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The Aero Knife is the last kitchen knife you’ll ever want to use. Today you’ll be able to get the Aero Knife which normally sells for $20 for only $10 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. With a separate fee of $6.99 you’ll receive a second Aero Knife and a BONUS Edge of Glory knife sharpener. Orders include a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so if you’re not happy with the Aero Knife you ca send it back for a full refund less shipping and handling charges.

An Additional $10 shipping surcharge is added for items sent outside of the Continental United States

*NJ and CA residents, sales tax applies.

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You’ll never want to buy another kitchen knife ever again. The revolutionary Aero Knife is the new As Seen on TV knife that is light weight and cuts like a razor. This knife is endorsed and approved by popular TV Chef personality Ming Tsai from the TV show “Simply Ming” and owner of the famous Blue Ginger Restaurant.

Features & Benefits:

  • Requires less force, strength & pressure
  • Made of precision laser cut, forged stainless steel
  • Light as air & easy to handle
  • Carve, filet, slice and chop with ease
  • You get perfect, smooth, clean cuts every time
  • Cut any food with less force, strength & pressure
  • Food never sticks
  • Has 60% less surface area than an ordinary knife
  • Super tough and sharp
  • Guaranteed to stay razor sharp for life
  • Features an aerodynamic design

This incredible all-in-one chef knife removes the the struggle of using dull kitchen knives. It effectively carves, cuts, slices better than any other knife on the market with it’s razor-sharp blade and versatility that last a lifetime. Aero Knife is the cutting knife that anyone can use.

This blade is light as a feather and due to its design food does not stick to the blade allowing you to easily and quickly prepare food. The Aero Knife has a special ergonomic handle that will reduce the amount of stress on the wrist while cutting. It’s made from stainless steel that will last and best of all is inexpensive. The length of the Aero Knife measures 10 inches and the blade measures 6 inches.


4 reviews for Aero Knife

  1. Lisa

    I love cooking and i’m always interested in getting new gadgets that can make the cooking process easier. I caught the infomercial for the Aero Knife one day while I was in the kitchen cooking and decided to place an order for it since it caught my interest. I easily allows me to do my food preparation without straining my hands since it cuts easily through fruits, vegetables, cheese, meats and more. I’m a big fan of Ming Tsai from his show Simply Ming and figured the product would be quality if he was endorsing it. It turned out to be well worth the money. I’m going to purchase another two sets for my mother and sister here at As Seen on TV Canada and can’t wait to give it to them. This knife is designed unlike any other knife I’ve used before and due to it’s design food doesn’t stick to it while cutting. Love the Aero Knife!

  2. Sabrina

    I was a little hesitant to buy the aero knife because i’m always suspicious about infomercial products however the aero knife reviews I read on the internet gave me confidence to actually purchase it online from as seen on tv canada. The aero knife might be the best kitchen knife i’ve ever used. It’s so much lighter than other knifes which is probably because it has a thinner blade. I’ve been able to easily cut through a loaf of fresh bread without having to squash the bread while cutting it and not having a mess of crumbs. It’s precision cut stainless steel blade provides the same amount of quality cutting like my other expensive knives. I bought one for my friend Javier who’s a chef and he said that he was impressed by it as well.

  3. Anthony

    I’ve purchased some as seen on tv knives in the past like the ginsu and miracle blade set but the aero knife stood out in terms of it’s quality. I’ve read a lot of hyped claims on this knife over the internet and it was hard to believe some of the reviews but after using it for a few weeks now I can honestly confirms that the Aero Knife is worth buying. The knife only costs $10 dollars which is very inexpensive for such a quality knife. I was immediately impressed by how well it cuts soft foods without having to press hard or crushing the food in the process. It’s the one knife I use all the time now to do most of my cutting and food preparation. The knife really stays sharp and the samurai pro knife sharpener that comes with it has made this even more of an investment since I have revived a lot of my old knives that have gone dull.

  4. Jackie

    I got the Aero Knife here at As Seen on TV Canada and was very content with the timeliness of the delivery and the overall cost. This is really a fantastic knife that anybody would love to have. I almost purchased it from Amazon but found the 2 for 1 deal here at As Seen on TV Canada. The Aero Knife has tiny serrations and is very thin which cuts and slices perfectly. So far it holds up great and my favorite kitchen knife. It works just as shown in the official aero knife commercial and I like it a lot!

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