I first heard about the Paint Zoom on a late night infomercial when I was waiting up for a phone call. There are many painting projects that have remained undone around the house, and as I watched the demonstrations my curiosity was aroused. My friend owns a painting business so I called him the next day and asked what he thought. His response was that he would swing by the house on the way home. I did not really give the whole idea another thought because he has such an extensive collection of professional-grade tools. I really thought he would show me the better way to paint.

When the doorbell rang in the early evening, I opened the door to find my painter friend standing on the front step with a silly grin on his face. He knows that I am a single woman with a business to run and plenty of other ways to spend my time besides painting interior and exterior walls. He asked me to follow him to his truck where he opened one of the compartment doors to reveal no fewer than six Paint Zoom sprayers. He handed me a product book and started to list the product advantages.

He sounded like a walking Paint Zoom review.

He mentioned the aspects of the sprayer that I had wondered about, including:

• Extremely light and portable

• Industrial-strength motor of commercial grade

• No-drip application to make clean-up very easy

• Advanced sprayer technology for the best one-coat coverage possible

• One-touch operation that reduces the actual amount of paint used by the sprayer

He could see that I was skeptical, and I shared with him that my idea of painting equipment was that it is designed for big, strong men who make their livings by painting houses. I had heard horror stories of huge sprayers that threw too much paint and caused drips and runs on the walls. He handed me a Paint Zoom and asked me if I thought I could handle the weight of the sprayer. I told him I would share my personal Paint Zoom review with him in 24 hours when he returned to take it back.

I showed him the three projects that I wanted to try, and he made recommendations for the three types of paint that I would need. He wrote down the questions that I should ask at the paint counter, and then he was gone.

The next morning, I cleared my schedule and headed for the paint store with the information I had been given. The clerk behind the counter wanted to know about my painting projects, and when I told him I would be using a Paint Zoom sprayer, he said he had heard great things about them. I took my purchases and headed home to prepare the first area for my painting project.

My first project was the painted brick wall that frames the sunny patio on the south side of the house. I would never have painted the brick, but since it has paint on it, I decided to paint it a contrasting color to the rest of the house. I covered the cement close to the wall, and assembled the Paint Zoom  according to the instructions.

When my friend showed up that evening to hear my Paint Zoom review, I could not stop raving about the ease with which my project had been completed. He inspected my work and remarked about the great color, and how well the paint had covered the older color on a very difficult surface. I had cleaned up the Paint Zoom  and gave it back to him because the rest of my week was booked with other commitments. I would order my own and then complete my other two projects.

My Paint Zoom sprayer arrived ten days later, and I was ready with my next project because I had been working on preparing the game room by covering furniture and windows for when I could complete the project. The game room walls have always had dark paneling, and I have wanted a different look. I applied the paint over the texture paper I had applied and stood in awe of the quality of the paint coverage. I waited until the paint dried and the sun came out the next day before I called my friend to give him another Paint Zoom review. He just chuckled at my childlike description of my two completed projects that had been postponed for years.

Another week passed before my week of vacation began, which meant that I had to tackle painting the outside of the house. I had borrowed some scaffolding from my painter friend and decided that I would paint one side of the house and then decide if I would hire him for the rest. I spent the first morning covering windows and other surfaces to protect them from paint, and then I prepared the Paint Zoom  for an afternoon of work in the shade. Within an hour, I had painted more than half of the side of the house. I could not believe my eyes.

I checked the amount of paint that remained in the bucket and called my painter friend to ask him if he would come and check to see if I was getting good coverage. He came by early that evening and looked closely at the lower side of the siding edges to make sure the paint had sealed the edges. He asked for my Paint Zoom review again and said he thought we had made great partners because the house looked great.

I would like to say that I spent my entire week of vacation painting the exterior of my home, but the truth is that I worked on the painting over the next couple of weekends. When I was finished, the neighbors were amazed at the ease with which the job had been completed. I never dreamed I would write a Paint Zoom review because I do not normally have the time to review a product. I just want people to know that the advertising for this great sprayer is not exaggerated. So this is my honest Paint Zoom review and I hope it can be useful to someone.