For the longest time I tried to find out if there was Paint Zoom in stores. It took me a long time to figure out that neither the Paint Zoom nor the Paint Zoom Platinum Pro are sold in any store.

Because I love painting and doing different hobbies like decorating I have become very familiar with stores like The Home Depot, Lowes, and many other stores like them. I had never seen the Paint Zoom sprayer in any of those stores when I had gone shopping for paint and other things that I needed.

When at those stores in the past I looked at paint sprayers and thought about getting one. But to me it didn’t seem like a smart idea to get a sprayer for just a house because they were so big and awkward. I didn’t want the loud motor running in the room with me as I painted.

One of the many great features about the Paint Zoom and Paint Zoom Platinum is that they are much quieter than normal paint sprayers. Also it is very portable which allows be to carry it anywhere I need whether it be indoors or outdoors. Because of that easy use is one of the main reasons I decided to get one. It’s practical for using in a house because it’s small and doesn’t have to carted around.

After I heard about the Paint Zoom I went to The Home Depot and asked the workers in the painting department if they had any Paint Zoom sprayers on hand. They had no idea what I was talking about when I asked them about it. They took me to the sprayers that they had and said that what was there was all they had.

They had many good looking paint sprayers that were similar to the Paint Zoom but nothing truly like it that would match its price. The Paint Zoom by far is much cheaper than any other paint sprayer for that size. The Paint Zoom is meant to be portable and smaller for easy use.

After I concluded that there were no Paint Zoom sprayers in any stores I decided I would get it online. I looked on Amazon hoping to find one there for a really low price and found out they are not even sold there. Again there were many paint guns that were similar but much more expensive. I then decided the only and best way was to get it from the manufacturer.

If you click one of the links on this page it will take you to their website to get the best deal on Paint Zoom. I highly recommend getting the Paint Zoom Platinum because it is so efficient at painting evenly. Or the original Paint Zoom is great as well. That’s what I used for a very long time before getting the Pro.