Cop Cam is a security camera about a square inch and it can be hidden anywhere to record anything at anytime. It will allow you to keep an eye on babysitters, neighbors, teenagers, or potential thieves lugging around your home. This device can record both audio and video and it comes with an 8GB capacity micro SD. You can upload all the videos and audios on it to your computer once the memory card is used up.


Cop Cam costs $39.99 and $9.99 for shipping. It had an optional double offer at $69.96. The deluxe version cost $64.95 and the double deluxe version costs $99.99. The deluxe version of the Cop Cam comes with four times the memory of the regular version.


Swivel Clip

Cop Cam comes with a swivel clip that can be used to hook the vehicle’s visor or even your body if you are walking or running. If anyone mugs you, hits you, or commit other crimes against you, you will have a footage. Additionally, if you are into outdoor sports, the camera will pick some footage of your activities.

Built-in LED Lights

Each Cop Cam features 6 infrared LED lights that help it to record clear video and audio footage at night which is the prime time for many intruders. The lights are built into the camera and they last for years even with frequent usage.

Wide Coverage

Cop Cam can provide up to 140° of coverage which is two times the amount provided by most home security cameras. So objects and people don’t have to be directly in front of the camera before it starts recording.

Clear Recordings

Whether it is recording video or audio, the videos will always play in high definition and the recordings will be clear. It is important to note that the camera has a motion sensor, so it will only start recording when it detects movement from an object, animal, or person in the area.


Cop Cam had a size that is less than one square inch. It is not bigger than a sugar cube and smaller than a baby’s building block. It comes in gray and navy blue which makes it difficult to notice by the sneakiest teenager or the most seasoned thief. It is also easy to transport from place to place.

Positive Points

Can Survey Neighbors

You can install this security camera outdoors, so if you want to know the neighbor regularly causing problems at night, throwing trash in your yard, or other things, it can help you achieve that. Besides spotting potential intruders outside your property, it also allows you to spot those of your neighbors if your homes are close. This will enable you to save your neighbor from potential intruders.

Keep an Eye on Teens

Installing this device in your home will allow you to know what your teens are up to while you are sleeping or they are home alone. Watching the footage later will let you know if they sneaked out in the middle of the night or have parties while you are away. You can also use this to monitor a baby or a babysitter.

Record Lectures

Another way the Cop Cam can be beneficial is by recording lectures. This is especially great for university or college students or if you attend lectures regularly on behalf of your workplace. You can place this security camera in your short pocket so you will get a clear audio footage of the entire lecture. This can help you learn and remember the material. Ensure you don’t use this during an official examination as you may violate some policies.


Not Waterproof

The Cop Cam is not waterproof so you may have to bring it indoors anytime it rains or snow. You will have to put in a clear protective case if you want to use it outdoors without the hassle of having to move it.

Easy to Step on

The drawback to this device being compact is that it is easy to step on. If placed outdoors to catch trespassers and thieves, they may step on it as they go through or away from your house. You would need professional help to repair it if it was stepped on.

Can’t Watch Without Computer

Another drawback with the Cop Cam is that it is impossible the heat the audio or watch the video with the camera alone. You will have to remove the memory card and insert it into your computer. Also, the computer must have an USB card reader or an SD card adapter. This might be a huge headache for those who aren’t interested in technology.

How to Use

Choose a Location for the Cam

You will need to pick a location for your Cop Cam before you start using it. You can place it in a set of bushes or behind a television. Although it can record 140° of footage at a time, it is smart to place it where it will pick up the most valuable footage possible. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your card’s memory on footage of things that are rather insignificant.

Turn it On

Once you are ready to use the security camera, turn it on using the power button (consult the instructions manual for the precise location of the power button).

Watch Video and Audio

Some days after installation, you can remove the card from the Cop Cam to upload the video and audio footage recorded on it to the computer. To do this, you will have to insert a USB reader into your computer’s USB ports before inserting the SD card into the reader. If the card reader can’t accommodate SD cards, you will have to use an adapter to insert the card so you can view the footage.