A Chillow Pillow is a very thin, soft pillow that is made from medical-grade material. It was designed with your comfort in mind and it feels like the cool kiss of a gentle breeze on your cheek that delivers a very soothing and relaxing effect. It doesn’t need electric so it’s safe and you don’t have to put it in your refrigerator or freezer to cool it down. It is meant to be cool, not cold and at normal room temperature it’s typically comfortable enough for your enjoyment and relaxation. If you want an even colder effect though, you can put it in your refrigerator for 15 minutes. Did I mention to that it’s also hypoallergenic and nontoxic?

Unlike gel filled packs that are generally too cold to be comfortable, the Chillow Pillow is a thin thermo-regulating pad that slides into your pillowcase on top of your pillow to provide you with a cool nights comfort. All you do is just activate it one time and you’re ready for a soothing and relaxing sleep night after night. With the cooling sensation this pillow insert gives off, it can help to ease your discomfort from headaches, hot flashes, tired feet, minor injuries and sunburn. Using a Chillow Pillow will help make you feel cool, comfortable and relaxed.

How Your Chillow Pillow Works….

Like the radiator in your car, the Chillow helps to dispel the heat to the surrounding air. What happens is that it uses water to absorb the body heat from the area of contact with your body. Once that heat is absorbed into the pillow, it dissipates to the surrounding air giving a cool, relaxing nights sleep. All this is done without electric, noise or moisture that you’d have with so many other things you can use to cool yourself down. It’s dry on the outside and never needs to be refrigerated unless you feel you need a cooler sensation.

When you retire after an active day your metabolism is higher and makes you feel warm. Feeling too warm can be an uncomfortable feeling, just like feeling too cold. The Chillow Pillow provides a cool and relaxing comfort on contact. It continues to do this throughout the night and as your metabolism slows and the air is cooler your Chillow Pillow will warm from your body heat and continue to provide a comfortable sleeping temperature.

To revitalize your pillow for your next nights sleep you do nothing more than leave it out at room temperature.

A Chillow Pad can feel nice after a hard day.Other Uses For Your Chillow Pillow…

While it’s so soothing to sleep with, the Chillow Pillow also is made to be used for active lifestyles. Whether you have bumped and bruised yourself or you’ve been working out hard or had a long day at work you’ll find that the natural cooling effect of a Chillow Pillow is the right prescription to achieve total relaxation and comfort.

What Chillow Pillows Are Made Of…

The Chillow Pillow uses the SoothSoft Comfort Technology with water to help absorb and dissipate heat back into the surrounding air. It is time activated and non-toxic and does not contain any gel. It has an extra soft core for support and comfort. The top is a flexible film for cooling and the other side is a flexible flock type material to help it grip your pillow and not move around. There is no latex used if you’re concerned about allergies. You can use the Chillow Pillow by itself or inside your pillowcase. Activating it is simple and only needs to be done once for long-term use.

Best yet, there’s virtually no maintenance required. All you have to do is once a month open the filler cap and sweep the air out which takes less than a minute. That’s it.