My grandfather is selling his house. After 61 years, it’s time for something smaller. His last incentive left last week as well – his best friend / neighbor across the yard is moving too. They’ll be neighbors in the nice senior citizen community on the north side near the lake, but we’ve got a couple things left to do.

1) Fix a couple leaks

2) Sell the house – which might not happen with the way his new neighbors behind him have trashed out the place.

For the first issue, we started on a sealant. What did we use? A generic. But then my Grandfather started asking me which was better – Flex Seal or Might Sealer.

I told him I’d ask the natives.

Here’s what we have on Flex Seal

And as for Mighty Sealer, that’s below:

What Is Mighty Sealer?

mighty sealer

Don’t you know? It’s “The No. 1 Flexible Rubber Coating Sealant,” on the market. Duh! What does that mean? Hell if we know but it sounds cool. Mighty Sealer is made in the USA, comes in three colors and is supposed to help with little seals and cracks that occurs in gutters, floors, roofs though if I ever get a roof leak I’m replacing the roof ASAP . I probably wouldn’t use it on heavy-duty issues, but for those little stopgap measures, I’d give it a try – maybe.

Benefits, Claims & Features

According to official product website, Mighty Sealer claims the following features and benefits:

  • saves money on repair
  • lasts for years
  • won’t crack or chip
  • inhibits rust / corrosion
  • flexible

Does Mighty Sealer Work? Complaints, Frauds, Rip-Offs, Scams…

Order Process:  We haven’t see really any issue with the order process. It is prices lower than Flex Seal sneaky . There is a second P&H charge for the BOGO. Also, the multiple colors is pretty cool to choose from. Make sure you select the one you want before you order.

Product Performance:  When we got this it was a relatively new product. So at this point it is hard to say if it’s actually better than Flex Seal. We’ll have to wait for more data to come in before this review is that definitive. At this point saying it is better because it has less complaints than Flex Seal is like saying Switzerland has less murders each year than the US. The numbers are simply smaller at this point. We’re not sure where they got “No. 1 Flexible Rubber Coating Sealant,” from. Then again, we’re not sure of the competition is in the marketing. Sounds like the PR trick Sticky Buddy used. But the Wow demonstration was pretty cool. How many times does someone get to scuba dive within a car like it’s an aquarium.


Final Thoughts – What to Expect

The sealant didn’t work on my grandfather’s house, but I couldn’t blame the sealant. The gutter had bent away from the eve and I ended up having to use tar to bridge the 3″ gap. But that said, the sealant I used did do a nice job on the rest of the seal. It hasn’t leaked yet.

My grandfather has since seen the commercial for Mighty Sealer. He wants to try it on a couple more spots before his house sells. Hopefully, he’s thinking of trying it on his neighbors behind them. Maybe it’ll keep them from leaking s*** all over the yard until he sells it.