Looking for Flex Seal reviews? Flex Seal saved me time and money.

When my wife and I bought our dream home on the outskirts of town we were ecstatic, to say the least. We had been eyeballing this nineteenth century beauty for almost two years and when the loan went through, we could not have been more happy. We could not wait to get our things moved in and start our life in our new antique home. Much to our dismay, we began to see that there were problems from our first night there. I was awakened in the middle of the night to a steady stream of rain coming in from the roof above our upstairs bedroom, to start things off. Furthermore, the gutters were leaking terribly, which left the water from the roof to drain into the basement and the pipes in the bathroom and laundry room were leaking as well. I began to wonder if we had made a huge mistake.

I knew that we did not have the money for a roof repair or to call a plumber, thanks to the hefty closing costs we had paid on the loan. That is when I remembered the infomercial I had saw about Flex Seal liquid rubber a week or so earlier. The show had been full of Flex Seal Reviews and really sounded like a good thing. To be honest, I thought that it sounded a bit too good to be true. Putting aside my usual skepticism about new products, I searched the Internet right away to see if I could find more information about Flex Seal liquid rubber sealant or Flex Seal Reviews from real customers. I found several sites that all had awesome things to say about the product and I was quickly convinced that this would be a good investment to help me make the necessary repairs to my new home.

 After talking it over with my wife, we searched the Internet again to try and find out where to buy Flex Seal.She was just as impressed with the positive Flex Seal Reviews as I was.

It could only be ordered online, so we placed our order right away. Within a week, we had several cans of Flex Seal on our doorstep. I was very eager and ready to put the Flex Seal reviews that I had read to the test. I started with the leaky roof. I carefully followed the included instructions to use the product as a roof sealant. Within just a few short hours, I had all of the leaks in my roof sealed off and ready for the rain. I patiently waited a few hours to allow the product to set up and decided to test it out right away. I packed my water hose up a ladder to the roof while my wife waited in the upstairs bedroom. She was on her cell phone and so was I as I sprayed the damaged areas liberally with water.

Just as the Flex Seal reviews had said, our leaky roof was no longer leaking. We were thrilled and amazed!

My next project was the old gutters that we had inherited with our new home. They were quite nice to look at and had very ornate detailing and scroll work around the top. At first, I was a bit hesitant to spray them with the Flex Seal for fear that I would ruin them. However, I went ahead with my plans and carefully sprayed around the cracks and crevices that had formed on the inside of the gutters from standing in the weather for so many years. Once again, my wife and I tested the product a few short hours later using the water hose and much to our surprise, the gutters leaked no water at all. We watched closely as the water I sprayed along the roof traveled through the gutters and down the spouts that lead away from our home. Once again the Flex Seal reviews we had read about were true.

My very last project and test for the Flex Seal spray was on the inside of the home. I would use the rubber sealant to fix the leaking pipes in the bathroom and laundry room. This I dreaded the most but only because I knew that if the Flex seal did not work, then I would be forced to do some plumbing work, which I hated. I carefully traced all of the weak areas and leaks in the pipes in each room and used the Flex Seal to cover them. It took a while to find all of the leaks. When I was finished, my wife and I patiently waited until we could once again test out the Flex seal reviews that we had read. This would be the last test for the product. I cannot say that I was all that surprised when we saw that the leaks were no longer there when we began to test each area. I was already pretty confident in the Flex Seal product after everything we had already done that day.

I am quite a skeptical person and I do not always believe what infomercials say or what customer reviews tell you. I am very thankful that this time, I put my skepticism aside and ordered Flex Seal liquid rubber. This product really saved me a great deal of money, stress, and hard work. Fixing leaks has never been so easy. Without the product, I would have most likely had to spend several thousand dollars to get my house roofed and to hire a plumber. I am most definitely now a devoted customer and I know that there will be many things that I use Flex Seal for in the near future to keep our lovely home free of leaks.