Whether you’re a busy working mom who cooks for her family, or a self-proclaimed chef who loves to create your world famous recipes, the kitchen is the place where it all happens.

Ever since Ron Popeil’s Veg-O-Matic or when Ed Norton tried to “core A apple”, kitchen gadgets have been huge selling items on television and in the retail stores. Whether it’s for preparing or cooking food, the manufacturers make promises of better, faster, easier, healthier, and tastier. Our reviewers job is to help educate you, so YOU can decide if it’s worth making that purchase.

Grab Bag Product Review

Product Overview Grab Bag is a reusable, expandable, environmentally friendly shopping bag. What the Product Claims to Do Grab Bag claim’s to be substantially more efficient than every day plastic or paper grocery bags, and is the best bag you can ever use. Evaluation The term “earth-friendly” is a pretty big buzz word these days