Angel Sleeper Posture PillowThe body needs proper sleep as it can impact our physical health by repairing our heart and blood vessels. Sleep deficiency has been linked to risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes and kidney disease.

However for some, getting proper sleep at night can sometimes be challenging. Having the right mattress, blanket or pillows can make all the difference in world.

With the invention of memory foam, it has certainly improved sleep products such as pillows and mattresses. It by effectively relieving body aches, pains and soreness and help with recovery.

Angel sleeper posture pillow is a revolutionary product of Copper Fit, a company that has launched several effective products for pain relief. It is customized to minimize stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulders, and the back for side’s sleepers.

This unique pillow is developed using adaptive memory foam technology to give you a calm and comfortable sleep throughout the night. The pillow is designed to adapt to any sleep position.

If you are looking forward to purchasing this infomercial pillow, then read on. We will give you an analysis that will determine if the Angel Sleeper Posture Pillow is right for you.

Advantages of Angel Sleeper Posture Pillow

  • Get a discount when ordering higher quantities
  • Guaranteed 30-day return policy
  • Clinical evidence supports the antimicrobial effects of copper

Disadvantages of Angel Sleeper Posture Pillow

  • There is no online reputation
  • It is not suitable for everyone
  • No extensive evidence that proves the benefits of copper
Buy Angel Sleeper – Standard Size $39.99 / King Size $59.99

How Does Angel Sleeper Work?

The Angel Sleeper Pillow is made up of removable cover that has copper-infused polyester. The fabric used reduces any bad odor and excess moisture. The antimicrobial materials used can kill unwanted bacteria.

Also, the copper in the pillow collaborates with natural copper in the skin to improve elastin and collagen levels to restore your skin and keep you looking younger. In addition the copper used conducts heat so you can enjoy a clean and revitalizing sleep.

Although there is scientific evidence that proves copper to be an effective antimicrobial agent and helps in skin nourishment, the benefits haven’t been fully proved in the context of bedding.

The best part about Angel Sleeper pillow is that it can be modified to suit both the side and back sleepers. It is designed with one end wider than the other to form a subtle wedge shape to contour your body.

As for side sleepers, it’s recommended they sleep with the large side facing the head of the bed so that the head stays upright and create a natural space to rest the arms for comfort purposes.

On the other hand, back sleepers should flip the pillow so that the taller side faces the feet. The reason behind this is to add support and cradling to the neck to avoid cramping.

To enjoy the sleep, the manufacturers advise that it may take between five to ten nights before it forms to your head. This implies that you need to keep trying even if you feel uncomfortable on your first night.

You can tuck the pillow behind your knees before using it to keep your spine stable and minimize straining at the back.

Buy Angel Sleeper – Standard Size $39.99 / King Size $59.99

The Cost of Angel Sleeper Pillow

You can get the pillow at their official website available in two sizes.

The king-size that is (25”) goes for $59.99 while the standard size (20”) goes for $39.99.

You will incur a shipping cost of $6.99 or free delivery when you purchase in bulk.

It takes around 30 days for delivery after you place your order.

Buy Angel Sleeper – Standard Size $39.99 / King Size $59.99

How the Angel Sleepers Pillow compares to other Pillows

There are other brands that sell copper-infused pillows for both back and side sleepers.

For the normal side sleepers, there are other designs meant to add support to enhance comfort. There are others that are u-shaped and have a cutout for your arms, just like Angel sleeper pillow, while others have different modifications to improve the comfort. All these pillows vary in prices according to the size, brand, or other significant factors.

The copper angel brand can be found on Walmart, Amazon, and other reliable retailers under different brands. You can always check customer reviews before purchasing one.

Still, you can take chances and purchase a copper-infused pillowcase sold on the same shopping platforms.

Buy Angel Sleeper – Standard Size $39.99 / King Size $59.99


Purchasing an Angel sleeper pillow is a good investment for those having issues sleeping. In the end, comfort is what matters. So, when purchasing a pillow, understand your needs and comfort first.