With a height of 5’3” and weighing 140 pounds, I undoubtedly certified being counted among the obese population. But immediately after obtaining been ripped off by different rip-off weight loss items, I tried to take becoming called a “fatso” than to generate another endeavor at shedding weight with those the-flex-beltsham products. Also, the luxurious of shelling out time within a health club or exercising was not my cup of tea any longer. I used to be annoyed, disappointed and I had offered up!

Though the latest buzz and popularity of The Flex Belt did reach my ear but I preferred to stay clear of it until I saw its results myself when one of my colleagues caught everyone’s attention due to her new sexy figure and curves.

Audrey was also quite fat around 6 months back when she left for the UK on a company project. She also used to be the target of those nuisance jokes that are often poked on overweight people. But that was all past for her now. She seemed to be very excited by the new gained attention and was giving quite a good publicity to The Flex Belt for her “hot” babes figure. Obvious enough, seeing her I couldn’t resist anymore and I started searching about this product.

So, What Exactly is The Flex Belt?

The Flex Belt – The name pops into the mind the images of vibration belts of the 80s that were all scams. Well, that is exactly what I thought when I heard about it first. Although when I searched about it, I found out that the highly advanced EMS technology forms the basis of The Flex Belt.

EMS technology has been used for years by the physiotherapy specialists to assist people with severe injuries who were incapable of moving their muscles by themselves. The technology averts the degeneration of the muscles by working them out without any movement on the part of the patients, helping them in quick recovery.

So, this same technology is now utilized by The Flex Belt manufacturers in working out the muscles of people who are physically inactive due to any disease, accident or hectic lifestyle like mine, and have no time to spare or are just incapable to do the necessary exercise and shed off the unwanted pounds.

So, here are a few things about The Flex Belt:

  • No need to spare any extra time for exercises – It uses the EMS technology. You can wear the belt under your shirt while watching TV, or when you are at work.
  • Fat starts to melt away within a few months – Well, I have witnessed the results. What more do I say?
  • Perfect for people with physically inactive lifestyle, which may be because of a disease, backache, an accident or a hectic job.
  • No need to follow any strict diet routines – Although you need not hog upon food like a pig but you can have occasional food delights without feeling guilty.

Impressive, isn’t it? Naah….

Honestly, I had reached that stage of my paranoia exactly where nothing at all sounded superior sufficient to me, right up until I could see the outcomes for myself. Hence, even immediately after studying all this, I was just a little curious but I didn’t raise my expectations significantly in regards to The Flex Belt.

Apprehensive as I was, I did research about particularly two things before placing my order:

  • Is it Safe to use?
  • Is there any Money Back Guarantee to fall back upon?

It was a relief to know that The Flex Belt is FDA Approved. Hence, it is completely safe and effective to use….right? Wrong!

While the product definitely is FDA approved, it doesn’t mean you can imply anything about its effectiveness. Contrary to the misleading marketing gimmicks and popular opinion, the truth is, the FDA approval only suggests that the product is safe to use and says nothing about its effectiveness.

Secondly, 60-day money back guarantee and the two year warranty were surely refreshing to hear about, from the manufacturer of any product.


Finally, I placed my order for The Flex Belt….

The product reached me within four working days. Unlike the ab belts that easily break away in a few days, Flex Belt was pretty strong. It was no cheap stuff from China. If by any opportunity it does break away, youll be able to nonetheless avail your two year warranty and get it replaced at no extra expense, even though I dont see that coming.

As recommended, I started wearing it every day under my shirt for half an hour. It was barely noticeable and was quite comfortable. You feel the pulsating feel on your stomach but it wasn’t disturbing or distracting. The abdominal muscles are tightened for a few seconds and then released again. The intensity can be set between 1 and 100.

Advised by my colleague, Audrey, I started out from the decrease degree and worked my way up using The Flex Belt. She stated that should you start out from the larger level, many people have a tendency to have stomach muscle cramp.

I could not believe my eyes….one a half month in my routine, my bulging belly was no longer obnoxious and embarrassing anymore. Although I still had a long way to go but I was already jumping with joy.

Honestly, it was quite hard for me to digest the fact that you need not exercise, take time out of your schedule, or cut extensively on your diet and still get back in your desirable shape. But trust me, this EMS technology is amazing….there is nothing being discovered for weight loss like The Flex Belt.

Soon, I became the hot topic in office for a few days like Audrey and everyone was stunned. I even sensed a cute girl to be almost hitting on me. Now, that has never happened before and though nothing really happened between us but it definitely was a great boost to my confidence.

Eight months through, I was a charming, handsome man with quite-defined six pack abs. The product did really tone and strengthen my mid-section like I’ve never even imagined it to be. Be it personal life or professional life, I was a completely new person…someone who is never shoved to the corner and always has an air of confident aura around him. My life literally changed in these eight months.

100% success rate of the product is definitely another of the marketing gimmicks as I’m sure many people did not even use it regularly enough to provide a legitimate feedback. But the outrageous claims of the marketing team can still be forgiven for the engineers of the company did their job well in providing a real weight loss wonder machine to us.

Also, if your proceeding with the thoughts that this is a cheap solution to try, I would like to disillusion you and make you aware that this is not one of the extremely pocket friendly weight loss products that are available. But I would say that it is surely the value for money. As they say, quality comes at a price. The manufacturer has also offered some money saving schemes if you place bulk orders.

Given below are the price slabs:

1 Flex Belt = $199.99

2 Flex Belts = $349.00 (You Save $50)

3 Flex Belts = $499.99 (You Save $100)

4 Flex Belts = $649.99 (You Save $150)

Hence, if you do not wish to be the storehouse of diseases that follow obesity and wants to get back your head-turning body shape, I would suggest that there is nothing better that you can find than The Flex Belt.