phantom saucerProduct Overview

Phantom Saucer is a toy flying saucer that enables you to perform up-close magical illusions.

What the Product Claims to Do

Phantom Saucer’s claim is that it allows you to perform magical illusion tricks that anyone, even kids, can easily master, making the toy saucer appear to hover on its own between your hands.


Over the past few years, magicians like David Blaine and Chris Angel have wowed audiences with their “up-close” magic – performing mind-blowing tricks and illusions within several feet of people. And that is the idea behind the Phantom Saucer – to entertain people and have them scratching their heads, wondering how the heck you’re pulling off your tricks.

The cool thing about this product is that when you start to master it, it really does look like the saucer is hovering and flying all around without you ever actually laying your hands on it. Now the secret…SPOLIER ALERT… there’s a couple of thin black strings that allow you to manipulate the saucer and move it freely about, all while the saucer continuously spins. You want to wear dark clothing while working the magic as the strings become virtually invisible even from a few feet away.

Final Review

While it takes a little practice to get the tricks down, once you do, it really does what it promises, all while people watching demand to know, “How did you do that?!”

The Phantom Saucer is truly a very cool little gizmo and the one thing we highly recommend it for is kids parties as they will go absolutely nuts believing you are indeed a master magician. For the money, it can’t be beat, so if you want some inexpensive fun for absolutely anyone, the Phantom Saucer is definitely worth a try!