aqua stoneProduct Overview

Aqua Stone is an all-natural room humidifier that that works without the use of batteries or electricity.

What the Product Claims to Do

Aqua Stone’s claim is that it naturally releases humidity into the air, working as well as a conventional humidifier.


Okay, so we have a humidifier that requires no batteries or electricity… so, “how does it work?” you would wonder. Well, what we have here is a very simple two piece system – a ceramic dish and a hollow, sphere shaped clay stone that is extremely porous in nature. Basically, you just pour water into the ceramic dish and the stone uses what is called “capillary action”, absorbing the water then releasing it outward, with the goal of filling the air with humidity.

Now I’ve used many a humidifier – in the winter when the air is cold and dry, and even in the summer because air conditioning actually sucks the humidity out of the air. They’re an absolute pain to refill, constantly removing the tank and filling it in a large sink or in the bathtub. The beauty of the Aqua Stone is that you can bring a bottle of water over to where it sits and easily refill it when the need arises, and THAT is a gigantic plus.

It’s also an attractive looking piece that blends nicely with the décor in your home, which is certainly an added bonus, since standard humidifiers aren’t the most attractive things in the world.

Final Review

When all is said and done, the only thing that really matters is if the product works. So, here’s the story…  I snore when I sleep and the dry air really does bother me, as I in turn bother the heck out of my wife. So, I placed the Aqua Stone on the nightstand next to my bed for a few days and I can honestly report that I had great results. I kept a humidity gauge on the end table on the opposite side of the bed and the humidity actually did rise considerably in the room. And the real proof is that my wife said I definitely am not snoring as loud – and when I wake up, my mouth and throat isn’t dry.

I think if you combine how this simple and attractive product works, along with the incredibly reasonable price point, the Aqua Stone is a really winner and I definitely recommend it.

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