canada green grassThe lawn is the part of the home that most homeowners like to forget about. It needs to be constantly manicured to ensure that it stays looking beautiful, and not to mention the fact that with radical changes in temperature the color becomes hard to look at. I for one am a victim of brownish grass after winter ends every year living in Upstate New York. People in warmer climates fall victim to the same fate if they live in hot climates and do not water the grass on a daily basis. However due to this special as seen on tv offer this can all now be avoided! Introducing Canada green grass seed, the same stuff used by a variety of major golf tournaments who expect and use only the best products!

As I mentioned earlier traditional grass can become discolored and fall victim to other forms of tarnish with changes in weather. The canada grass however was specially designed in Canada where temperatures can range from 100 degrees Fahrenheit to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. With these radical changes in temperature the scientists behind this product were forced to deal with every kind of weather and make a product that could withstand them all which is where the canada green perfect grass came into play.

How does it work?
Much like any other grass seed you may use all that is necessary to use the canada green grass seed is to spread it over your existing seed and watch it grow. In many cases you will begin to see changes in as little as 10 days, and after 30 days you will have the greenest, best looking lawn on the block! Although you might not think so yet, having your house look like a dream home rather than an eye sore can really come down to the front and back lawns! Don’t forget that first impressions are everything, and having a well manicured area is the key to making a good one.

Pricing for the grass starts at just $15.95 for 1,000 square feet plus shipping and handling. For those with larger lawns you can purchase 9,000 square feet worth of product for just $85 with free shipping, now thats a deal! In addition to its green exterior the seed will also protect your lawn against bugs and weeds which is something I think we can all agree is very useful.

So you’re a regular reader of this site and are wondering where your special offer is right? Don’t worry I didn’t forget. Buy today and be eligible to receive a scatterbox for $19.99 with FREE shipping and handling. Having the scatterbox makes it super simple, fast and easy to spread the seed throughout the lawn, especially in smaller areas where larger machines might not be able to reach.

To purchase simply click here. Be sure to come back and post a before and after picture of your lawn after you have received your product to give other readers an idea of what to expect when they purchase the product for themselves.