Whether you’re a busy working mom who cooks for her family, or a self-proclaimed chef who loves to create your world famous recipes, the kitchen is the place where it all happens.

Ever since Ron Popeil’s Veg-O-Matic or when Ed Norton tried to “core A apple”, kitchen gadgets have been huge selling items on television and in the retail stores. Whether it’s for preparing or cooking food, the manufacturers make promises of better, faster, easier, healthier, and tastier. Our reviewers job is to help educate you, so YOU can decide if it’s worth making that purchase.

Cook the Perfect Breakfast with this As Seen on TV Product

OrGREENiC is a line of As Seen On TV products that aren’t simply green in color, but they are also green as in good for the environment. Made of a special ceramic coating, these pans claim to be scratch proof, while being incredibly non-slip to the point of reducing the amount of oil. This pan gives a

Enjoy Taco Night with Perfect Tortilla

Perfect Tortilla If you have a hankering for taco bowls, then the Perfect Tortilla will be one As Seen On TV product you’ll want to pick up! But is it easy AND effective? The box supplies you with four forming pans. You simply spray the forming pan with non-stick (I used Crisco), then

Advantages Of Sticky Buddy Lint Roller

Every pet lover has thousands of reasons why they love their furry friends and can’t live without them. Cuddling, hugging, loving, and playing with them after a long tiring day refreshes them. They act as your friends and are always there with you regardless of anything. No matter how much you love your pets, but

Soda Stream Bottles

The SodaStream bottles that are available with the soda maker are environmental friendly. Soda drinks are quite popular in almost all types of events. This is mainly because they go well with any other drinks when combined together. Though soda bottles are available in the stores, many people now prefer to make it at home

Sodastream Reviews

If you are considering the purchase of a sodastream and want to readthrough some sodastream reviews then I want you to know that you don’t have to look any further. Click here to view the most popular sodastream machine reviews and get them for the best prices. If you are tired of constantly have to

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Nuwave Oven – The ‘Nu’ Way of Cooking!

We are living in a fast-paced world and we have become used to anything quick, easy and convenient. Of course, home-cooked meals are always on the top of the list but because we have to juggle work, daily chores, kids and soccer games, we generally fail in this battle. Fast food becomes dinner and we

Chef Basket

Traditionally when you are getting ready to cook your family some good ol spaghetti what is the process? Boil water, insert spaghetti into water (then the fun stuff), grab hot handles, strain water, and serve. Don’t you think that their is a better way for straining the water? Well luckily for you there is and

WOW Cup – As Seen on TV Product Review

Product Overview The WOW Cup is a spill-free, plastic cup that’s made for kids. What the Product Claims to Do WOW Cup’s claim is that while the cup is easy to drink from, if you turn it upside down or drop it, no matter how hard a child tries, they won’t be able to spill

Aero Knife – As Seen on TV Product Review

Product Overview The Aero Knife is a versatile, easy to use kitchen knife with a host of food cutting applications. What the Product Claims to Do They claim that this knife makes food prep and kitchen life easier as it cuts through many foods effortlessly. But perhaps the main claim is that because of its

Slip Stone Cookware – As Seen on TV Product Review

  BUY SLIP STONE COOKWARE Product Overview Slip Stone Cookware is versatile non-stick frying pan with a unique adjustable folding handle. What the Product Claims to Do Slip Stone’s claim is that it that looks & cooks like a real stone surface and even the toughest burnt foods will not stick to