Styling curly hair can be a handful. You could tug, pull, and try all sorts of tricks, yet it’d look no different from when you started. Styling tools like the InStyler Prime blowout revolving styler abound to make the job easier.

In this review, we intend to look at the InStyler Prime Rotating Styling Iron so that you can make an informed decision regarding the styling tool.

InStyler PRIME - One Tool, Four Styling OptionsInstyler Prime 1.25″ Styler At A Glance

  • Four heat settings
  • 1.25″ iron barrel
  • Tourmaline-ceramic heat plates
  • Swivel cord


Looks remain paramount for the ladies, and the Prime Styler rotating iron doesn’t disappoint in this regard. It is available in different colors, so you can choose whatever color you prefer.

Measuring 11.25″ x 2.5″ in dimension, the rotating styling iron is handy, which is crucial in styling – no one wishes to use a massive tool to style their hair.

With Prime Styler’s 7-foot long cord, you don’t have to be close to a power outlet to style your curly hair. Frankly, a 7-foot cord translates to one thing: the freedom to do all your hair styling in front of a mirror – and you know how important that is.

Let’s not forget the long power cord swivels, so you don’t have to worry about the wire being in the way.

The styling tool bifurcates into two, with one end carrying the ionic bristles and a barrel on the other.

The 1.25″ size of the barrel is often considered a middle ground as it’s neither too small nor large, making it perfect for use with different hair lengths.

Buy InStyler® PRIME 1.25” Rotating Styling Iron for only $89.97

Temperature Control

instyler primeThe Prime Style consists of 4 variable heat settings, which helps cater to different hair texture.

If you intend to adjust the temperature that reaches the tourmaline and ceramic plates, you can’t miss the large power button on the styling tool that doubles as a temperature control button.

After the unit is powered on, you’ll need to touch the button a few times to select your desired temperature.

Heating of the plates can reach the 425F mark, so you might want to be conscious of the temperature you’re choosing, especially if you have fine and thin hair as they are susceptible to higher temperatures. But if your hair is of the thick, coarse type, you can afford to push the rotating iron all the way.

Despite the stunning level of heat that’s possible with this styler, you don’t have to wait a long for the styling tool to heat up – 30 seconds, and it’s blazing hot. However, it might take longer to get to higher temperatures.

Buy InStyler® PRIME 1.25” Rotating Styling Iron for only $89.97

Power rating

This styling tool uses a 60-watt heating element to deliver the heat required. With the wattage of the rotating iron, you’ll be pleased with the auto-shutoff mechanism, which prevents things from spiraling out of control.

Build Quality

The round roller shape seen on this rotating iron helps in easy styling and crease-free outcomes. Its 1.25″ barrel shape caters to both thin and thick hair, reducing the possibility of frizzes and burns. Its 100-spin per minute is considerably fast, which guarantees a quick styling process.

It’s great that InStyler opted for the duo of tourmaline and ceramic for its heat plates. Both materials bring some much-needed quality to the rotating iron.

The use of ceramic explains the even spread of heat across the plate, which is bound to improve the appearance of your hair.

The styling iron is also able to reach high temperatures under a short time due to the addition of ceramic. If there’s the need for your hair to be moisturized, the ceramic plate tends to add negative ions to the hair, hydrating it in the process.

Tourmaline delivers on the heat-retention capacity of the plate. If you decide to turn off the styling tool, the drop in temperature occurs gradually, not abruptly due to the metal’s impact. Also, tourmaline has a drying effect on your hair, resulting in smooth, straight hairs.

The Prime Styler features a curvy design that makes handling the rotating quite easy. Its clasp-like foldable nature eliminates possible storage concerns.

Buy InStyler® PRIME 1.25” Rotating Styling Iron for only $89.97

Final Thoughts

Instyler’s Prime rotating iron is bound to prove helpful in styling your curly hair within a short time. Considering the amazing build quality and user-friendly nature of the styling tool, you can tell a lot of thought went into crafting this device.

If you’re still skeptical about its efficiency, you might want to shed your inhibitions regarding the styling iron and get that smooth, silky hair you deserve.

instyler prime before and after