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Paint Zoom Sprayer: an honest review!

I first heard about the Paint Zoom on a late night infomercial when I was waiting up for a phone call. There are many painting projects that have remained undone around the house, and as I watched the demonstrations my curiosity was aroused. My friend owns a painting business so I called him the next

Have You Heard About the Chillow Pillow?

A Chillow Pillow is a very thin, soft pillow that is made from medical-grade material. It was designed with your comfort in mind and it feels like the cool kiss of a gentle breeze on your cheek that delivers a very soothing and relaxing effect. It doesn’t need electric so it’s safe and you don’t

xHose Pro – Is It Worth The Extra Money?

The XHOSE is a cleverly designed water hose that is incredibly small and lightweight when it is empty, but inflates to three times its size when water is pumped through it. This hose is convenient to store, easy to use, and makes watering plants, washing your car or any other task much easier when you

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XHose Expandable Hose Product Review

Do you do a lot of watering or spray-washing outside but hate lugging your heavy garden hose from place to place? Maybe you need the XHOSE: “the hose of the future”! These people bought tried and left a review on what they think of the XHOSE. Read real XHOSE customer reviews here. The XHOSE is

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Indoor Banana Tree Review – Can You Really Grow Your Own Bananas At Home?!

Brief Overview Of The “Indoor Banana Tree” Especially if you love eating bananas, you will definitely want to take a look at the “Indoor Banana Tree“. What this product does is that, it allow you to grow your own bananas in the comfort of your very own home – And the best part about it

Blingeez Blingeez Jewelry Organizer Review

Jewelry is something that we all like to wear from time to time, am I right? For some however the fashion statement can turn into an obsession and lead to a drawer (or several drawers) full of jewelry. This is all fine and dandy if you have untangle able earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets etc. The

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Canada Green Grass Seed Reviews

The lawn is the part of the home that most homeowners like to forget about. It needs to be constantly manicured to ensure that it stays looking beautiful, and not to mention the fact that with radical changes in temperature the color becomes hard to look at. I for one am a victim of brownish

Organize Your Shoe Collection With Shoes Under

We have all had the feeling of being in a shoe store and just saying “I simply have to have this, it will go so good with my new pair of jeans.” We pull out our credit cards, purchase them and think nothing of it. Reality however hits when we arrive at home and realize

Forearm Forklift Moving Straps Review

Has your wife ever asked you to move the couch so that she could get underneath it with the vacuum cleaner? Are you a builder, contractor, or do it yourselfer? Do you own a home or apartment and have to every now and again move a large piece of furniture? If you answered yes to

Quick Lawn Grass Seed Review

Perhaps you missed my review of the Canada Green Grass or maybe you just decided that it wasn’t for you at the particular time. Whatever the case I am here today to discuss with you a new green grass product that is sure to knock your socks off! The quick lawn grass seed product is