Health and beauty products have been advertised and sold for literally hundreds of years. From glowing radiant skin, to whiter teeth, and baby soft feet, manufacturers have often made claims of miraculous results in no time at all!

Health and beauty is a tough category with so many products competing for the same space. While some products have been proven to be real winners over the years, others have been known flops touted by snake oil salesmen looking to make a quick buck. Hopefully our reviewers can give you the inside track allowing you to make a better educated decision on which As Seen on TV Products to purchase.

MicroTouch Solo Review

Many men prefer using the classic safety razor as they don’t like the idea of an electric shaver. The MicroTouch Solo is handcrafted for quality and it is made of solid brass with chrome playing. This is a great alternative for those men who want to continue using a classic safety razor but do not wish

Ped Egg Reviews

ped egg | as seen on tv Although I am a man and you will never see me using makeup or the recently reviewed luminess air, I do use the Ped Egg and have done so for several years now. Although I prefer to head for a professional pedicure whenever possible, $30 for

Callous Clear Review

Product Overview Callous Clear is a foot care system that removes hard, dried callouses from feet, easily, effortlessly. What the Product Claims to Do Callous Clear’s claim is that it can make your feet baby smooth and soft after just one application. It’s a several step system that’s easy to do. There’s a gel that

Ped Egg Power

Product Overview Ped Egg Power is a hand held, battery operated device that is used to beautify your feet. What the Product Claims to Do Ped Egg Power claim’s remove calluses and dead skin from your feet, making them smooth and attractive. Evaluation The manufacturer is the maker of the original Ped Egg that was