perfect tortilla

Perfect Tortilla

If you have a hankering for taco bowls, then the Perfect Tortilla will be one As Seen On TV product you’ll want to pick up!

But is it easy AND effective?

The box supplies you with four forming pans. You simply spray the forming pan with non-stick (I used Crisco), then place a tortilla in the pan. Set the oven for 375 degrees, and let it bake for about 6-8 minutes. When I was baking mine, it took closer to 11 minutes. I guess it all depends on the amount of bake you like. Even after 11 minutes, I had a nice golden color to my tortilla, but I could have baked it for a couple minutes longer.

The taste of the taco bowl from the Perfect Tortilla was incredible. I was surprised at the unique flavor the tortilla had when it was baked! The shell was crispy, and that golden bake flavor really came through. This As Seen On TV product really delivered!

While I didn’t demonstrate how to make a salad or a dessert with the Perfect Tortilla, there are plenty of recipes online.

Overall, the Perfect Tortilla delivered. It is a straightforward product that doesn’t need a ton of explanation. The forming pans are extremely easy to use and clean. I love the fact that I can bake tortilla shells and have an incredible crunch with my salad, without the greasy junk from having a deep-fried bowl. This is one As Seen On TV item that I am very excited to have in my kitchen!