What is XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer?

Sun Joe SPX3000 XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer - You Name It. You Aim It. Grime Is Gone.You may have had a tough time trying to clean up,  getting rid of dirt and grime on your car or outdoor cleaning without any luck. You’ve probably experienced spending hours scouring & scrubbing, changed soaps and chemicals and water, but still, no pleasing results. Luckily there is one option that can potentially save the day, the XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer.

A good number of people have opted for cleaning with this popular pressure washer, also known as a power washer. Whether you’re trying to clean lawn furniture, patios, barbeque grills, drives, or any other outside grime, this machine does an exceptional work that will make you proud.

An XTREAM is a powerful electric pressure washer that is strong, versatile, and delivers excellent performance. It has a power of up to 2200 PSI and 1.65 GPM that enables it to handle several cleaning requirements on equipment such as decks, patios, trucks, RV’s, boats, cars, among many more. If you’re looking to battle dirt and grime in just minutes, you can trust the XTREAM pressure washer.

How XTREAM Electric Pressure Works

The machine will help you fight against the toughest dirt, be it auto, home, or outdoor cleaning tasks. If you want something value for your money, then XTREAM is the best choice. It uses the gas-power and electric option to enhance convenience while cleaning. Another reason why you need to consider XTREAM is the fact that it is eco-friendly. It can remove dirt such as caked-on mud, oil stains, mud, grease, mold, rust, mildew, tar, among other stubborn stains.

The detergent in the XTREAM forms the foam cannon that shoots to 15 to blast a boost to your cleaning experience. When cleaning, the XTREAM has four quick nozzles, which range from 00, 150, 250, and 400. The sprayers have different spraying patterns from the center jet to spray medium, heavy, and light cleaning.

When rising, the machine has a powerful 13 amp motor that produces up to 2200 PSI of pressure and 1.65 GPM of highest flow to clear and rinse the dirt and grime.

We done with the cleaning and rinsing processes; the machine has a TSS- Total stop system that shuts down the power and the pump automatically whenever the trigger is not in use. The technology is advantageous since it saves time and increases the lifespan of the machine.

Buy XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer for Only $239.97

Feature of XTREAM Electric Pressure washer

The machine has a durable 34” spray wand that has a solid brass fittings, stainless steel lance, and all the necessary metals that improve the leak-proof performance.

XTREAM has a 20’ high-pressure hose that has a wire-reinforced tubing over smooth inner parts. The purpose of the high-tensile wire is to reduce the pressure drop and improve performance. This implies that the electric washer is professionally constructed to suit all your cleaning needs.

The electric washer has an instant, and regular operational feature starts that is 35’ power code together for GFCI protection. The feature enables the smooth, emission-free operation to enhance convenience on and off switch.

Finally, the machine is portable and light in weight. It weights 23 lbs. and you can move conveniently from one point to another while cleaning.

Buy XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer for Only $239.97

How much does the XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer Cost?

The XTREAM power washer can be purchased from its official website www.xtream.com or through our website from the XTREAM pressure washer product page. You can always select a payment plan that suits you best. The price of the machine typically sells for $239.97.

When you purchase, ensure the machine has the following will be included: The Electric pressure washer, spray wand, hose, interchangeable nozzle adapter, and instructions guide.

Buy XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer for Only $239.97

How the XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer Compares To Other Electric Pressue Washers.

When purchasing an XTREAM electric pressure washer, there are other machine products that you can consider.

For example, Stanley SHP2150 Electric Pressure Washer. The machine has a 25’ hose, spray gun, Max PSI of 2150, GPM of 1.4, and quick connect nozzles form cannon. The power source is electrically corded, and it weighs 25.57 lbs.

It is the best for cleaning services such as patios, homes, decks, cars, driveways, and buildings, among others.

The features include: Detergent tank, 2150 PSI and 1.85 GPM, hose reel, and all-in-one nozzle

Buy XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer for Only $239.97


If you have home outdoor and auto cleaning tasks you need to accomplish with ease, consider using XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer to help you throughout the process. This machine is flexible, portable, and light-weight, meaning you can easily carry it anywhere without struggling. The XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer has several impressive features that exert pressure and foam to make your cleaning experience easy and doable. Additionally, it saves more power and energy because it has an auto-shut feature. You do not need to worry if you happen to leave your machine on.

XTREAM Electric Pressure Washer