blingeez as seen on tvJewelry is something that we all like to wear from time to time, am I right? For some however the fashion statement can turn into an obsession and lead to a drawer (or several drawers) full of jewelry. This is all fine and dandy if you have untangle able earrings, necklaces, watches, bracelets etc. The reality however is that most of the jewelry that you put inside of a drawer is going to get tangled and knotted up over time, meaning that when you go to grab your favorite set of earrings you will spend more time untangling it all than you would if you had used Bingeez! So what is blingeez you ask? Well lets take a closer look shall we.

The as seen on tv Blingeez is an adhesive based hanger of sorts that is meant to hold all of your jewelry when you are not wearing it. In doing so you are letting it all hang out (literally) and preventing any of your necklaces (or other pieces of jewelry) from getting bunched up together. Whats that? You don’t think that you ever get your jewelry tangled up in a knot? Well perhaps you have not done so lately, but the reality is that if you have enough of it, sooner or later murphy’s law is going to kick in, and when it does you’ll be kicking yourself for not spending the $10 on blingeez when you had the chance.

The product comes in two colors (white and black) and can be used on a variety of surfaces. According to the company website you can use Blingeez in bathrooms, closets, lockers, dorm rooms, and literally everywhere in between. Pretty cool eh? So as I said previously the price is simply $10 plus shipping and handling for 9 sets of the product. Each product has a different piece of jewelry that it is meant to hold (mainly earrings, necklaces, and bracelets) which means that no matter what your collection consists of, it is meant to hold it all, and keep it separated from one another.

Combine this product with some of our other featured products and before you know it you can be the most well organized woman (or man) on the entire street! While the accolade is great, not having to break up your jewelry in a ball of rage is what will really put a smile on your face time after time.