ahh bra canadaDoes your bra sometimes feel itchy and uncomfortable? Do you experience poking and prodding from wires and fasteners?

Many women share these complaints about their bras, in addition to those complaints dealing with shoulder straps that either continually fall down or dig in to their shoulders.

Then there is the impossibility of getting the straps adjusted correctly. Sizing is another problem women commonly run into when trying to choose the perfect bra. While measuring ones self is not an impossible feat, finding a bra that correlates to those measurements can be.

Size is not standardized among various brands of bras, and even within one brand, different types of bras may vary in terms of size. A 34B in one brands style may fit perfectly, but in another style, it may be a 36B or a 36A. How can one brand that varies so much in sizing among its own styles ever be the best bra all around?

Wouldnt the best bra be one that you can easily tell which size you wear, without having to go through the hassles of measuring and hoping for a somewhat decent fit?

Lets say youve finally found a bra that fits perfectly. Then, you either gain twenty, perhaps thirty pounds. Or, lucky you you lose those twenty or thirty pounds. Not only do you wear a new size in clothing, your bras no longer fit as well as they did before the weight gain or loss.

That perfect fit bra is no longer the perfect fit. Wouldnt the best bra be one that fits no matter how much your weight fluctuates? A bra that changes its fitting as your size changes would be the best, most economical bra you could ever buy. Also, the best bra is one that conforms to your shape, that flows with you, rather than rolling up at the band, or shifting around uncomfortably under a tight top.

How often do you start to get dressed, then realize you forgot to wash your bra or bras the night before? Because most bras cannot go through the washer and dryer without eventually losing their shape, hand washing is usually recommended.

Thats fine for women who have time to hand wash their daily lingerie or remember to do so. Or for women who arent too tired at the end of the day to spend another ten or fifteen minutes or so hand washing and rinsing out their bras. Whatever the reason, when you find you dont have a clean bra to wear, its very frustrating, and makes you wonder why they cant make a bra that can easily be tossed in the washer and dryer and still maintain its shape each time.

The best bra, then, would be one that doesnt ride up when you are wearing it. It would also be one that is easy to size without having to wind a measuring tape around your bust, and will continue to fit whether you lose weight or gain weight. The bra that would be best is one that can be tossed in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, and then in the dryer, and not wear out or lose its shape no matter how often you do this.

This bra would also conform to your shape, your figure, and make sure to flatter your curves rather than hide them. There would be no hooks, no adjustable straps, and the straps would stay put and not slide down, nor dig in to your shoulders.

The bra would be seamless, ensuring a smooth, comfortable appearance. You could wear this bra to work, to the grocery store, to the gym, and at home, throughout all your daily and night time activities and it would stay put, retaining its shape no matter what you do. Whether you are a 32A or a 44 DD, this bra will come in a size that fits, and you wont need to worry about cup measurements, either. Does this bra exist? Yes, it does!

There is a bra that does all this, and more. The Ahh Bra, which is the best bra youll ever buy, and the best bra youll ever own, delivers comfort along with support. Even when exercising, or on a hot day, the Ahh Bra absorbs the sweat and remains cool and comfortable all day long.

It retains its shape wash after wash, even when tossed each time in the washer and dryer. The Ahh Bra works with your body, not against it, no matter which way your weight fluctuates, no matter what activities you are engaged in, and no matter what your size or build. Small busted, or very well endowed, the Ahh Bra offers the best bra support youll ever need. For those who do feel the need for a bit extra support, two can be worn with the same ease and comfort as one. Plus, it makes a great cami top.

Seamless, with no fasteners or strap adjusters or hooks, it wears like a second skin. The straps stay in place without digging in and leaving red marks or strap imprints on your shoulders.

For the best bra experience ever, try the Ahh Bra. You wont regret getting the best bra youll ever own.