Many men prefer using the classic safety razor as they don’t like the idea of an electric shaver. The MicroTouch Solo is handcrafted for quality and it is made of solid brass with chrome playing. This is a great alternative for those men who want to continue using a classic safety razor but do not wish to go for the expensive men’s electric razor. MicroTouch Solo is an all in one tool that shaves, edges, and trims. This smart razor is guaranteed to get you the desired results. It features a pivoting head, a built-in high, and stainless steel blades.


The MicroTouch Solo is available online and offline. Each order comes with a replacement cutting head and 4 grooming attachments. This unit is backed by a 30 day money-back guarantee. It sells for $19.99 plus S&H $7.99. You can pay $4.99 more for the additional razor blades.


Precision Grooming

This blade will give you a hyper-advanced grooming and it does the job of shaving, trimming, or edging perfectly. Each orders come with a cutting head, and 3 grooming attachments.


The MicroTouch Solo is completely safe to the touch.

Pivoting Head

It falls nicely against the contour and shape of your neck or face, thanks to its pivoting head. It ensures you get a perfect groom every time. It contours to the neck, back, and chest with ease.


The blades of the MicroTouch Solo are made from military grade German-engineered stainless steel.

No Irritation

According to the manufacturer, the blade requires no cream, soap, or water, yet it still gives a perfect shave with no skin irritations.

MicroTouch Solo Review

The MicroTouch Solo is one of the “As Seen on Tv” products and you must have probably seen a commercial of this on the TV at one point or another. MicroTouch Solo is a hybrid electric shaver and trimmer that allows you to use the same blade to perform multiple shaving tasks. This unit usually resembles a cartridge razor but performs like an electric trimmer or shaver.

The MicroTouch Solo can work on any part of the body. It also allows several upkeep methods including edging beard lines, moustache, trimming lengthy beards, and stubble. This unit comes with 3 plastic grooming guide which helps to change the length of the trim according to your preference. MicroTouch Solo has a built-in high intensity light great for precision trimming. This is especially helpful for illuminating dark areas as you will be able to see all the small hair you might have otherwise missed. It is simple and convenient to use. It allows you to choose the mode of operations according to your needs. You can use this shaver with no instructions if you want to use it for an ordinary shave. It also doesn’t require any water, soap or cream. This makes it great for those who may be allergenic to fragrances or have sensitive skins.

When trimming your beards, you can choose any of the 3 grooming guides based on your preference. It can be used for burly and very tough beards with just one stroke. This device can be recharged as it uses a rechargeable battery system. It is important to note that this type of razor may not be able to provide you with a baby smooth close shave you may desire. Although it will deliver a very short and even stubble as well as cut through facial hair, it won’t give the close shave of a safety or cartridge razor. I found this to shave closer than a standard beard trimmer or almost as close as a razor. Most men will find unit acceptable. It is an excellent hybrid razor and trimmer for trimming facial hair and edges.

Overall Quality

Although the MicroTouch Solo has many good reviews, some users claimed it broke very easily, and the shaver felt very fragile.


Save Money

Using only one razor with different attachments will help you save money on a multitude of tools and expensive electric razors. It also allows you to save money on expensive replacement blades as it comes with different blades.


This unit is safe to use all over the body and it won’t irritate the skin. This is because it glides over your hair with ease leaving behind no bumps, ingrown hairs, or nicks.


The built-in spotlight on this unit gives a high intensity light during the trimming process.


It has a size that is powerful and large enough to tackle the thickest beards in just a single stroke.



A reviewer claimed the battery of this unit got very hot while using it and melted the casing.


Many reviewers noted that the MicroTouch Solo was poorly and cheaply built and it broke after a couple of uses. Some customers also noted it was fragile.

How to Use

  • Snap on one attachment to trim your beard or any stubble.
  • To get precision edge sideburns, snap it off.


The Philips Norelco One Blade performs and looks like the MicroTouch Solo. It sells for about $35 with many positive ratings. Before making a final decision, you may want to compare these two items. The MicroTouch Solo is cheaper and performs comparably so it could be a great alternative to the Philips Norelco One Blade.