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Lose your love handles while working out and slimming down your buns, hips and thighs. Ab Circle gives you an abs workout and a cardio workout at the same time. It does so because of the position you take with your hands and knees supporting you and the movement you do from side to side on the machine in a gliding motion.

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The Ab Circle Pro is a very popular machine designed to target your abs and burn stomach fat. It is available online and through TV commercials. Anyone who is a fan of watching TV late at night or is a Sunday morning couch potato, most likely it has seen the AB Circle Pro promoted along with many other diet
products and exercises.

  • Circular Force Technology
    Combine Cardio and Ab Workouts!
  • Engage your Entire Core Fun & Easy!
  • Three levels of resistance so it’s perfect for any fitness level!
  • Made with gym quality steel that’s built to last a lifetime!
  • Folds for easy storage under the bed or in the closet!
 There is a wide range of training systems available on the market to do abdominal exercises. Repeated discussions are still going on if these machines are really worth buying and if they offer the expected results. The reality is that large investments are made in this field of manufacturing and marketing, so that AB Circle Pro may offer great results and attract as many clients as possible. It is surprising to know that billions of dollars in this industry are spinning.

Researchers have made a wide variety of tests to check the efficiency of these machines. The results are not encouraging and most tools only meet the basic requirements and do not work with all muscles. Feedback received from users regarding the Ab Workout Machine noted that there is no provision or facility
to enhance the lower back muscles while using this machine.

The main reason behind why did this machine has separated herself from most of its competitors is because it offers a two for one lot. The machine allows one to build abdominal muscle (ab), while also getting a cardio workout. The claim is that the movement from side to side of the Ab Circle Pro creates cardio stimulation, in addition to building muscle mass, helping to control weight and increase metabolism.

Ab Circle Pro was recently launched in the market. He moved into the market as a tsunami. Is ideal for people who have problems with obesity and overweight products, but the dream is to have lower toned abs. This is a common system that works for all genders and age groups if they wish to strengthen their back. The interesting fact is that you will not risk any undesirable side effects.

After a careful study of the consumers needs in the past 3 years, AB Circle Pro has been designed in such a way in which he is able to satisfy all the expectations of the abdominal exercises. The amount of fat burned is high and the time required for combustion is almost two times lower compared with similar products. When people use Ab Circle Pro to exercise, it plays an effective and important role in bringing your back to its original shape and beautiful posture. The person who is not having problems of excess fat, but interested in keeping your body shape can also use this machine. The work on this machine avoids the deposition of fat in the abdomen and belly. You should do regular exercise to keep your machine in good physical condition.

You can start using this system for about 15 minutes a day at your own pace. Continue for a week and examine the results. The effects will be dramatic and visible. It is easy to operate this tool and several provisions available for adjustment to allow that all the parts of your body to exercise. It attacks the rich fat accumulation in the central abdomen and its surroundings and evaporates them. You will love this machine and express your satisfaction after using this cardiovascular workout system.

You should talk to the doctor before embarking on this muscle building / fat burning system. After all, a medical consultation can only save your health, and possibly your life. In addition, the doctor’s visit allows one the opportunity to ask questions about fitness products, such as muscle supplements and other health related products. Results may vary from person to person, of course, but most of the positive evidence that this product offers, are written or recorded by people who are enthusiastic about the great training it offers, or those who have drastically changed their lower back position, combining the Ab Circle Pro training with a low calorie diet, a low curb diet or a bodybuilding diet.

The Ab Circle Pro is not suitable for those with back problems or knee accidents. For those who do not have physical limitations associated with back or knees, the main things to consider when deciding whether to buy the Ab Circle Pro are:

1) The cost, which is over $ 200,

2) If the machine will be used on a regular basis

3) The purpose of the purchase is to achieve the maximum benefit from the machine. Everyone’s situation is different, but the only way to ensure that the
machine is suitable and safe for use by individuals is to visit a doctor before making a purchase.

Try the AB Circle PRO® V2.0 for 60 days in the comfort of your home for only $14.95 plus $34.50 shipping and handling.

We know you are going to love the results, but if you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just return the AB Circle PRO® V2.0 within the 60-day trial period and you won’t owe a penny more. Unless you return the Ab Circle Pro® V2.0 during the 60 day trial period, you will pay only 5 easy payments of $39.95 each that you authorize Ab Circle Pro® V2.0 to bill to the card you provide today.

If you choose one easy and convenient payment, your card will be charged $199.75 + $34.50 S&H today. The $14.95 preview fee will be waived, but you still get our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Vitamin trial offer details: We’ll send you a 30 day supply of Fitness Complete daily supplements absolutely free. Then, just before your initial supply runs out, we’ll send you a new 60 day supply for the low price of $29.95 plus $6.95 shipping and processing each month. Each 60 days thereafter, unless you call to cancel, you’ll receive another shipment for that same low price.

CA, SC, NV & TX residents add sales tax. Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

5 reviews for Ab Circle Pro Ab Machine

  1. AJ

    I bought this machine despite the reviews online being some what mixed…I thought might as well buy it for myself and see how it works for me. I like this machine but the rollers wear out quickly and are of a poor quality material for the purpose they are meant to serve. The rollers are in short constructed of substandard material. I feel that if Ab Circle Pro was serious about marketing this equipment and concerned about their reputation they would offer replacement parts – rollers more specifically which wear out quickly.

  2. Kayne

    Purchasing fitness equipment is always tricky if you don’t know what your doing. Lately me and my wife decided to include a healthy lifestyle as a new beginning when we move into our new house and decided to designate a portion of our basement as a fitness area. We figured it was time to start putting aside money and start building our own home gym. I was flipping channels and caught The Ab Circle infomercial on the tube one night and both me and my wife decided we were going to get it… the first piece of our fitness puzzle and we absolutely love it.

  3. Michelle

    What makes the Ab Circle so great is that it combines cardio with abdominal exercise and helping with our modern lifestyle of long hours, fast food and less activity. At least if your like me you sit in front of a computer ALL day long only to get up to grab snacks or food to eat at our desks and continue plugging away.

    Obesity has become a major problem with North Americans and I decided I didn’t want to reach a weight and end up with one of the many resulting diseases, life restricting or even life threatening conditions.

    -I needed to break that cycle and get off my ass and do something about it. The Ab Circle Pro did exactly that.This low-impact exercise machines is compact and can be setup in no time. Just after two weeks of regular use I’m guaranteeing you’ll see inches melt off your waist-line by combining cardio exercise and abdominal exercise targeting the area we usually want to target most .. our mid-section. We want those abs!

    Doing sit-ups can have a negative impact if they’re not done correctly. With the Ab Circle pro you’ll be off the floor, in a supported position, kneeling on all fours with proper form. You can finally get proper crunches even being in the position of all fours that’s what makes this machine so fantastic.

    T-his is one of my favorite purchases this year and I recommend this to anyone whether beginner or advanced. Start finding 20-30 minutes a day and dedicate yourself to the Ab Circle Pro .. you won’t look back.

  4. Christie

    I think almost everyone that owns a TV set has seen the Ab Circle Pro infomercial which I might add is one of the most aesthetically pleasing to watch since Jennifer Nicole Lee is super hot. As a personal trainer I have to say that the Ab Circle Pro is a great fitness machine but I find is not meant for everyone. It’s great because it’s portable and I can take it with me to my clients homes. It definitely burns belly fat and targets your abs.

  5. Patrice

    I didn’t find the ab circle worth the money. I purchased my ab circle from walmart and found that although it was easy to assemble and use it’s very poor quality and can sometimes be a little hard on the knees and back. This is one piece of exercise equipment that I wouldn’t recommend buying. The concept of this ab machine is clever unfortunatley the quality of it isn’t great. The rollers don’t always roll and eventually developed flat spots and made it harder for me to use it.

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