallet is slim because i can put it in my pocket and not feel like i have a bulky wallet in my pocket since it keeps all the contents compact and is a great organizer for your cards. Aluma Wallet deserves 5 stars all the way!

  11. Lida

    From reading many of the Aluma Wallet reviews i’ve discovered that most people seem to be extremely please with this product since it’s stylish, inexpensive and provides a neat safety feature with the RFID protection against credit card number theft or identification theft. The aluma wallet does a great job of storing credit cards but isn’t large enough to store something like a check book but then again how many people use checkbooks on a daily basis anyways. Nowadays I’ll pay for 99.9% of my transactions with my mastercard or debit card so it’s not like i need cash on hand. I even keep my house key in my aluma wallet. You really can’t go wrong with this aluminum wallet since it works so well and for only $10 you can get two for the price of one with the current online offer. This keeps your money safe and keeps theives from stealing your personal information which some piece of mind you can have with the aluma wallet that you won’t get with your typical leather wallets.

  12. Mara

    I loved the design of the aluma wallet as its made from aluminum aloy which has a snap closure which keeps it so sealed shut that it’s water tight keeping your cards waterproof in the event you drop your wallet in water, a puddle or leave it in your pants by accident while doing laundry. When you open the aluma wallet it opens it cointains an accordian slipcase which works very effectively to contain all your cards. I found this wallet to be very trendy as it comes in various color choices such as blue, black and silver. Since the aluma wallet is so cheap and you can currently get two for ten dollars as the current online deal is still going on you can give another wallet as a gift to someone and i’m sure they will love it. This is the best wallet i’ve ever had and it just slips into my pocket, my purse or you can store it in your backpack all very easily. You’ll have piece of mind with the aluma wallet because it’s aluminum alloy design protects against identity theft.

  13. Casey

    Wow! What a great wallet! If you’re surfing the net for a new wallet then I can assure you the alumwa wallet is the perfect wallet for anyone. It’s stylish and perfectly priced and does more than your average wallet. This has been a revolutionary new wallet which is probably why it has become so popular and featured on telvision so much. What really separates the aluma wallet is the fact that it is made from die-cast aluminum and protects your credit cards from RFID thieves. I didn’t even know this was even possible until I read about the Aluma Wallet and from reading other peoples Aluma Wallet reviews. As long as someone is in close proximity to you they are able to gain access to all your financial and personal information. Thanks to the Aluma wallet you are well protected against these RFID thieves. I’m just one of the many people who are please with this wallet since it has so much to offer for such a great price. This aluminum wallet comes in many different colors all for just 10 dollars. I can’t even believe how low priced this as seen on tv product is compared to the other wallets I was looking at. Not only will this product keep your money safe but just by purchasing the aluma wallet you’ve already saved money from spending it on other wallets which don’t come near the quality and probably don’t have the same benefits that the aluma wallet offers.

  14. Clarissa

    When I go out now I don’t want to take my purse with me which is most of the time and I’m really tired of lugging around big bulk bags so I decided to purchase the Aluma Wallet online and I have never looked back as it has been a real life saver for me. I put all my credit cards, bank cards and ID in my aluma wallet and I’m all set to go out. It also holds cash as well and the best thing is that i don’t have to go digging into my purse to get anything anymore because I have everything I need right with me. I’ve had problems with cards getting bent in the past but the great thing about the aluma wallet is that it’s waterproof and protects your cards from damage. It’s actually very fashionable and people have asked me where i bought it after pulling it out to pay for things. I think man or woman if you’re on the market looking for a new wallet then this is one that you’ll want to buy. It’s slim and fashionable for either guys or girls and you’ll find it very convenient since it will hold all your cards, money, license and other valuables securely. It’s amazing what you can fit in the aluma wallet. I don’t think i’ll ever go back to using traditional wallets because this new style of aluminum wallet is the way to go allowing you to access your cards easily while protecting them. I love aluma wallet and give it full points!

  15. Marina

    The aluma wallet is really cute. I bought a set and both me and my boyfriend have one each. I like how it protects your cards from radio frequency identification theft. I didn’t even know rfid was common until i came across the aluma wallet infomercial. Cards can’t be copied as this wallet is made from aluminum die cast which keeps your cards secure. It fits perfectly in my purse and is very convenient when I need to get the cards I need. I read a few negative aluma wallet reviews but I don’t know how anyone can have anything to complain about as this wallet worked exactly as advertised and is pretty straighforward. My boyfriend was at his friends house and jumped in his pool forgetting he had his aluma wallet on him. When he finally remembered and took his wallet out of his pocket his cards were bone dry thanks to the aluma wallet. I’m purchasing another two for both my parents. It’s incredibly affordable, comes in different colors and is practicly indestructable. I’d recommend this aluminum wallet to anyone.

  16. Jesse

    I have been using the aluma wallet for a little over two months now and I still love the wallet. Before I had this wallet, I had so much crap in my old wallet, and it was bulging. The aluma wallet made me decide what exactly I wanted to keep in it (because of less space). Don’t get me wrong, it does holds a lot. Last week, my wife washed and dried pants with the aluma wallet in them. Nothing inside the wallet was damaged, or even wet. It still opens and closes just fine.

    I would suggest it to anyone. It slides easily in my pocket and never gets bulgy. It’s a great buy!

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