cuddle uppetsCuddleUppets are a hot As Seen On TV product for kids. It is a blanket that is also a puppet. In one of the “corners” they have attached an adorable animal puppet head so kids can slide their hands in and have some puppet fun. What is all the buzz about? To answer that question, I had to recruit an industry professional: my 5-year-old niece, Paisley.

When she saw the CuddleUppet, she was so excited to check it out. (Whether or not that translates on the video.) She looked at all the animals and decided that the elephant was the cutest, so she was VERY excited to check it out.

First reactions were that the blanket was super soft. The little attention to details were nice. Each of the ends had a “hand” or “Paw” attached to add that little detail. There was even a little tail! High marks for cute factor for sure. Paisley loved being able to have a little friend with her, and loved the cuddly part of having her friend right next to her when she also needed to stay warm.

Overall, this is an easy and obvious great product. With the variety of animal themes CuddleUppets have, these could be a fantastic present for both boys or girls. They not only are an adorable product, they are a great quality blanket that I’m sure kids will love to sink into. For the record, Paisley wanted to give these a 10 out of 5 stars because she loved it so much. That ought to give you an indicator on how quality CuddleUppets are.