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The 30 Second Smile™ uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time. That’s why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 3 minutes with a single headed toothbrush.


A revolutionary technology that brushes your teeth perfectly every time.

For the First Time Ever!

Dental Professionals Agree:

  • Keeps your teeth as shiny and clean as the day you left the dentist’s office
  • Reverse gingivitis in 2 Weeks…Guaranteed!
  • Cleans all surfaces, front, back and biting surfaces all at the same time!
  • Does it all in just 30 seconds!

You will never want to use an ordinary toothbrush again.

The 30 Second Smile™ uses 6 microbrush heads that surround your teeth in soft bristles automatically cleaning the top, bottom, front, back and biting surfaces, all at the same time. That’s why brushing only 30 seconds is like brushing 3 minutes with a single headed toothbrush.

With your 30 Second Smile™ System you get:

  • The 30 Second Smile unit, designer stand and travel case
  • Two sets of brushes, ultra soft and standard
  • Free professional tongue scraper
  • One year warrenty
  • FREE BRUSHES FOR LIFE  (just pay s+p)

Available in Adults and Children (ages 5-11) models for the same low price!

Try it risk-free for a full 30-days!

Now you can order your complete 30 Second Smile™System and try it for a full 30 days! If for any reason your teeth do not feel cleaner, brighter, and your gums healthier, just return the system for a full refund (less S&P), no questions asked! That’s a guarantee that you know you can trust!

* Gingivitis can be reversed by proper brushing and flossing daily. The 30 Second Smile™ provides you with perfect brushing technique effortlessly every time.  If you don’t reverse gingivitis in just 2 weeks, we will refund your purchase price (less S&P) guaranteed!

**For good oral health, it is important to brush and floss your teeth twice daily, replace your brush heads regularly, eat a balanced diet and limit between-meal snacks.  You should also visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and oral exams.

How is 30 Second Smile different than other toothbrushes?

A better question would be ‘how is it not different?’ Manufacturers keep trying to improve upon the toothbrush, making it spin, beep, and oscillate. And many use timers and sonic

The truth is, they all operate on the same principle, and all of these products are only as good as the person using them. The problem, whether we wish to admit it or not, is that most people just don’t take the time or exercise the dexterity to brush properly. That’s why, despite all the different types of brushes available, 80% of the U.S. adults suffer from some degree of gum disease. Proper oral care is dependent upon eliminating human error. To do this, you either spend a couple of minutes trying to brush properly with the crop of toothbrushes already out there, or switch to a new product that provides a new solution based upon advanced technology.

30 Second Smile operates with new, advanced technology. The 6 micro brushes are designed to remove human error, and ensure you receive proper brushing every time.

Yes, the 21st century technology of 30 Second Smile looks different than the old fashioned single-headed brushes. But the real difference can only be appreciated by using it, and experiencing a new level of oral care that is fast, (1/4th the time) and automatic — every time you put it in your mouth.

The brush head looks a bit big…is this going to fit comfortably in my mouth?

This is deceiving because if all of the 6 microbrushes were all on one side of the tooth at the same time, indeed it would be uncomfortable. However, that is not how 30 Second Smile works. Each microhead is assigned to its own surface, and each head is actually half the size of the typical single headed brush. The 6 heads wrap around six surfaces simultaneously and comfortably.

Does 30 Second Smile use Sonic technology?

No, 30 Second Smile represents totally new technology. Toothbrushes have been around for a long time, and unfortunately, so have cavities and gum disease. The primary cause of cavities and gum disease is improper brushing (human error). Numerous studies show that if a person brushes properly and removes the bacterial plaque from the teeth and along the gum lines, they will significantly reduce the potential for cavities or gum disease.

The secret to high quality oral care is not bristles moving at “Sonic Speed”. The solution requires utilizing the proper technique to ensure every surface of every tooth is cleansed and the gums properly massaged. “Can’t make a mistake” technology by 30 Second Smile automatically ensures proper oral care with its patented microbrushes, each and every use. You
simply bite and guide, and receive the level of oral care you need, in 1/4th the time required by all other power toothbrushes, and 1/6th the time of any manual brush.

Is 30 Second Smile safe for children, and does it require any special brushes?

Not only do we have special brushes just for kids, but clinical studies have shown 30 Second Smile to be totally safe for anyone seeking a higher quality of oral hygiene. We hear from parents all the time, who tell us their kids love 30 Second Smile and think it’s cool. More importantly, parents tell us that they love 30 Second Smile because they no longer have to stand over their children to make sure they are properly brushing their teeth.

They tell us, “If I hear the 30 Second Smile, I know my child is getting proper oral care.” And that is what we call, “The 30 Second Smile Difference.” With 30 Second Smile, kids receive a proper brushing; with other products they (and often their parents) have to do the work. The patented multi-micro heads are ideal for children’s use. They are small enough to easily fit
into their mouth, and 30 Second Smile is safe and easy to use.

How often do I need to replace the heads?

Brush heads should be replaced every 90 days. This is an industry-wide standard because after a few months, bristles start to become splayed and frayed, and consequently become much less effective over time. Not only are old brush-heads ineffective, they may harbor harmful bacteria. Sick people should change their brush-heads at the beginning of an illness and after they feel better.

How will 30 Second Smile benefit my family?

30 Second Smile is ideal for any member of the family – young children, teens, college students, Mom, Dad and Grandparents. Oral care is a vital part of our overall health. In fact, the US Surgeon General stated in 2003, “If your mouth is not healthy, your body will not be healthy.” Let’s face it, brushing your teeth is a lifetime proposition. It’s something we do every day, but do we do it well? With 30 Second Smile, every member of your family will receive proper oral care every day. And often times, Grandma and Grandpa may have a problem using a traditional toothbrush to properly brush. 30 Second Smile will do the job for them. And that means whiter teeth, healthier gums, fresher breath, and better overall health for all family members. It
also means a better partnership with your dental professional. And while this can mean great savings in dental bills, the ultimate prize is better health and a family with bright, beautiful, healthy smiles.

Does the brushing action cause abrasion?

Absolutely not. Short/quick ( 5mm) brush strokes assure abrasion proof brushing as confirmed by independent clinical studies. 30 Second Smile was designed to automatically provide you with the gentle massage/stimulation of the gums, as recommended by dental professionals. The positioning and movement (short, quick strokes with the soft micro-brushes) ensures this takes place. This is supported by two major clinical studies, one conducted at the Medical College of Georgia, School of Dentistry and the other at the University of Tennessee , Health Science Center, where they came to the following conclusions on the safety of 30 Second Smile:

  1. Medical College of Georgia Study: “The 30 Second Smile Oral Health System has proven to be a safe, well accepted and effective device.”
  2. University of Tennessee , Health Science Center Study: “Neither the 30 Second Smile, nor the other tested brushes caused any adverse reactions that could be attributed to the brush.”
  3. “Neither the 30 Second Smile, nor the other tested brushes caused any increase in gingival recession.”

Do I need toothpaste?

All you need is to apply a tiny pea-sized dollop of toothpaste to the each side (top and bottom), right where the angled bristles meet. The toothpaste applied through the effective brushing action of 30 Second Smile will remove the bacterial plaque and remove stain while applying fluoride (if recommended by your dental professional).

How can I clean my tongue?

30 Second Smile comes with a tongue cleaner.

Can I use only one head?

No. It is essential that both heads are used, because the movement of each head reciprocates or balances the movement of the other, making it possible for all six surfaces of the teeth to be cleaned simultaneously while also massaging the gums.

The brush heads attach to the handle via metal pins. If both heads are not attached, one of the pins would be exposed, and will cause damage to the teeth or gums.

Braces – does it clean effectively around and under braces?

The answer is YES. Most people who wear braces find it difficult to maneuver a conventional single-headed brush around the braces. As a result, far too often their oral hygiene suffers.

A private study showed that 30 Second Smile does an exceptional job cleaning teeth with braces. This is because when the user bites into the micro brush heads, they are automatically positioned to provide a proper cleaning of the teeth and massaging of the gums, and metal brackets associated with braces.

At what speed does 30 Second Smile operate?

We found through extensive testing that there is an ideal stroke speed for brushing. The ideal speed is 700 to 800 strokes per minute. Why? Because this speed enables the bristle tips to penetrate and clean interproximally, removing harmful particles and bacteria from between the users teeth. This speed also provides a stimulating and comfortable
massage of the gums.

Can I take it in the shower?

30 Second Smile is designed to be waterproof, but not guaranteed if used in the shower. Using 30 Second Smile in the shower will void the warranty. Therefore it is not recommended to use in the shower.

Color in the bristles – what is it made from?

All bristle colors used comply with US Federal Drug Administration Regulation 21 CFR 178.3297 – colorant levels below 1% by weight and no heavy metal based pigments. All plastics and filaments have been tested for extraction and no significant colorant extraction shown. All colors comply with all applicable standards in Europe and to the US Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

There was a soft rubber component (about 1″ x 1 1/4″), with a hole in the middle, stuffed inside the stand, in a baggie. Where does it go & what does it do?

This is called the “Drip Shield”. This white collar slips over the ‘neck’ of the handle, BEFORE the heads are snapped on. This shield helps prevent water and ‘backwash’ from your mouth from running down the handle to your hand. Instead, it should drip straight down off the collar.

My gums are bleeding!

Believe it or not this is not a bad sign. 30 Second Smile is designed to self-position in the users mouth ensuring that the six micro-brush heads cleanse all surfaces of the teeth, while also correctly massaging the gums. Most people do not take the time nor exercise the dexterity to maneuver a single headed power or manual brush in such a way that they clean all surfaces of the teeth and massage the gums. If the teeth are not properly cleansed and the gums are not massaged, the gums can become inflamed or infected. 30 Second Smile is designed to reach the neglected or hard to reach areas of the gums. As a result, the user can experience some bleeding when these inflamed or infected areas are stimulated.

Through continued use of 30 Second Smile, the neglected area(s) of the gums will be restored to health, and bleeding and any discomfort (which is negligible) will cease. To assist you in restoring your gums to a higher level of health, every 30 Second Smile comes with Ultra Soft RED BRISTLES. The Ultra Soft Red Bristles should be used initially while 30 Second Smile restores your gums to health. After that, you can use the Standard Soft Brushes for a more penetrating cleansing of the teeth and gum massage.

I cannot tell if I am brushing my back molars. How can I tell if I am brushing successfully?

The first thing to do is watch our Instructional DVD, which shows you how to use 30 Second Smile properly. This video will show you how easily the brushes completely reach the back molars with ease.

Can 30 Second Smile cause gum recession?

No. Most people have some level of gingivitis which is the early stage of gum disease. Due to plaque irritation and infection of the gum tissue, swelling and inflammation may be present prior to using 30 Second Smile. When infected, the gum tissue often feels and appears to be red, spongy, or puffy. The amazing cleaning qualities of 30 Second Smile will penetrate under the gums and between the teeth much better. As a result, you may experience bleeding initially for several days… up to perhaps a week. After this time, the swelling will likely go down, and thus the gums will become pink, tight, and healthier. As gum inflammation is reduced, it reveals more of the tooth, which should not be confused with gum recession. This is gum restoration to better

Batteries – How often should I change them?

When you feel that the power of the brush is diminished to the point where it is not being effective, that is a good time to change your batteries.

Batteries do not seem to be taking a full charge?

If you know you have fully charged batteries, but you feel it still does not have adequate power – take the battery cap off, and look for the two metal contacts. Look for moisture, and dry it out thoroughly using a cottonball or Q- tip with isopropyl alcohol. If you see any build-up on the contact, you can clean them by scraping with a metal object,
such as a tweezers. Then apply a small amount of petroleum jelly to the contacts…this will help make them more resistant to moisture.

Can I use this brush with crowns and bridges?

There are two types of “bridges”: fixed, and removable. A fixed partial denture is a “bridge” and is permanently cemented in the mouth to replace missing teeth; a removable partial denture is a “partial” and can be placed in and taken out.

Because it is retained by metal clasps around the teeth, our dental professional associates advice is for users is to remove the bridge before using 30 Second Smile, to prevent dislodging of the partial and to prevent the bristles from getting caught under the retention clasps, and coming out.

Aside from the obvious benefits of a multi-head design, what else is special about these heads?

– Smart bristle length variance: bristles that contact the gums are longer, and therefore more gentle, while shorter bristles that contact tooth surfaces ensure plaque and stain removal

– BrushHeads swivel, or ‘float’ on their anchoring pins, further reducing any chance of improper technique

– Automated Optimum Pressure. Using traditional single headed brushes, you may often wonder how much pressure you should be applying. Brushing too vigorously and / or with too much pressure can cause abrasion, and can also cause the gums to recede, exposing root surfaces. It also wears down the tooth structure. Using brushheads from 30 Second Smile, it is impossible to exert too much pressure or brush too vigorously, because the user is exerting ZERO force. The advanced, wrap-around head configuration provides automated, EQUALIZED gentle pressure on the inner and outer surfaces. The result: no chance of tooth or gum abrasion. The ‘arms’ of the brushhead flex, to provide the perfect pressure for both the front (thinner) teeth, as well as the molars. The resilient arms provide a pressure that is not too aggressive to cause abrasion. With all other brushes, the pressure applied by user can be too high.

Which brush head is right for me?

Kids should use the brush specifically designed for kids. First-time users should start with the Ultra Soft (red) brushes.

– Red bristles identify the Ultra Soft head…designed for 1st time users, and users with sensitive teeth and/or gums. These brushes should be used when you initially start using Hydrabrush.

– Light-blue bristles identify the Soft heads – delivering less sensitive users a good cleaning while remaining gentle

– Extra Reach has an extra row of bristles, enabling users with gum recession (or larger teeth) to still clean the gumline. Users without recession report superior gum stimulation as a result of the extra row of bristles reaching higher on the gums.

Are the bristles soft?

Yes – in fact, our standard soft is softer than typical soft brushes found on other toothbrushes. We also have an Ultra Soft brush for people with very sensitive gums.

The plastic around the heads is bumping my teeth and gums… what am I doing wrong?

If this is happening, you are not using the brush correctly. “Bumping” is impossible if the brush is used as directed. Make sure you view the Instructional DVD, which shows precisely where the handle of the brush should be in relation to your mouth as the heads are guided around the natural arch of your teeth. When you are brushing your back teeth, the handle should be pointing straight into your mouth.

5 reviews for 30 Second Smile

  1. Delia

    Using the 30 Second Smile is like leaving the dentist. When you run your tongue over your teeth you can feel how clean they are thanks to the best toothbrush around – 30 second smile!

  2. Lora

    I personally feel that 30 Second Smile is a great product especially if you are a coffee drinker, cigarette smoker, tea drinker or have stained teeth. 30 Second Smile will give you fresher breath and a more healthier mouth together. It’s delicate bristles are arranged on a 45 degree angle with 6 mini brush heads efficient for cleaning those hard to get to areas in your mouth. 30 Second Smile is very easy to use and allows you to get a thorough clense in onlly 30 seconds. This is a great deal for a great product and you also get a free tongue scraper with your order. 30 Second Smile comes with a full one year warranty.

  3. Amy

    If you want to keep your teeth clean then you’ll want to have the best tools available. Having a beautiful smile can improve your confidence and this can all be achieved with whiter teeth with the help of 30 second smile. I’ve tried many different toothbrushes and teeth cleaning products but none have made such an improvement as 30 second smile has. 30 Second smile sticks to it’s claims. It really does a great job of massing my gums and removing plaque. If your looking for great oral hygiene and want to lessen your trips to the dentist then you’ll want to get yourself the 30 second smile kit.

  4. Vanessa

    I started seeing all the as seen on tv promos on infomercial television and wasn’t sure how effective the product was however a friend of mine suggested trying the 30 second smile because she was so happy with it and it kept her teeth cleaner and whiter than ever. I decided to write my own 30 second smile review because i am absolutely ecstatic with this as seen on tv product. As a very busy person and always in a rush in the morning I never feel like I get the brush I deserve in the morning and can feel it while i’m on on my way to work, but now that I have 30 second smile I can get a thorough cleaning in the morning in just 30 seconds with the 30 second smile. It’s so easy to use as I all I have to do is push a button and the six brush heads all work together giving my teeth and gums a thorough cleaning. Since I’ve been using the 30 second smile my teeth have never looked whiter and my gums look more healthy as well which gives me more confidence. I’m hoping my 30 second smile review will help you make up you’re decision so you can go out and get yourself a 30 second smile and see the difference it will make in your life as it will save you time and leave you feeling clean with a great smile.

  5. Martina

    30 Second Smile is not a teeth whitener, i think this is one common misconception that people have. The 30 Second Smile is a new electric toothbrush that works better than any electric toothbrush or any toothbrush for that matter I’ve ever used. The price is very affordable works better than some electric toothbrushes I’ve spent money on in the past. 30 Second Smile is a natural teeth cleaning tool that is very gentle on both teeth and gums and will combat yellow teeth, plaque, gum disease and will give your mouth a fresh feeling after you’ve cleaned your teeth and will leave them whiter. If you have yellow teeth I highly recommend getting the 30 Second Smile. It can be switched from soft bristles to prevent gentle brushing, cuts down on gingivitis, cleans gums thoroughly, and its 6 brush heads can really get into hard to reach places in your mouth. You still have to floss and use mouthwash when using the 30 second smile. Since 30 Second Smile has a trial to test it out, so I recommend to anyone that they just give it a try and see how effective it will clean your teeth. I’m glad to see that other people have written positive 30 second smile reviews as it deserves credit for being an effective teeth cleaning device.

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