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Buy 3 pair of the 35 Below® Socks for just $19.99 plus FREE shipping & handling. Each offer ordered today will total $19.99.

35° Below® Socks are available in black or white in sizes small/medium & large. This product is covered by a 30-day money back guarantee.

35 below socks | As seen on tv35 BELOW SOCKS WILL KEEP YOUR FEET WARM IN THE COLD

35 Below Socks are made of aluminized thread with aerospace fabric technology that reflects your own body heat, keeping you warm in any weather. The socks are incredibly lightweight with a flexible material, so they are thin enough to wear underneath regular socks yet durable enough to wear alone. 35 Below Socks are developed to reflect heat in severe cold to keep your temperature just right, and they’re great for men, women and children.

  • Reflects your own body heat, keeping you warm in any weather
  • Made of aluminized threads woven into a knit fabric that is soft to the touch
  • Thin enough to wear underneath regular socks, durable enough to wear alone
  • Incredible lightweight and flexible material keeps the temperature just right
  • Machine washable & dryer safe
  • Great for men, women, and children


Now you can lounge around the house or get active outdoors while keeping your feet warm and dry with these 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks! Made with premium aluminized threads that are woven into a breathable, supersoft knit fabric. Conductive fabric technology utilizes body heat efficiently and minimizes sweat and moisture so that your feet stay warm, dry and cozy no matter the conditions. These are the perfect multifunctional socks-the stretchy nylon fabric makes them a great fit for outdoor enthusiasts and both men and women alike. Whether you’re out skiing, hiking, or lounging on your couch on a cold winter day these cool socks will keep your feet warm and cozy! Never worry about uncomfortable damp socks again and stay dry with these 35 Below Ultimate Comfort Socks!

35° Below Socks have a lightweight, flexible fabric that fits in any shoe. Wear them easily with flats, heels and boots – even over your socks. Ideal for those who love outdoor activities or simply lounging around your home, these socks will be your favorite pair all season long. Easy-care machine washable. Imported. S/M (fits Women’s 5-7; Men’s 6-8), L (fits Women’s 8-12; Men’s 9-12).

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