Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is a ¾ inch hose that contracts and expands automatically when the water is turned on and off. This makes it easy to store and transport. Not only does it have a re-engineered retractable rib cage, but it also has an outer sleeve that won’t kink, tangle, burst, or tear. The increased diameter allows for a more powerful spray. There is a solid brass connector that won’t leak at the tip.


The Pocket Hose Silver Bullet prices range from $20 to $50 depending on where you purchase it and the length. It is available in 25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft. You can purchase it in stores or online.



The Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is a newer version of the Pocket Hose Bullet with an improved design.

More Sizes

It is available in a wide range of sizes unlike the older versions that were limited in size. This allows you to expand its length to up to 100 feet when you affix it to a water faucet. This makes completing any cleaning, gardening, or watering jobs easier.


It is collapsible, making it perfect for tasks like watering your lawn, cleaning your rain gutter, rinsing off your dog, or washing your car.

DuraRib Technology

The Pocket Hose Silver Bullet features a new technology called Dura Rib which helps the hose to be flexible.

Brass Connectors

The brass connector protectors allow you to connect to any outdoor water faucet. They also help to prevent water leaks when using the hose. There is nothing worse than your hose connections points spraying water whenever it is turned on or off.

Leak Proof

The Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is leak proof, thanks to its durable outer lining which helps to prevent it from ripping. This makes it easier to prevent any leaks.

Solar Protected

This hose comes with an improved outer solar stripe shield which protects it from UV rays damage.

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet Review

Ever since retractable hoses came out, there have been mixed reviews from different users. Although they are lightweight, they don’t hold up well over time. So many people tend to buy a new one very often. One problem with this hose is that they need to be drained after every use and stored indoors out of harsh weather. There have been many versions of the expandable hoses released since it was released in 2012. The latest adaptation of this Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is the 50ft. When compared to the prior versions, this is more lightweight and its nozzle is like that of the Pocket Hose Brass Bullet. There are generally three types of complaints about retractable hoses. One is they burst after several uses. Another is that after being stored for the season they degrade quickly when put back into use the following year. The last one is they breakdown when left outdoors or under pressure for a long time.

Positive Points

Top Selling

This is a top selling retractable hose that is stronger and more durable than previous versions.

Can Use Other Connectors

Other hose connectors such as sprayers can work with this unit.

Use Anywhere

It is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry if your children will do the watering. It is also ideal for those with arthritis or other issues related to carrying heavy hoses or bending over. You can attach it in your backyard or front yard and can even be used in commercial projects. You can also use it to clean your patio, driveway, and much more. It is small enough to fit your RV or boat, so you can use it wherever you need a hose.


Low Pressure

One major drawback with this hose is its very low pressure tolerance. This means it might burst if you have a high to moderate water pressure in your home. Many users have experienced the hose bursting under high water pressure. The water can tear through the hose ripping it apart when it happens.

Can Get Holes

Although the design of the Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is an improvement over previous versions, its flexible design makes it very fragile. In fact, some users have reported it developing pinholes almost immediately after they used it. The risk is even higher in those with longer lengths and it is difficult to prevent.

Doesn’t Extend as Advertised

Many customers have noted that it is usually difficult to get it to the advertised length. For instance, when using the 100ft length with regular length it is usually a struggle to get it beyond 50ft.

Tips & Tricks

Store Indoors

It is smart not to store this hose outdoors so it can last you through many uses. Although it had an extra layer of interior lining and UV protection, it is still not advisable I store it outdoor. So ensure you always keep it indoors when not in use.


Another way to make this hose last for long is to always ensure it is drained after every use. It is not recommended to store the hose while there is still water inside.


JFSG Outdoor Garden Hose

JFSG Outdoor Garden Hose is a 50 foot expandable garden hose. Not only is it expandable, but it is also flexible. It is also burst and kink resistant. The elderly and kids can carry this with no issues thanks to its lightweight design. You can use it to wash your car or water your garden.

Genome Flexible Garden Hose

This is a flexible, expandable and retractable garden hose. It also comes with a brass connector and according to the manufacturer it is 5X lighter than traditional hose. It doesn’t kink, tangle, or twist. This hose is soft to the touch, thanks to its flexible exterior webbing, so it is never too cold or too hot because of the weather. There is a stretchable latex in the interior which helps it contract back to its small size when not in use.