slushy magicOut of the package, Slushy Magic comes with the cup and lid, a spoon/straw, and three proprietary ice cube looking freezer cubes. Thawed out, they look like nylon, water-filled ice cube beanbags. Frozen, they look like ice cubes! To understand what makes this product magic, you have to understand what Snowflake Science is. According to the clever packaging, Snowflake Science gets involved after you freeze the ice cube beanbag things and they become as solid as an actual ice cube. When you agitate the juice with the frozen ice cube things, the cold transfers into the juice without watering it down like an ice cube would. It’s really pretty slick!

This As Seen On TV product claims to slushify within seconds, which is a bit misleading. I have tried this product 4 times, and each was at least 2 minutes, if not more. I found that it works best to have cold juice as a start. Also, you can only use the ice-cube things one time. I tried using them two-in-a-row, and gave up trying to make a slushy after 4 minutes. They have to be 100% frozen to work. I would rather Slushy Magicmake the claim that it takes moments rather than seconds. “Moments” is an ambiguous term while still being perceived as rather quick, seconds indicates a much faster time frame and well very little happens in seconds.

Overall, both Brad and I really liked Slushy Magic. He gave it a 4 out of 5 stars, but I’m a huge sucker for creative marketing. They give a fun description on the Snowflake Science blurb I mentioned. They also have some funny phrases like “slushify” and “slushalicious”, which are cheesy, but very catchy too!

I would highly recommend this product if you like a Slushies. It’s amazing how kids will drink the EXACT same juice if you make it “fun” by turning it into a slushy. While you’re at it, I would recommend you also pick up an extra set of the magical ice cubes.