my pillowProduct Overview

My Pillow is truly a pillow like no other, designed and constructed to change your sleeping habits for the better – forever.  It’s made in the USA, it’s non-allergenic, and is guaranteed for ten years.

What the Product Claims to Do

Quite simply, My Pillow guarantees to deliver you the most comfortable sleep you’ll ever have or your money back. Now that’s a pretty strong claim, but needed in order to grab the consumers attention in a market that is inundated with fierce competition for your dollar. The sleepless in America spend over $32 billion on pillows, mattresses, snoring devices, and what have you, and many will try almost anything to get a good night’s rest because without question, a poor sleep effects the quality of your life.

The creators of My Pillow make several claims that they attempt to substantiate with a plethora of testimonials on their website and infomercial. They claim that the pillow doesn’t lose its shape, doesn’t lose support, and doesn’t heat up. The premise behind their claim to success is that because of its unique make-up, My Pillow forms to your unique shape and contour.

Our Evaluation

Several of our reviewers have tried My Pillow and I myself have actually slept on one for the past several months… and the verdict is that I really do like it and it has made a difference for me. Not a night went by where I didn’t receive an elbow to the ribcage from my wife as my snoring was totally out of control. What’s interesting is that I didn’t really care for My Pillow at first, mainly because it feels very different than what I had slept on since childhood. For me it was a bit weird getting used to, but I stuck it out for a couple of weeks and now I almost don’t feel right sleeping on a traditional pillow. So, while there was a bit of a “getting used to – break-in period” I do feel I’m sleeping more comfortably and snoring considerably less.

Our Final Review

One of the things I found by doing some web research is that while many like me felt it made a difference in their sleep habits for the better, there are those who feel that My Pillow has no effect either way, and ended up being a waste of money. But like with any product, everyone has different needs and not everyone is going like it, I mean, some people don’t like chocolate… can you even imagine that?

There are nine different short videos on their website addressing sleep problems relating to snoring, sleep apnea, migraines, neck pain, Fibromyalgia, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, allergies, asthma, and TMJ. I personally only had problems with snoring and restlessness so we here can’t really address all of the other claims. But in my final review, I really do like My Pillow and feel it has enhanced the quality of my sleep, leading to more energy and less of the achiness I was experiencing throughout my normal day.