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  • From Amy on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

    My body felt like it was being taken over by those tiny little skin growths and something had to be done. Finally an all natural homeopathic solution that works to remove skin tags that worked like a charm. I’ve read the most ridiculous solutions for removing skin tags such as using dental floss, duct tape and other methods that sounded like they’d either be painful or bloody. I’ve read many reviews and about tons of other skin tag removal systems but Tag Away was one that I felt was a trusted product from reading around online. It really worked in getting rid of the growths on my body and I will surely order more when I’m finished. So far I was able to get rid of two large skin tags that were on my neck that made me feel older than I actually was. If you want something that actually works and don’t want to spend a lot of money then I think Tag Away might be your best option.

    2016/01/15 at 9:53 pm
  • From Steven on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

    I decided to write my own official paint zoom review as i do a lot of painting and was intrigued when i came across the paint zoom infomercial and saw all the buzz from other paint zoom reviews i had to see if the paint zoom really worked. Normally my crew usually work in commercial buildings and offices. I’ve been in business for about 10 years and have always relied on standard painting equipment like paint buckets, rollers, and paint brushes and we found that this was not only tiring but also consumed more paint and was messy. We finally decided to get the paint zoom paint sprayer and wanted to see it’s effectiveness and if it proved to work as it claimed in the paint zoom infomercial then we were going to invest money on getting more for our paint crew. Unlike other paint guns we’ve tried the paint zoom was very compact, easy to use and didn’t have to rely on plugging into to an outlet like other paint sprayers on the market. My employees loved the paint zoom when i brought it to work one day to try out and loved how it evenly sprayed the walls and wasn’t too heavy. The results came out great in the office we painted that day and that’s when i decided i was going to invest in getting paint zooms for all my employees. We’re able to finish paint jobs a lot quickly and my employees are a lot happier. I highly recommend using the paint zoom as it works very well.

    2015/08/25 at 9:48 pm
  • From Hellen on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    When I originally ordered the magic mesh I thought it was going to be flimsy and not be able to hold on the door frame. I also thought it was going to be complicated to install and not work as it was supposed to. But i was completely wrong about the magic mesh. I was able to install it in just minutes and so far i haven’t had any problems with it but keep in mind it’s only been 2 months i’ve had it up but if it lasts me another 2 months til the end of the summer i’ll be extremely happy. The magic mesh has done a great job of keeping the bugs out of my house although you do get spiders and some crawling insects that will come under the gap at the bottom of the magnetic screen door but it keeps the majority out. I was going to install french doors but I didn’t like the idea of having to always be at the beckoning of my dogs whenever they want to go outside so the magic mesh turned out to be a more cheaper and efficient solution. This as seen on tv screen door actually looks pretty good. I originally bought one of the cheaper knockoff magnetic screens but it was cheap quality and couldn’t stay up. The magic mesh is the original and has proven why you should stick with name brand as it is clearly superior quality. I live in Canada and got mine through as seen on tv canada which had the offer i saw on tv which was the best offer i could find on the web. Happy i bought it and would recommend it to anyone.

    2015/08/12 at 11:30 pm
  • From Adrianna on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    Thanks to the Magic Mesh our cottage wasn’t infested with insects while i was there for the weekend. We have a sliding door in the back of our cottage and a single door in front of our house. I installed the Magic Mesh screen door on both doors as it fits perfectly since it measures any standard door frame. The dimensions which I had called to find out are 83″ x 19.5″ which is pretty handy information. We were able to move in and out of the house freely not to mention magic mesh kept the mosquitos outside of the house. Since it doesn’t require any manual opening you can just walk through it and the magnets on the magic mesh just snap together. The magic mesh screen door is made out of ultra-light materials so you won’t have to hear any more doors slamming constantly if you’re throwing a party since it closes quietly. I found it very easy to install and didn’t need to use any hammers or nails. The Magic mesh installs using glue and affix fabric fastener and you’re done in minutes.

    2015/07/26 at 2:26 pm
  • From Gia on Magic Mesh Screen Door

    The Magic Mesh Screen Door is truely an ingenious product which to no surprise is why customers. I’ve read other magic mesh screen door reviews and have to agree with any customers who were happy with their purchase. I think it’s important for customers to know the dimensions as I had to email them to find out what they are. The Magic Mesh comes with two panels that measure 84 X 19.5 inches which is perfect for any standard door frame. If you have kids or pets then you’ll find this product to be very useful as they can enter and leave as they please and you’re dog can also freely leave without having to paw at the door. Magic Mesh is made from quality material and is able to keep the sound from outside to a minimum as well which i was surprised to find. Save money and energy as it allows the cool air to enter your home. As other magic mesh reviews have stated, i installed a second set at my cottage so that I can freely serve guests outside on our patio easily and of course as advertised the magic mesh keeps any bugs or mosquitos from entering your home. I recommend doing what I did, buy two of them and i’m sure you’ll make good use of them. Hopefully my magic mesh review will help shed some light on how great this product is.

    2015/07/07 at 7:57 pm
  • From Rick on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

    I bought the Paint Zoom paint sprayer a month ago and i have to say i was impressed by how fast the shipping took and assembling the paint zoom was super easy. I especially liked the way the paint zoom handles painting crack-s and corners but for painting ceilings i have to be honest you’re better off using a paint roller. Paint Zoom does come with a comprehensive -manual which I recommend you follow which also contains safety information. When I ordered my paint zoom it came with the spray gun, paint container, hose, motor base and viscosity cup. It’s so easy to assemble you’ll be able to use it in no time. Paint Zoom does slash the amount of time it would normally take you to do a paint job. I don’t normally buy as seen on tv products however after seeing the paint zoom
    infomercial and reading all the paint zoom reviews i decided to give it a go since i had some painting projects that needed to be done around my house and my wife was getting on my case to finish them.

    2015/06/30 at 4:45 pm
  • From Kelly on Slap Chop Food Chopper

    For those blokes that are not handy with the knife, this little tool is quite handy. I have it in the pantry and have reached for it on occasion so I must say it is quite useful.

    2015/04/27 at 5:04 am
  • From Lina on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

    If you’re looking for a solution to get rid of skin tags then you’ll want to buy Tag Away. This popular homeopathic remedy has become a huge success across the United States. It works to safely and painlessly remove skin tags without damaging the skin like other products or invasive procedures which can even scar the skin or some of the ridiculous methods I’ve read on some blogs such as using dental floss or duct tape.

    2015/04/27 at 5:01 am
  • From Carol on Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

    I’ve an issue with skin tags on my neck and part of my body for years and thought it was just something i was going to have to live with. I really hated the fact that some of them were exposed on my neck but i knew that if i went to a doctor and asked for them to surgically remove them it would end up costing me money which i probably couldn’t afford. I caught the tag away skin tag remover infomercial on television and thought since the price point was so low i was going to give it a try despite being very skeptical about infomercial products especially one that claims that it can get rid of a common problem like skin tags. I was very happy with the shipping time for the tag away to get delivered to my address and customer service was also very helpful when i requested a tracking link. It took a little longer than 3 weeks like some people claimed but in 6 weeks my skin tags were gone. This is such an amazing product and works as the skin tags eventually just detached without leaving any marks. The Tag Away Skin Tag Remover might just be a breakthrough in skin tag removal and it’s all natural too which is great so i know i’m not putting any harmful chemicals on my skin. If you’re looking to get rid of your skin tags then taq away might just be the most affordable option you have and take it from my tag away review that it works! This is an as seen on tv product that i can honestly stand behind and i’m so happy it that my skin tags are gone and left me with smooth skin.

    2015/04/27 at 4:59 am
  • From Will on Paint Zoom Paint Sprayer

    You’re probably debating why buy the Paint Zoom, and as a satisfied customer i’ll give you my reasons. If spray painting is easy, picking the best paint sprayer isn’t! When you start researching paint sprayers, you will find they range in price from really cheap sprays guns (around $40) to extremely pricey machines (up to $800 and more). Unless you are a mechanic or an engineer, you well might find yourself confused by all the different jargon used when describing spray painters: LVLP, HVLP, airless, twin stroke piston pump, gravity feed, and quadroflow, just to get started. If you are like us, you are probably thinking, “I don’t want to get a degree in rocket science, I just want some help painting!” and that is one reason I like Paint Zoom. It was designed for consumers, not for building contractors. There is an excellent video on the website that shows you exactly how to use it step-by-step. The user manual is clear, concise, and in easy to understand, non-technical English. Paint Zoom is great for walls, but where it really shines is painting the hard stuff. Some things that come to mind include louvered doors, crown molding, cement block basement walls, stucco, lattice, fences, railings, and furniture. Anything with an irregular surface is something spray painters were designed to do better than brush or roller. Most users find they use approximately 50% less paint than they do using brushes and rollers. This is a fact that most amateur painters don’t know. Obviously, this can add up to big savings. Paint Zoom is very lightweight and has a shoulder strap for easy portability and usability. There are no long, heavy hoses to drag around. Unlike some consumer paint sprayers, Paint Zoom seems to be built for the long haul. It has an industrial strength 650 watt motor. This translates to just under 1 horsepower. To buy a paint sprayer with a motor this powerful, you should expect to pay in the range of $350. When I order the paint zoom paint sprayer it included the sprayer unit, carrying strap, instruction manual, and all the accessories you need to use and clean your unit. You also receive a “Perfect Painting Kit” – two drop cloths and painter’s tape – free.

    2015/04/26 at 9:48 pm