forearm forklift as seen on tv canadaHas your wife ever asked you to move the couch so that she could get underneath it with the vacuum cleaner? Are you a builder, contractor, or do it yourselfer? Do you own a home or apartment and have to every now and again move a large piece of furniture? If you answered yes to any of the aforementioned questions then the forearm forklift moving straps are for you! Now I know that all of the mucho macho men are sitting there and thinking “I don’t need any wimpy straps to help me move a couch!” Oh really? Well what I know is that doctors have recommended these straps time and time again because of the fact that they offer such support for your back throughout the moving process.

Traditionally when you go to life something that is decent in size, you are bending down, placing your hands beneath the item and holding it below your waist. This can place a tremendous strain on your back, and if you are not careful when you do the initial pick up, be prepared for a visit to the emergency room. With the forearm forklift moving straps however, you are utilizing your forearms as opposed to your fingers, which are much stronger and more stable, enabling you to pick up heavier items with ease! Before you buy be sure to watch the company video and be amazed as two women, average in size and stature are able to lift all sorts of heavy appliances through the use of these straps.

So you want to order? Well jeez I haven’t even told you what you get and how much it all costs, but I understand this product sells itself so it is to be expected. In any event for $19.95 plus shipping and handling you are going to get a set of forearm forklift straps, free grip gloves, and a free 16 piece felt pad multi pack. In terms of colors you have the choice of orange or pink (and all real men will choose pink). You cannot purchase the product in stores, which means if you want to reap the benefits of being able to move heavy appliances and furniture at a moments notice, you are going to have to do so by clicking HERE.

When its all said and done, the money you will safe in both moving costs and/or repair costs (from dolleys, slides etc.) is going to far outweigh the few days worth of coffee that you are spending on the forearm forklifts. So do yourself a favor and place your order today!