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  • From Amanda on Stream Clean

    Without a doubt Stream Clean with Code Yellow is the best cleaning product I’ve ever used. I’ve tried other similar products such as Kaboom, OxiCleaan, S2o, Awesome and none of them were as effective as this product which I ended up ordering off the infomercial. My dog occasionally does his business on the carpet and getting the stains out is one of the things I hate cleaning. I searched online for different Stream Clean reviews to see what other customers had to say about it and was impressed with how popular this product had become among moms and pet owners. Stream Clean is very easy to apply since you just point and shoot it at the stain and it works its magic. We have very light carpets in our living room and my yorkie has the tendency to leaving little gifts for me to clean once in a while and sometimes the stain really settles in and in the past would have take a lot of spraying and scrubbing to get rid of the stain but this as seen on tv product has completely simplified the cleaning process. The first time I used it I was completely shocked how how well it worked and I’ve since used it on other stains around the house such as coffee stains, mud stains and wine stains. The mini black light that is included with the order of Stream Clean is a really cool gadget and it’s fun to use it to find those hidden stains and lastly I love not having to bend down on my hands and knees to scrub stains away when Stream Clean with Code Yellow just requires a quick spray and wipe.

    2013/05/16 at 1:40 pm
  • From Glenn B. on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

    I’ve used other paint sprayers in the past and none work as well as the Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer. I’m glad I still ordered it despite some negative comments I’ve read on the internet. I’ve used it to paint our cottage and some furniture and it worked perfectly for both jobs. Forget hiring a professional and get yourself a paint zoom since not only does it get the job done quickly but I also found it fun and easy to use. From using the paint zoom paint sprayer we’ve found it can handle any job, corner or crevice and best of all it saved us money.

    2013/05/12 at 12:46 am
  • From Brianne on Stream Clean

    With two kids and a dog my home sees it’s fair share of accidents on a weekly basis and being prepared to find stains that are set in is never fun. A friend of mine recommended stream clean which she ordered off the television commercial which she claimed worked really well for getting rid of tough stains so I took her advice and place an order online myself. I couldn’t believe how amazing it worked in comparison to other store bought stain removers I’ve purchased in the past. It’s non-stick, colorless and and odorless and easily works to get rid of any mishaps in just seconds. Since I have children i’m very happy using a non-toxic product. I’ve tried Stream Clean on many different types of stains and it seems that there is no stain too tough for Stream Clean. This is a miracle product.

    2013/05/11 at 2:43 pm
  • From Rena on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    I’m aware that insects can spread diseases especially mosquitoes so it’s important to protect you and your family from these disease spreading insects. You’ve probably heard about Malaria and West Nile cases that have infected many across the US and Canada. Some of these cases have unfortunately died from life threatening viruses from mosquitoes. So in keeping mosquitoes and other insects out of my home I decided to get the Magic Mesh so that any time the door is open there is a screen that lets in fresh air too while protecting us against any unwanted insects coming inside. Magic Mesh provided an affordable way to get a screen door up in just a few minutes. I suggest if you’re going to buy Magic Mesh in Canada like I have check out As Seen on TV Canada for the Buy 1 Get 1 FREE offer which is the best deal I’ve been able to find on the net. Magic Mesh is great way to protect your family from insects which can otherwise infect with harmful and potentially deadly diseases.

    2013/05/08 at 10:38 pm
  • From Sarah on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

    Now that we finally got great weather, my husband and I started with work projects. Our latest project was to re-paint our home. We finished our living room which seem to take a lot of energy and time until our neighbor suggested using the Paint Zoom paint sprayer since it would easily save us time and effort and actually makes painting fun. Since using it to paint our home we found that this paint sprayer was an absolute pleasure to use. If you’re using it properly then there is no reason not to love the Paint Zoom. I you’re looking to do large painting jobs then this is the tool for the job. Be sure to test out the viscosity or you’ll have the problem I had which was shooting thicker paint at the wall. If you’ve tested it out then it works like a charm. My husband and I were able to paint the interior of our house in a fraction of the time in comparison to if we used just paint rollers and brushes to do the job.

    2013/05/06 at 4:37 pm
  • From Jared on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    I wanted to send in my Magic Mesh review because I wanted to clear the air for those doing their research to find out about this product. I saw the Magic Mesh commercial one night and thought it was a clever idea so I went ahead and ordered it on the internet after reading other magic mesh reviews. The Magic Mesh reviews I came across were usually mixed and it was hard to know how well this product worked so I decided to order it myself and if i wasn’t happy with it I was going to send it back. I’ve been using it for months now on the back door of my house. Since I got two with my purchase and the extra one is just in storage as as a backup in case the one I have currently installed gets damaged in any way. I was looking for a solution to keep bugs from coming into my home since we a have mosquito problem being so close to the water. The product is a very simple solution that works and installing it was not complicated at all. If it’s very windy then you might have to re-enforce it to keep it to stay in place. I can now go in and out of my home with my hands full without having to open a door. The product works just as advertised and very happy with it.

    2013/05/02 at 2:31 pm
  • From Lyndsey on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    This actually turned out to be a truely remarkable product. It fit my door frame perfectly without leaviny any space for mosquitoes or other insects to make their way into our home. I did tinker with the bottom and folded it up but in total I had it up in just 10 minutes with my added effort. I think any poor magic mesh reviews are from people who had installation issues. I didn’t have any and once it was up it worked great. My dogs can move in and out freely and it’s great for serving dishes of food to the backyard during bbq’s. For the price I don’t see why anyone should complain, it’s probably the cheapest possible solution to a screen door which can cost thousands. A word of advice, make sure you don’t go for knockoffs like I did because they are cheaply made and won’t last very long. Magic Mesh is very durable and I would suggest it to anyone. Sure it will rip if you abuse it like anything else. It’s not made out of the same material they use on a space ship so just be careful with it and it will last a very long time.

    2013/04/30 at 5:23 pm
  • From Maria on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

    For anyone looking into trying Tag Away you should keep in mind that this is not a product that works instantly. You have to have patience since it does take up to 8 weeks for it to remove skin tags. I had a skin tag on my neck that kept getting caught on my necklace which really bothered me especially the fact that other can easily spot it on my neck. I decided to give Tag Away a try since it costed under $30 and I was willing to wait 2 months as long as my problem was solved. It worked in just 5 weeks. Of course every might react to this product different. It does kind of smell a bit but I was willing to put up with anything as long as it worked. I still have one full bottle left. If you’re looking for a cheap way to get rid of skin tags the your safest and best option is probably Tag Away.

    2013/04/30 at 5:01 pm