V Handvana HydroClean Hand Sanitizer

These are turbulent times – no thanks to a virus on the loose. Hand sanitizers have become necessary to prevent the spread and contamination of belongings with said virus.

One of the brands that have sprung-up recently to help people keep disease-causing pathogens at bay is the Handvana Sanitizing Foam. This effective hand sanitizer is said to kill germs of different kinds without the desiccating action of alcohol to worry about.

In this piece, we intend to take a critical look at the Handvana HydroClean Hand Sanitizer and the brand behind it.

Features of the HydroClean hand sanitizer

Can be applied on exposed skin

Unlike the regular hand sanitizer, this one can be applied on not only your hands but areas of your body that are exposed, such as your legs and shoulders. It’s essential you don’t use this sanitizer on sensitive areas of your body like the face, ears, and others.

Comes in 7 fluid ounce bottles

Unlike most hand sanitizers that are available in small quantities, the HydroClean can be obtained in a 7 fl oz container. This means you get more of the germ-fighting fluid in every bottle, and many households could take advantage of the additional quantity.

Produced in an FDA-registered outfit

While this doesn’t translate to being an FDA-approved hand sanitizer, you can expect the best practices in the manufacture of the product.

Easily visible when applied

You can tell if you have applied the HydroClean on your hands as it appears white – a nice drift away from the transparent hand sanitizers.

handvana foam hand sanitizer

How does it work?

On rubbing the HydroClean hand sanitizer on your hands and exposed skin, its active ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride kills whatever disease-causing pathogens that might be found on your skin.

With three hydrating agents, including hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and aloe vera, this hand sanitizer hydrates your skin, so you don’t have to be burdened by the need to carry a moisturizer. And it doesn’t contain alcohol. This is in contrast to regular hand sanitizers that dehydrate your hands due to their alcohol content.

Hydrating Foam Sanitizer

Pros of Handvana HydroClean Sanitizer

Ailments are less likely

With the use of the HydroClean sanitizer, disease-causing pathogens on your hand are exterminated. This reduces the occurrence of ailments known to arise from the entry of such foreign bodies into the body.

Significant size

The HydroClean sanitizer comes in a massive container, so every member of your household doesn’t have to buy a bottle. You can save more money on buying several small-sized hand sanitizers.

Hydrates your skin

This hand sanitizer contains hydrating compounds like aloe vera, coconut oil, and hyaluronic acid, so it hydrates your skin, saving you the cost of getting a separate moisturizer.

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Cons of Handvana HydroClean Sanitizer

It’s not FDA approved

Despite attempts to hoodwink potential buyers by the use of the term FDA-registered facility, this hand sanitizer isn’t exactly approved by the agency. But it’s no different from most over-the-counter items.

Beware of allergies

The use of Benzalkonium Chloride in this hand sanitizer could spell doom for those allergic to chemical compounds, and the reactions could vary from rashes to difficulty breathing.


HydroClean sanitizer contains a myriad of items, including Benzalkonium Chloride (0.13% weight), Aloe Barbadensis extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Hemp Seed Oil, and more.

What’s HydroClean’s Active Ingredient?

This hand sanitizer differs from many others in its active ingredient – Benzalkonium Chloride. With the organic compound, the hand sanitizer is able to breakdown the membrane of microbes, including different varieties of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other disease-causing pathogens.

How to Use the HydroClean Hand Sanitizer

Pour a small quantity on one palm; usually, a squirt should suffice. However, the size of your hands and its condition – clean or dirty – could decide just how much of the sanitizer would do at any particular point in time.

Apply the HydroClean sanitizer over your entire hands using your fingers. It’s important that every portion of your hands is covered by the liquid substance.

With the hand sanitizer thoroughly massaged into your hands, you can proceed with your routine. It’s crucial that you repeat the process hours later – as long as there’s a possibility of your hands might be carrying the pathogens.

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Final Thoughts

The HydroClean hand sanitizer might be lacking the 65% alcohol stipulated by the FDA, which is often deployed to render the nasty virus useless, but its Benzalkonium Chloride content is still up to the task. Do a repeat and rinse using this hand sanitizer, and your wellbeing as well as those of your household should be adequately protected.