orgreenic panOrGREENiC is a line of As Seen On TV products that aren’t simply green in color, but they are also green as in good for the environment. Made of a special ceramic coating, these pans claim to be scratch proof, while being incredibly non-slip to the point of reducing the amount of oil. This pan gives a good first impression with its high-quality feel and construction, but is it REALLY non-stick?

Using the 8″ fry pan, I decided to give the OrGEENiC pan an egg test. There is nothing I hate more than having a non-stick pan that sticks! I think eggs are the ultimate test because if the pan is sticky the egg is ruined. I was skeptically hopeful with this test. Without using any non-stick spray, I put the egg on the heated pan and held my breath. Within minutes, the egg was cooked and sure enough… the egg slid around with ease! OrGREENiC proved its claim.

Overall, I really like this pan. Since making the video, I have used this pan in a number of applications with cooking chicken, steak on the stove top, and a number of other little things. I really like it. It cleans up SUPER easy which makes me grab it first because I know I won’t have to worry about any burns or crazy thing that can occasionally happen in the kitchen.

This is one of those items that you won’t go wrong with having in your kitchen.